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Made-to-measure mobile cabinet

Configure your custom-made drawer cabinet with castors online with our easy-to-use online configurator all from the comfort of your own home.


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"Design your custom mobile cabinet with our user-friendly online configurator. All Pickawood Europe furniture is made of premium materials from sustainable forestry."


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We are proud that our exclusive made-to-measure furniture is regularly awarded top marks by our customers, across multiple retail review platforms. We rely on full transparency to offer our customers peace of mind when it comes to our products and services. We invite you to read our reviews and to see why so many have also chosen to place their faith in the Pickawood Europe brand! 

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Frequently asked questions

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Measure+Fit warranty

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Design your custom mobile cabinet

The 3 clear steps

Determine the dimensions and materials

Select the dimensions for your mobile container and choose your desired material from 11 solid wood types and 5 additional materials.

Customise the base

In Step 4 of the configurator, you can fit your personalised roll container with castors. Furniture wheels can be selected for cabinets with a depth of 40 cm.

Add additional features

Adjust the number of columns and determine the compartments for your product. Add doors and drawers for a unique touch.

Our most popular mobile cabinets

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Pickawood Europe: Made-to-measure mobile cabinets

Mobile containers are the all-rounders among small items of furniture. The flexible furniture on small castors fits easily into an existing furniture ensemble. Whether at home or in the office: With one or more mobile containers, you can ideally complement your furnishings. At Pickawood Europe you will find roll containers in several sizes and styles.
A mobile container immediately brings peace to a room. Many desktops are covered in chaos: Next to the PC, letters, bills and notes are carefully deposited in the document tray. Simple desks without or with only one drawer element are particularly often affected. Simply place an additional mobile container under your office desk, in which there is space for everything that you do not need every day. In no time at all, your desk will look clear and you can work more quickly. What a balancing relaxation a tidy desk radiates! At Pickawood Europe, mobile desk containers are available in practically all materials and colours commonly used for office furniture.
In addition to being used as a smart storage unit, the mobile container is ideal as a storage option in living and business premises. With stylish design, it can complement or purposefully create a contrast to the existing furniture. The popular pedestal style with three spacious drawers, equipped with simple handles, almost always goes well with modern and classic furniture. How about a distinctive black or bright white? A coloured roll container is also worth considering - in a soft pastel tone or a strong colour. The same applies to the Pickawood Europe roll containers in the style of a sideboard. While the typical mobile pedestal always has a functional design, wide sideboard-style mobile pedestals with shelves and flaps in front of them have a homely flair despite their minimalism.
With their castors, the containers can be moved back and forth particularly easily within the home or office. They don't even have to be cleared beforehand. After a move, mobile containers can be easily integrated into the new premises. A subsequent space correction is also possible without any effort.
You can get roll containers from us made of solid wood and real wood veneer as well as MDF and multiplex panels. Only a certain type of roller is used for the rollers, with which we have had good experiences in terms of function and durability.
At Pickawood Europe you can buy made-to-measure mobile containers, made by skilled craftsmen such as carpenters. The space required for roll containers can be easily determined. Simply measure the length x width x height of the required parking space. When doing so, please ensure that there is sufficient space for installing the castors under the pedestal and some play on the sides and, if necessary, above the pedestal if it is placed under the desk. You might also like the roll containers from our ready-to-use range. You can choose from different colours, materials and dimensions. Use the easy-to-use online configurator, which, after you have entered your wishes, presents you with a preview of the mobile container that you have personally designed. You can take all the time in the world and have as many free attempts as you like. If you have any questions, simply contact us by phone or email. Our experienced employees, including the craftsmen, will be happy to advise you.

In which materials are custom-made Pickawood Europe mobile containers available?

We stock solid wood in common varieties such as oak, beech, maple, birch, alder, ash, cherry, walnut and pine. MDF is available from us in numerous bright colours and in more neutral tones such as white, grey and black, multiplex in white.

How stable are MDF and plywood compared to real wood?

Solid wood is known for its high resilience. What about the modern materials MDF and plywood? MDF is the abbreviation for "medium density fibreboard". It is a wood material similar to chipboard. Although MDF is not as strong and resilient as solid wood, it is well suited for a wide range of furniture. plywood panels are panels made from several layers of veneered wood that are stacked and connected and are 12-50 mm thick. The relatively light mobile containers can easily be made entirely of MDF or plywood materials - both of which are cheaper alternatives to solid wood.

How fast is the delivery of the Pickawood Europe roll containers?

The delivery time for custom-made mobile containers from Pickawood Europe is approximately 2-3 weeks from the order. With a single roll container, it may be a little faster. The same applies to prefabricated mobile cabinets from our collection. At certain times such as the Christmas season, delivery times may be longer. You can find out more about our current delivery times from our furnishing consultants. Our configurator also shows you the expected delivery time.

Does Pickawood Europe deliver to the apartment?

Delivery throughout Europe takes place through our trusted shipping partners, meaning your product arrives safely and securely ready to be assembled. Our delivery information can be found hereWith shipment tracking, you are always up to date on the status of the delivery. Before delivery, you will be asked to make an appointment by telephone.

Any questions? Contact us.