Custom-made corner wardrobes

Corner wardrobes aren’t just practical. They offer a lot of storage and make the best use of the space that’s available. Whether it’s simple wardrobe or in a walk-in dressing room, a corner wardrobe is an eye-catching and a space-saving wonder! With our online configurator, you can design your wardrobe and book useful additional options such as internal drawers, doors or clothes racks.

Corner wardrobes are considered special requests because they are planned in two separate parts during the configuration stage and then merged at a later point. Information on configuring corner wardrobes can be found here. If you require help with the planning process, please feel free to contact our consultants.

1. Determine dimensions & material

2. Define compartments

3. Choose interior fittings & front panels

4. Order

Your new corner wardrobe could look like this

Start by configuring your own corner wardrobe design or customise one of our pre-configured wardrobes to suit your needs. Please note that you must configure corner wardrobes in two separate parts!

Sc06 grau 7238 1

Wardrobe with doors and internal drawers 240 x 240 x 60; grey

Kleiderschrank offen front view 7207 2

Wardrobe with doors and internal drawers 240 x 240 x 60; white

Sonderwuensche 7207 3

Use our online configurator here to create your own design.

Design it yourself

How to plan your corner wardrobe

In our online configurator, you can define the dimensions and layout of your new corner wardrobe, determine the material and colour, and choose the interior fittings. We offer practical interior drawers, clothes racks or extendable wardrobe rails. This allows you to enjoy plenty of storage space and order in your new corner wardrobe.

When planning a corner wardrobe using our configurator, you must pay attention to a few things. Since it is not possible configure for corners, you must split your corner wardrobe into two parts for the configuration process. You configure the first part as normal. With the second part, you have to make sure that you subtract the depth of the first wardrobe section. This is the only way to achieve the desired length. Simply use the field for special requests to let us know that you want a corner wardrobe. You can also send us a sketch of your desired corner wardrobe and we’ll do the design for you! Unfortunately, we are unable to produce corner doors and corner drawers. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact our customer consultants - they will be happy to help you with the planning process!

  • Entirely customisable configuration
  • Various colours
  • Cut-out for skirting board
  • Other useful options
  • Planning service

Your special requests are not a problem for us

We have already produced plenty of custom-made wardrobes that meet our customers’ special requests. Our customer consultants will undoubtedly find a solution to satisfy your requests.

  • Mirrored doors
  • Glass doors


  • Sloping bases (shoe compartment)
  • Bevelled doors for sloping top

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