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Oak tables made to measure

Gather inspiration through our oak table models or design your own personal table using our simple online configurator.


Oak from
sustainable forestry


Discover 29 table

"Our long-time partner companies will manufacture your oak table from high-quality material with great attention to detail. Easily select a table model and customize it to meet your individual needs."


Tim Ehling

Popular oak tables

Table model: Stockholm

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • 4 different table edge
£ 1.156,60
Table model: Lyon

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Tapered table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 695,40
Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.427,14
Table model: Marseille

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 658,48

Plan your individual oak table

Select and customize oak table

Select table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. Each of these table models you can customize according to your own ideas.

Specify table dimensions

You can directly enter the dimensions such as length, width or table height of your oak table and immediately see the resulting price.

Determine table edge

Choose your dream table edge for your oak table in our configurator.

Impressions of our solid wood tables

Oak tables for individualists

A custom made oak table, made especially for you with solid craftsmanship: It will still look as good as new when all the other furniture has long since passed away. Oak wood traditionally symbolises durability and solidity. Whether you have a living room table or a kitchen table made of oak, you can rely on the craftsmanship of our cabinetmakers. Simply choose custom made dimensions and other details in our online configurator and our carpenters will create an absolutely unique piece for you.

What kind of oak tables are available at Pickawood?

With us you have two different options to commission your oak table. Most customers look at the photos of oak tables in our gallery and then decide on a model that they like. They then use our handy configurator to enter the desired dimensions, the preferred type of table edge, the thickness of the table top and other details such as drawers. If you have any questions, please contact our interior design consultants.
But maybe you are one of the creative minds who want to create your own personal furniture design? Then you are also at the right address. A solid oak table made exactly to your design: it doesn't get more individual than that. If you have always dreamed of a designer table made of oak according to your own design, you can now have your plans professionally implemented by qualified furniture carpenters. Just send us your drawing and then connect with our furniture consultation briefly.

Oak wood is back in fashion

Gone are the days when furniture made of oak had something bourgeois about it. Perhaps you still remember those dark-stained monstrosities that used to stand in great-grandma's "Guter Stube"? They were largely hideous, but since oak wood is almost indestructible, many of them have survived somewhere to this day. No wonder that later the trend was more oriented towards Scandinavia and furniture made of light-colored woods came into fashion.
Now oak is back in fashion, and rightly so: the warm hue of natural oak wood creates a particularly cozy ambience - whether with a classic oak kitchen table or a custom oak table in the living room. If you want a high-quality processed table made of natural wood, you have come to the right place. Pickawood will have your table made from solid oak so that it will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Oak wood from sustainable forestry

We pay attention to environmentally friendly concepts in the production of our furniture. Pickawood has voluntarily committed to using only European species from sustainable forestry to contribute to a livable future for generations to come. We keep the transport distances for the raw material wood and the finished furniture as short as possible: most oak wood comes from sustainable regional forestry. Only in the case of bottlenecks do we resort to certified suppliers from neighboring countries.
With more than 35,000 customer projects completed in the last ten years, our furniture consultants have gained a lot of experience. For example, that our customers often ask very specific questions about oak tables. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about custom oak tables online.

Where are Pickawood oak tables produced?
Our custom made solid wood tables are carefully handcrafted by multi-tested carpenters in Germany and Poland. The founder of our company has her roots in Poland and has appropriate contacts there. However, we also permanently requisition qualified carpenters directly in Germany. Before we accept a cabinetmaker as a cooperation partner, we require the production of various test pieces. If these meet our high requirements, our partner companies regularly receive orders at fair payment. This is how we ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

What surface treatment is applied to oak tables?
At Pickawood, you can choose between lacquered and oiled surfaces. For oiled surfaces, we use solvent-free quality oils from BIOFA. These oils accentuate the grain of your table and make it stain resistant. BIOFA oils comply with the legal regulations for children's toys (pollutant standard EN 71, part 3). For heavily used table tops - for example kitchen tables - an easy-care lacquered table top is recommended.

What is the delivery time of an oak table at Pickawood?
If you enter the desired dimensions in our configurator, the estimated delivery time will also be indicated there. You will find even more detailed information about delivery in your order confirmation. Typically, the delivery time for our oak tables is between eight and twelve weeks. If you order your table at busy times, such as before Christmas, an additional two to three weeks will likely be added.

Who delivers our new table from Pickawood?
Within Germany, we deliver your custom oak table by DHL furniture shipping company. For large orders, our deliveries are split. The split deliveries are always delivered at the same time. Depending on your wishes, your oak table will be delivered contactless to your front door or directly to the room where it will be placed. Pickawood's delivery service is free of charge for our customers within Germany.

Can I have my oak table assembled by professionals?
To save freight space, your new Pickawood table will come in pieces. Instructions for assembly can be found on our website. If you prefer to leave the assembly to a professional, you can indicate that when you place your order. We will then assign one of our cooperation partners in your area with the assembly. However, it is not possible to arrange delivery and assembly at the same time because two different companies are involved.

Does Pickawood provide a warranty on its furniture?
With a handmade table made of oak wood, the question of a warranty is unlikely to arise. High quality solid wood and careful workmanship ensure that such a table will last for several generations. Therefore, although we offer you the customary two-year warranty, we have not yet had a warranty case within this period for solid oak tables. Of course, you can always contact us after the expiration of the warranty period, if you want to have something fixed on your oak table.

Any questions? Contact us.

Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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