Sustainability and the careful use of resources are important topics, especially nowadays, and play a major role at Pickawood Europe. We are already well on the way in some respects, but there is still a need for improvement. We at Pickawood Europe are already working step by step to become better and better.

Our measures towards a

Sustainable company

1. Efficient production

With modern machinery and Industry 4.0, we manufacture all custom-made furniture as efficiently as possible. If you would like to learn more about our production, click here.

2. Sustainable materials

We only use wood from sustainable forestry for our furniture. This is the use of forests that maintains productivity, biodiversity and the regenerative capacity, health and vitality of forest ecosystems.


3. Engagement

"We are also proud to be a member of B.A.U.M. e.V., the German Federal Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management", says Tim Ehling, Managing Director of Pickawood Europe: "As part of the largest corporate network for sustainable business in Europe, we see it as our responsibility to always produce our furniture under ecologically sound conditions.

4. Packaging and transport

Of course, it is important to us that the furniture reaches our customers undamaged. For this, we need the appropriate packaging material. Since it is important to us to use resources sparingly, we work to minimise packaging waste and maximise transport safety. When transporting the furniture, further CO2 is saved by bundling partial loads.

5. Sustainable in everyday work

Of course, our employees receive an allowance for their monthly travel pass. In this way, we actively create an incentive to use public transport.

6. Save electricity

Of course, we also try to make our day-to-day work in the office as sustainable as possible. For example, our servers are powered by green electricity and in our showroom we deliberately do without illuminated advertising effects and switch off the lights overnight.


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