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30 cm deep cabinets made to measure

Configure your personal 30 cm deep cabinet in our simple 3D planner or get inspiration from our pre-made designs.


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"30 cm deep cabinets from Pickawood will fit your needs exactly. Easily configure your cabinet using our configurator or get inspired by our designs."


Tim Ehling

Our 30 cm deep cabinets

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Design your individual cabinet 30 cm deep

In 3 steps to your 30 cm deep cabinet

Select dimensions and material

Configure your cabinet system up to a height of 2.75 meters and a width of 6 meters and choose your dream material among numerous premium decors, real wood veneers and lacquered MDF.

Design interior

Configure the interior of your customized wardrobe system freely according to your wishes. For example, you can choose from clothes rails, belt and tie pull-outs and interior drawers.

Determine fronts

Design your cabinet system with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

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Pickawood: custom cabinets 30 cm deep

Sustainable, individual furniture embellishes the home and provides more living comfort. At Pickawood, every piece of furniture is made individually to the customer's wishes. Use our intuitive online configurator and design your own 30 cm deep wardrobe to provide additional storage space in your living room, bedroom, children's room or hallway. Online configuration is very easy and offers you a lot of design freedom. You can also implement extra wishes such as sliding doors or cable outlets. The column and compartment layout as well as the design of drawers, doors and mirrors are entirely up to you.
Are you looking for a suitable 30 cm deep wardrobe for your guest room, home office or for the area under the roof? Take a look at the different models in our online shop and order your new piece of furniture directly from us. Here you will find wardrobes that are 30 cm deep and offer plenty of storage space so that you can deposit your clothes, household utensils, children's toys or office materials there in a way that protects them from view.
A 30 cm deep wardrobe with hinged doors made to measure has the advantage that the wardrobe doors can all be opened at the same time. This means you can examine the entire contents of the cupboard at a glance and quickly find what you are looking for. As your online carpenter, we at Pickawood have a wide variety of materials available for designing and customising your furniture pieces. For 30 cm deep cupboards made to measure, a mix of materials is also possible.
Open cupboards are not only true storage space wonders, but also impress with their functionality and minimalism. When we make wardrobes to measure, your personal needs are the focus. A made-to-measure piece of furniture is exclusive and very changeable. Your open, 30 cm deep cupboard will find a place in the living room, in the youth room or in your office and is suitable for storing large and small utility items, files or decorative objects.
The shallow cupboard offers plenty of storage space and does not take up much room. This makes the cabinet model ideal for filling unused corners in your flat or home. A made-to-measure shallow, 30 cm deep wardrobe looks great in the hallway, as well as in the children's room or living area. Because shallow wardrobes deviate from the usual standard, they are hard to find in the trade. You can design a flat cupboard that offers you all the advantages of individual cupboard models yourself with our online configurator according to your wishes or have it made to measure. There is enough storage space in a flat cupboard to accommodate clothing, files or other things. A 30 cm deep filing cabinet, which you can have made by us according to your needs, is perfect for storing papers, files and documents.

How do you find individual wardrobe solutions that are 30 cm deep?

Take a look at our design wardrobes. With us you will find high-quality wardrobe models made from natural materials. Or simply plan your personal wardrobe yourself with our 3D configurator.

What should I pay attention to when measuring my rooms?

To ensure that there is enough space for the new wardrobe, the room must be measured correctly. Our tips and tricks for perfect measuring as well as the measuring instructions, which you can download here, will help you to measure your rooms exactly and prepare everything for your new 30 cm deep wardrobe from Pickawood.

What materials are used for custom-made 30 cm deep wardrobes?

You can choose from a variety of materials as early as the planning stage of your custom-made piece of furniture. The materials used to make 30 cm deep wardrobes include solid woods, real wood veneers, lacquered and coated MDF (medium density fibreboard), multiplex and premium decors.

What can I do if I am still unsure which material is right for my 30 cm deep wardrobe?

If you can't decide on a particular material yet, simply request up to four free wood samples from us. Compare the different woods and decide on the wood variant that best suits your interior design style.

Can I also find 30 cm deep wardrobes for the attic at Pickawood?

As a sloping roof solution, 30 cm deep shallow wardrobes are ideal because they offer a lot of storage space and do not take up much room. Use our cupboard configurator so that you can plan cupboards for your sloping roof with centimetre precision.

Does Pickawood offer an assembly service or do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

Regardless of whether a piece of furniture is custom-made or from our furniture range, you can book the optional assembly service with us. Even if you decide not to assemble your piece of furniture yourself after you have placed your order, you can still book the assembly service at a later date.

Are custom made products also available from Pickawood?

Would you like to have a 30 cm deep wardrobe made to measure and realise your individual wishes? Please contact us if your desired design cannot be realised in the online configurator. Our specialists will check your planning. We can fulfil (almost) all furniture wishes. We also realise special designs such as depth offsets or door constructions.

How sustainable are 30 cm deep custom-made wardrobes from Pickawood?

Sustainability and the careful use of resources play a major role at Pickawood. Therefore, only wood from sustainable forestry is used for our furniture.

How will I know when my ordered 30 cm deep wardrobe will be delivered?

We make every piece of furniture to measure for you. You can find out about the current status of your order at any time by checking the order status.

Any questions? Contact us.