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Depth cabinets made to measure

Design your custom deep closet in our simple online configurator or gather inspiration through our pre-made designs.


Up to a depth of
110 centimeters


Materials from
sustainable forestry

"Deep cabinets from Pickawood UK adapt to your exact needs. Easily create your custom cabinet using our online configurator or get inspired by our designs."


Tim Ehling

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Customize your deep cabinet

In a few clicks to your deep cabinet

Determine external dimensions and material

Design your deep cabinet up to a width of 6 meters, a height of 2.75 meters and a depth of 110 centimeters and choose your dream material among numerous premium decors, real wood veneers and lacquered MDF.

Design interior

Choose the interior of your personal deep wardrobe according to your wishes. For example, you can choose from clothes rails, belt and tie pull-outs, clothes lifts and interior drawers.

Select fronts

Design your deep cabinet with drawers and doors according to your wishes and order it safely and conveniently to your home.

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Pickawood UK: deep cabinets made to measure

If you are looking for the perfect deep custom-made wardrobe, you have found the right place to go with Pickawood UK. The company places great value on individualism. After all, the furniture you buy should fit your customers' lives and homes perfectly. You are spared the constant measuring of furniture in furniture stores. At Pickawood UK, you can configure your dream wardrobe, perfectly tailored to your home, to measure.

Plan your deep custom made wardrobe with the help of Pickawood UK's unique wardrobe configurator:

Don't know how to get the perfect deep made-to-measure wardrobe for you? Then all you have to do is turn to Pickawood UK. Pickawood UK provides its customers with the ultimate wardrobe configurator for creating their dream wardrobe. With its help, planning is quick and uncomplicated. Only a few steps are required to create the plan. Beforehand, you should have already thought about whether you prefer an individual wardrobe with sliding doors. At the beginning, you should also determine whether the wardrobe should have a slope. If so, specify whether this is required on the left or right side. Once these specifications have been made, the next step is to determine the external dimensions. The wardrobes are made with a back panel, which reduces the depth by about 2 centimetres. The next step is to select the desired material as well as the preferred colour. In order for your dream cabinet to be stable, a base is necessary. Pickawood UK recommends that you pay attention to the height of the baseboards with regard to the plinth. Then decide on the number of columns. You can independently determine the width of the columns directly in the 3D model. The columns are followed by the compartments. The height of the compartments can also be determined in the 3D model. The next step is particularly important if you attach great importance to appearance and order. The interior can be designed according to your personal preferences. You can plan each compartment individually with a mouse click. Once you have designed the interior, you can add the doors and drawers. In the last step, you have the opportunity to integrate additional special requests into your wardrobe planning. These include skirting board recesses, rows of holes and trim strips for your built-in wardrobe. If required, you can also add back panels as well as height adjusters. Once your order has been completed and submitted to Pickawood UK, the manufacturing of your wardrobe will begin. As soon as it is finished, it is quickly and easily delivered directly to your home. It is particularly pleasing that delivery is free of charge throughout Germany.

Embellish your deep custom made wardrobe with the high-quality handles from Pickawood UK:

Stylish details immediately catch the eye. If you want to add beautiful handles to your customised wardrobe, you can easily add them in the online configurator. You can choose between eight different models. In addition to the model, you can also select the desired colour. If you do not want a conventional wardrobe with handles, you can also opt for a model with sliding doors. In this case, Pickawood UK will provide you with a plain handle.

Send Pickawood UK your special wishes for your deep made to measure wardrobe:

If you have special requests for your deep custom made wardrobe that cannot be implemented in the online configurator, you have the option of sending them directly to Pickawood UK. Pickawood UK has a lot of experience in the furniture business and is very familiar with fulfilling special requests.

How can I configure a wall cupboard according to my own wishes?

You can create a custom made wall cabinet at Pickawood UK with just a few clicks: the configurator guides you through step by step until you have a finished result. Therefore, follow the instructions and specify, for example, external dimensions and material. If you have any questions or individual wishes, simply click on "Special wishes & advice".

What do I have to pay attention to with custom made wall cabinets?

To avoid any faux pas when ordering the wall cupboard, it is important to measure the rooms and walls precisely. A detailed measurement saves expensive mistakes - and helps you to get a feel for what is possible. If necessary, book our 3D measurement service to be on the safe side. Our specialist staff will then take care of the measurement.

What material does Pickawood UK use for wall cabinets?

At Pickawood UK, we pay attention to the environmentally friendly use of resources. That's why the wood materials we select are exclusively sourced from sustainable forestry.
Tip: Use our wood samples to get a feel for your favourite material. The first four wood samples will be sent to your home free of charge.

What special requests does Pickawood UK make for wall cabinets?

Customers' special requests often include individual extras regarding doors, interior fittings, lighting and materials. We are happy to implement these. For existing wishes, please upload your personal sketch or contact us.

How much does the consultation service for custom made wall units cost?

Whether consulting or planning your wall cabinets: the service is basically available free of charge. You only pay for the piece of furniture and the surcharge for special requests. A free consultation is available by e-mail and telephone. You can also contact us via the contact form. Our furniture consultants will get back to you promptly to discuss your furniture project with you.

Will my wall cupboard be assembled after delivery?

In order for you to assemble your custom made wardrobe on your own, you will receive instructions for the assembly. Would you prefer professional assembly by professionals? Book our assembly service for this - and sit back until your new piece of furniture is fully assembled.

Can I also order an oversized wall cupboard?

You may not find the dimensions you are looking for in the configurator. That's no problem: Pickawood UK also creates furniture in oversizes. Contact us without any obligation to discuss your wishes with a furniture consultant and clarify any open questions.

How long does it take to deliver my wall cupboard?

The delivery time of wall cabinets depends on various factors. These include, for example, which material is selected and whether special requests are made. If the latter is the case, there can be a delay in delivery of up to 30 days - because in the case of special requests, we pay particular attention to the exact implementation of the respective customer's wishes. As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation including information on the expected delivery time for your wall cabinet.

Any questions? Contact us.