Custom-made wardrobes

You can easily design a custom-made wardrobe with our wardrobe configurator. It allows you to determine the dimensions, compartments and material to be used. You can also then take a step-by-step approach to determine the interior fittings. Do you need internal drawers to keep things tidy? Maybe you prefer clothes racks? Individually customise your fittings. If you have any questions when designing your special requests, please feel free to contact our consultants.

1. Determine dimensions & material

2. Define compartments

3. Choose interior fittings & front panels

4. Order

Your new wardrobe could look like this

Start by configuring your own built-in wardrobe design or customising one of our pre-configured wardrobes to suit your needs.

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Wardrobe with doors and internal drawers 240 x 240 x 60; white decor

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Wardrobe with internal drawers 240 x 120 x 45; real oak wood veneer

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Use our online configurator here to create your own design.

Design it yourself

How to design your wardrobe

With our wardrobe configurator, you can plan your dream wardrobe in just a few simple steps. In the first step, you select your wardrobe’s outer dimensions and material. In the second step, you determine the number of columns in your wardrobe as well as the number of compartments per column. All this is done according to your individual needs. In the last two steps, you determine your interior fittings. You can choose internal drawers, clothes racks or vertical compartments to keep your wardrobe tidy. Then you decide on whether you prefer sliding or hinged doors so that even on not so tidy days, your wardrobe always looks great. If you require help with your design, please feel free to contact our consultants.

  • Entirely customisable configuration
  • Versatile interior fittings
  • Various colours
  • Planning service
  • Free wood samples

Kleiderschrank detail grau

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High-quality furniture hinges 

In constructing our custom-made wardrobes, we only use high-quality materials from Blum and Hettich. This ensures that we can guarantee you’ll have a quality product that you can use in your home, office or elsewhere for years to come. If there are other questions you’d like to have answered, you are welcome to contact our consultants in advance.

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Interior drawers: a space-saving miracle

Drawers can be ordered in different widths and heights to suit your new wardrobe. This allows you to be prepared for every situation - you can decide for yourself what will go into the interior drawers. The interior drawers in our custom-made wardrobes can remain open or be covered with a door.

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Simple or extendable clothes rack

The clothes racks for our wardrobes are made especially for you. They are made of chrome-plated steel and are produced with precision for the selected column. You would like a clothes stand or wardrobe rail? No problem! At Pickawood, we can also build extendable racks into your custom-made wardrobe. Please contact our consultants to learn more.

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Drawers as storage space

Drawers create additional storage space. All drawer dimensions are available online and can be individually configured. With our various opening options such as push-to-open, metal handles or knobs, you can give your wardrobe that special touch. Please don’t hesitate to contact our interior designers by e-mail or phone to discuss your options.

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Eye-catching handles

All our drawers and doors are equipped with a handle. You can choose your favourite handle from eight available models. Our handles are mounted vertically as standard. If you wish to change the alignment, please contact our consultants.

Our materials at a glance - decor, MDF and real wood veneer

Your special requests are not a problem for us

We have already produced plenty of custom-made wardrobes that meet our customers’ special requests. Our customer consultants will undoubtedly find a solution to satisfy your requests.

  • Mirrored doors
  • Glass doors


  • Sloping bases (shoe compartment)
  • Bevelled doors for sloping top

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