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Customised 20 cm deep shelves

Design your personal 20 cm deep shelf with our simple online planner - at home or on the go.


Material from
sustainable forestry


Configure with
centimetre accuracy

"Design your shelf with a depth of 20 cm according to your ideas simply in our online configurator. If you have any questions about your planning, our competent furnishing consultants will be happy to help.


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20 cm deep shelves from Pickawood UK at your home

Your 20 cm deep custom made shelf

Online planner for 20 cm deep shelves

Determine external dimensions

You can design your custom-made, 20 cm deep shelf up to a height of 3 metres and width of 6 metres.

Select material

Choose your dream material for the 20 cm deep shelf from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

Determine fronts

Equip your shelf with a depth of 20 cm with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

Discover our 20 cm deep shelves

Pickawood UK: Shelf 20 cm deep

A shelf that is designed to meet your personal needs: is there such a thing without costing a fortune? The furniture manufacturer Pickawood UK offers a wide range of shelves: as ready-made constructions and individually made to measure. A shelf 20 cm deep is perfect as an example of what a shelf from Pickawood UK is made of in detail.
Shelves with a depth of 20 cm are especially popular as bookshelves. Book lovers with a correspondingly large number of books virtually wallpaper their walls with bookshelves lined up next to each other. With their comparatively shallow depth, such shelves are particularly suitable for storing paperbacks and small to medium-sized hardcover volumes in an attractive row. Thanks to numerous rows of holes, you can determine the arrangement of the individual shelves yourself: always at equal intervals or exactly adapted to the height of the books intended for the tier. The Pickawood UK shelf type "20 cm deep" is also ideal for storing CDs and DVDs - in a separate shelf arrangement or as a supplement to the bookshelf.
A shelf that is "only" 20 cm deep has a particularly attractive advantage for housework: the fact that books, CDs, DVDs and even small folders take up the space inside up to the front edge means that there is no need for frequent dusting, and the same applies if you choose the spacing of the shelves as close as possible. Shelves with more depth towards the back almost always have their contents stored deeper, so that annoying dust regularly collects in front of them. Often enough, such surfaces tempt you to place small figurines and the like on them, which then have to be moved aside each time and possibly dusted off yourself. A shelf with a comparatively small depth of 20 cm is a convincing reduction to the essentials.
You are also free to leave the compartments of your 20 cm deep shelf open or to add doors or flaps. In addition to their practical use, these additional elements can also be wonderfully decorative. Take a look at the pictures on our website and the examples of enthusiastic customers in the customer gallery.
Pickawood UK shelves harmonise with practically every style of furnishing. However, there can be hardly any surmountable hurdles when setting up our ready-made shelving variants: especially niches, wall projections, sloping corners or angles and unusual floor plans of flats. Pickawood UK's solution to such problems: custom-made shelving! Together with our skilled carpenters, you will develop your optimal solution for a shelf with a depth of 20 cm. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to become a furniture designer yourself! With us at your side, you take no risks, because our experienced carpenters and furnishing consultants will advise you comprehensively. After all, your new Pickawood UK shelf should not only fit into your home, but also be stable and durable.
With the 3D configurator available on our website, you can theoretically create your own design draft for the 20 cm deep shelf within a few minutes. In practice, our customers usually spend longer trying out different designs. After all, there are so many possibilities - and: It's really fun! Beforehand, please measure the room exactly where your Pickawood UK shelf is to be placed. Calculate the space for your shelf generously. Make sure that there is enough room to move the shelf later on. Our furnishing advisors or carpenters will be happy to help you with good advice.

What are Pickawood UK shelves made of?

Pickawood UK shelves are made of solid wood and real wood veneers, including beech, beech heartwood and oak. In addition, Pickawood UK offers heavy-duty MDF and MPX boards as less expensive alternatives. The high-quality materials give the shelves timeless elegance and durability.

What materials are MDF and multiplex?

"MDF" stands for "medium-density fibreboard", an engineered wood material that is less strong than solid wood, but stronger than chipboard, which is also commonly used in furniture construction as a cheaper alternative to solid wood.
"MPX" stands for "multiplex" and refers to veneer plywood panels. MPX boards consist of at least five layers of veneer of the same thickness that are well glued together. They still retain the typical grain of the wood species and their cut edges offer a pleasing appearance of the individual veneer layers.

In which colours are the shelves 20 cm deep from Pickawood UK available?

Our shelves are available in light to dark brown tones of different woods as well as in black, white and various light shades of grey. Thus, the shelves form a discreet background for the presentation of their contents.

How does the 3D configurator work?

The 3D configurator on our website is very easy to use. It is self-explanatory and does not cause any difficulties for people with average internet experience. The rule here is: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". You can test your ideas to your heart's content via the 3D configurator.

To which countries does Pickawood UK deliver the shelving?

Pickawood UK delivers to almost all places within Germany as well as to Austria and Switzerland - right to your home. In addition, there are many other European countries with delivery to the kerbside. Our website will tell you which ones these currently are under "Payment and shipping" under "Delivery locations".

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