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Custom made side tables

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"Our partner companies will craft your personalized side table from quality materials and with attention to detail. Pick out your favorite model and customize it to your liking."


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Choose one of our 19 coffee table models. You can customize and design any of these models.

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Specify the desired dimensions for your living room table. You can customize the length, width and height of your side table.

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Customize both the table legs and the table edge of your side table.

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Pickawood UK: side tables made to measure

At Pickawood UK, you can find the right furniture of your choice: this is due to our simple system by having your furniture custom made. In addition to beautiful shelves, cupboards or sideboards, our customers can configure all kinds of tables with just a few clicks: the handmade side tables that are suitable for different rooms are particularly popular. Read on to find out what custom made coffee tables are good for, what makes our quality pieces stand out and how you can easily create your own side table.

Handmade custom made side tables

Are you looking for a beautiful side table, but you haven't found one to your taste yet? Then you can easily build your own custom made side table. Use our easy system to create your dream side table on your terminal. Based on your specifications, our expert team will manufacture your side table for you. The 3D simulations will give you a good idea of how your side table will look later. To make the side table look even more real, request a free wood sample from us.

For which rooms are custom made side tables suitable?

Side tables are in demand for different rooms because they offer a good storage surface. For this reason, side tables can be found

  • in the living,
  • dining,
  • reading room
  • or children's room

children's room. The tables are also used in the entrance area to store mail or other things in a short time. In addition, the tables, which usually have a height of up to 60 centimetres, look very decorative.

Professional workmanship with high quality

You have a choice of different designs and materials for the custom made side tables: Customised designs and extra requests are no problem for our expertly trained team. You can look forward to high-quality solid or veneered wood, for example from

  • beech,
  • maple
  • or walnut
  • walnut.

How to reach us

We are always here to support you in a professional and expert manner. Use our simple 3D configurator to create your own custom made side table around the clock. Would you prefer to receive personal advice from us? Then a telephone consultation or guidance via video call is an option. In it we will give you tips on

  • choice of materials,
  • customisation
  • or colour selection.
What is a side table?

A side table is one of the small pieces of furniture and is a helpful storage unit for various rooms. The storage surface and possibly a small built-in drawer make the table so special. You can place a reading lamp, decorations or magazines on it, for example.

In which room are custom-made side tables placed?

The elegant side tables are perfect for various rooms. Many of our customers want a small shelf next to the couch in the living room, for their books in the reading room or next to the dining table in the dining room. You decide where and how you want to place the high-quality tables.

What material are the Pickawood UK side tables made of?

When ordering, you specify which material is to be used for the custom made side table. We offer you high-quality material such as real solid or veneer wood. Our popular raw steel, which comes in various colours, is suitable for the feet.

How sustainable are the side tables?

At Pickawood UK, we have made it our mission to offer custom made sustainable furniture. The high-quality material can be used for decades, so you and the environment benefit from it! Our furniture made in Germany is lacquered with BIOFA quality oils to extend its longevity. We are also a proud member of B.A.U.M. e.V.

What furniture goes well with Pickawood UK side tables?

The good thing about our custom made furniture is that it works individually or in combination. If you are looking for a matching individual piece to your existing furniture, simply create it yourself.

How do I create an order?

If you wish to order a custom-made side table from us, please use our simple 3D configurator. The simple instructions will guide you step by step, so that you will get an exact idea of the final product in a short time.

I have a drawing for my side table: how do I proceed?

You have several options if you already have the custom made dimensions for your side table: Either use our configurator and transfer the custom made or contact us. We will take care of developing the perfect side table for you together.

Which colour is possible?

Since we use qualitative real wood, the unique grain comes into its own thanks to the BIOFA quality oils used. If you prefer one or more colours, there are up to 200 RAL colours to choose from.

What is the diameter of the table top?

You determine the custom made dimensions for the side table: As a rule, our customers want a tabletop diameter of between 30 and 130 centimetres. The thickness of the tabletop edge, which is between three and four centimetres, is also important.

How do I clean the side table?

Since we use exclusive materials of excellent quality and finally impregnate the furniture pieces with BIOFA oils, easy cleaning is recommended. A duster or a damp cloth without chemicals are the best cleaning agents!

Any questions? Contact us.