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Customised tables made of maple

Be inspired by our maple table models or plan your very own individual table with our configurator.


Maple from
sustainable forestry


Discover 29 table

"Our long-time partner companies will manufacture your maple table from high-quality material with great attention to detail. Easily select a table model and customize it to meet your individual needs."


Tim Ehling

Popular maple tables

Table model: Prague

Length up to 200 cm, width and height variable

  • Base in black or white
  • 4 different table edges
£ 1.793,94
Table model: Lyon

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Tapered table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 1.210,70
Table model: Stockholm

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • 4 different table edges
£ 1.360,85
Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.723,44

Design your table from maple

Select and customize maple table

Select table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. Each of these table models you can customize according to your own ideas.

Specify table dimensions

You can directly enter the dimensions such as length, width or table height and immediately see the resulting price.

Customize table edge and legs

You can completely customize both the table edge and the table legs of your maple table.

Impressions of our solid wood tables

Maple tables: high quality made to measure for the perfect ambience

With their beautiful light colour, maple tables are predestined to occupy a central place in the living or dining area. Whether you are a large family, need a dining place for two or a matching bench, a maple table will always enchant your rooms. In the modernly furnished home, they are the absolute eye-catcher and are made by the experienced Pickawood carpenters exactly to your desired size. As a customer, you are free to choose not only the dimensions but also the design of the edges: opt for a natural edge, a Swiss edge or the normal standard edge and set further accents.

Maple in all its diversity: a table rarely comes alone!

Surely you have already noticed this: No sooner have you bought a new piece of furniture than the other furniture no longer fits in so well. However, you don't want to completely refurnish the room. Don't worry, you don't have to turn everything upside down. The Pickawood team will be happy to support you with professional furnishing advice and show you which furniture will go particularly well with your new custom made table. In our range, you will not only find beautiful, custom made dining room tables made of maple wood, we also offer practical custom made side tables as well as round and oval coffee tables made of maple and other fantastically beautiful woods. Only when everything harmonises with each other does the round overall impression emerge that gives the room the right atmosphere.

Maple tables from Pickawood: fine wood in great design variety.

If you would like a table with a light-coloured solid wood top, we can recommend maple in every respect. Many combinations are possible with the tables from Pickawood, so that you can individualise the table even more precisely. For example, it is easily possible to have the table top made of solid wood and the legs made of a different type of wood. But the base can just as easily be made of metal. Of course, we can also equip your new table with matching drawers so that you always have napkins or coasters at hand when you want to set the table. Drawers can be integrated particularly well into tables with a frame. But we can also fulfil your wish for drawers in models without a frame, but then one hundred percent manually. Our furnishing advisors will be happy to inform you about the many attractive possibilities.

What is characteristic about the maple tree?

The maple tree occurs worldwide in more than 130 species, in Europe it is represented in about 15 species. Most species are found as ornamental trees in gardens and parks, only a few are suitable for furniture making. Because of its attractive colour and decorative annual rings, maple is used almost exclusively for furniture and instrument making when it comes into production. Maple wood is light and relatively soft. The quality of the wood depends largely on its correct storage. For furniture making, one uses almost only the sapwood of the trunk, i.e. the outer parts, because the trunk is darker and moister on the inside than in the outer areas. The colour range of the maple tree is between white or light grey and yellow, the field maple is more reddish in colour. The lightest maple variety is the sycamore maple. Its wood is almost white, but takes on a stronger colour over the years. This wood is also often used for decorative carvings.

How do I care for a maple tabletop properly?

For a solid wood tabletop, we recommend high-quality care oil, for example BIOFA oils. These quality oils are solvent-free, odourless and colourless. They penetrate deep into the wood, protecting and caring for it in equal measure. Regular oiling intensifies the colour of the wood, emphasises its structure and gives it a soft sheen. At the same time, the wood becomes more resistant and you will enjoy your new custom made tabletop for longer.

Lacquer or oil - which is better?

Of course, it is up to you whether you want to lacquer the tabletop or not. Lacquer does have advantages, for example it makes the table easier to clean and the wood more resistant to impacts. Oiled surfaces are particularly popular for couch and side tables, which can be refinished without major problems. A lacquered table does not need any touching up; it retains its initial appearance. A dining room table is constantly in use and therefore exposed to relatively large loads. If you use your table as a dining room table, we therefore always recommend lacquering it.

Which materials for tables can I combine with each other?

We offer you many different combination options that are even more attractive variants. However, not all imaginable combinations can be realised in terms of production technology, which is why we only show you the variants in the 3D configurator that we can actually realise. But even here you already have a considerable selection.

Do you also make design suggestions to your customers?

Our customers are welcome to be inspired by the illustrations of furniture that has already been realised on our website. We are also happy to make individual design suggestions, which do not always have to correspond one hundred percent with such a photo. Because our customers do not always know exactly which materials harmonise particularly well with each other and which should not be combined. We at Pickawood rely entirely on our experience and creativity, but are happy to accept your ideas.

Are the woods that Pichkawood uses sustainable?

The woods we use all come from sustainable forestry. For our wood samples, which we send out free of charge, we use the wood scraps. So even the smallest piece still has a purpose.

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