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Pickawood UK: Floating shelves made to measure

Every room situation requires a special shelf adapted to the conditions. Whether in the living room or bedroom, kitchen or bathroom - a floating shelf makes everything you put on it look good. Floating shelves are also called "floating shelves" - because they hang on the wall without any recognisable fastening and thus give every room a light, open look.
At Pickawood UK, you have the option to design your own custom made hanging shelf for various applications.
So get creative and design an individual wall shelf with the help of our online configurator. There are almost no limits to your imagination. Not only do you have the choice between different types of wood, but you can also freely select the dimensions of your piece of furniture and the material thickness. We will then deliver your new, unique wall shelf to your home free of charge.
Floating shelves offer the great advantage that they can be attached to the wall in a particularly space-saving way. In this way, you can playfully create additional storage space - which is very practical, especially in small rooms with little space. Anyone who wants to create more space for their belongings is therefore ideally served by a floating shelf. Planning our made-to-measure floating shelves is extremely simple, so that you will have created a wall shelf that is perfectly adapted to your needs in no time at all.
Implement your vision to the millimetre! When planning your floating shelf, you don't even have to consider the holes for the invisible brackets. Our shelf configurator will automatically plan these for you. As soon as we have the data for your desired shelf, we start to make an exact cut in the desired format. After the wooden board has been planed to the exact material thickness, the mounting holes are drilled and the surface is finished according to your ideas. Your individual shelf is ready!

How to design an individual shelf with the online configurator?

Our online configurator helps you to realise your ideas for your floating shelf. In the practical tool, you can enter the desired dimensions, the type of wood and the finish of your wall shelf. You can choose between different high-quality wood types such as oak, maple, beech and pine. As material types, you can choose between solid wood, multiplex and MDF. You decide - and we manufacture your custom-made floating shelf.

For which rooms are floating shelves suitable?

Custom wall shelving systems are excellent for use in almost any room. Whether as a bookshelf or as a display surface for decorative items - a custom-made floating board creates additional storage space in your four walls and also gives the rooms a modern touch.
Floating shelves are also very popular in the kitchen to place cookbooks, spices or kitchen utensils on. In the living room or hallway, photos or art can be displayed on a wall shelf - for example above the couch. And even next to the bed, a floating shelf cuts a good figure as an alternative to a bedside cabinet. A custom made wall shelf is particularly useful in small bedrooms and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its floating appearance.

How is a floating shelf attached to the wall?

Thanks to their invisible fastenings, the floating shelves by Pickawood UK appear as if they were weightless. Due to this characteristic, the floating shelves integrate into any living space and have a particularly modern and minimalist effect.
To fix the shelves securely to the wall, you need concealed shelf supports. These supports, made of steel and surface-galvanised, are recessed into the wood during the production of your wall shelf. When fixing to the respective wall, make sure that it is solid and suitable for fixing. Therefore, before ordering, make sure that the size and weight of your desired shelf and the nature of your wall match.

To what extent can you adapt a floating shelf to your own interior design style?

Pickawood UK offers a wide range of solid woods as well as multiplex and MDF boards for your wall shelf. By choosing the right wood or the right colour, you can ensure that the wall shelf harmonises with your interior style and the colour scheme in your home. You also have the option of combining several wall shelves or visually enlarging a room with a single long shelf. The variety of floating shelves creates numerous individual solutions. For example, you can arrange several boards staggered on top of each other or arrange them in a stepped form - just as you like.

What design ideas are there for custom-made floating shelves?

No matter where you want to place your new wall board - there are many popular ways to use floating shelves:

Hang a floating shelf above the TV: This way you create extra storage space for movies, books or other media. You can arrange books and movies by colour on your custom wall shelves.
Put dishes in the limelight: Showcase your most beautiful plates and glasses by placing a wallboard between two kitchen cabinets.
Present photos and deco: Family photos and decorations, but also books and art or postcards find a nice place on the floating wall shelf. Houseplants or accessories also look good on a custom-made wall shelf.
Laundry room: Floating shelves serve as storage space in the laundry room, for example, to put down dirty laundry buckets. The existing storage space can be quickly expanded in this way.
Bookcase: Fit several wall shelves on top of each other to use them as a simple bookcase. You have the option of mounting the shelves at the same distance from each other or varying the spacing.
Bathroom: Especially in small bathrooms where more storage space is needed, floating shelves can be real everyday helpers. For example, attach the wall shelf directly to the left or right wall of the washbasin to have direct access to all bathroom utensils.

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