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Alder tables made to measure

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Alder wood from
sustainable forestry


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"Each alder table is made individually for you by us. Pick a model and choose wood type, dimensions and additional options."


Tim Ehling

Our bestsellers

Table model: Stockholm

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • 4 different table edges
£ 1.091,70
Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.364,40
Table model: Marseille

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 889,20
Table model: Lyon

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Tapered table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 964,80

Your alder table made to measure

Configurator for alder tables

Select alder table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. You can customize each of these alder wood table models to your own specifications.

Determine table dimensions

You can directly enter the length, width and height of your alder table and immediately see the resulting price.

Select table edge and table legs

Choose your dream table edge as well as table legs for your alder table in our online configurator.

Solid wood tables of our customers

Pickawood UK: Alder tables made to measure

If you are looking for the perfect table, Pickawood UK is the right contact for you. The company offers its customers a variety of different models made of high-quality materials such as alder. Alder tables are always a good choice. The high-quality tables are made from the best quality wood, which is sourced from sustainable forestry. Pickawood UK's employees ensure that the work is carried out with the utmost precision down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the excellent quality and careful manufacturing, you do not just get a piece of furniture from Pickawood UK, but a product that will bring a lifetime of pleasure. Before you order a custom made alder table, you should be clear about which dimensions are perfect for your home. Both too large and too small tables can be a visual nuisance. Tables that are too large can take up valuable space, whereas tables that are too small have too little space for everyday use.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the range of already pre-constructed alder tables

Pickawood UK offers its customers a comprehensive range of alder tables that have already been designed. The selection includes tables of various designs, heights and thicknesses. With a little luck, you will find the perfect table for your home. If you particularly like a design or custom made, you are welcome to use the popular online configurator.

Pickawood UK: Ultimate selection of custom made alder tables at the best price

At Pickawood UK you can order various types of custom made alder tables. These include not only the classics such as dining tables, writing tables or coffee tables, but also individual custom made table tops that you can have cut to your individual wishes and ideas. Pickawood UK customers can choose from a variety of different models. A very popular model is the "Malaga" model. This is offered in different types of wood and can be manufactured according to your preferences. You also have complete freedom of choice when it comes to the edge. You can choose between normal edge, Swiss edge and natural edge. The model is particularly suitable for larger families or for households that are used to welcoming a larger number of guests. The "Stockholm" table can be ordered in four different finishes. The table legs are made by hand and are tapered. Like the rest of the table, they are also made of alder. "Stockholm" looks particularly good in a kitchen or in your own dining room. If you are looking for a solid model, the "Phoenix" model is just right. With this model, too, you can decide for yourself which table edges and custom made you want. Especially the edges of the table make it look very different in each case. Thanks to Pickawood UK, the search for the perfect bar table is over. Help comes in the form of the "Rome" model. Thanks to the configurable height, the table can not only be used for bar purposes, but also as a small, individual dining table. It is particularly suitable as a dining table in less spacious kitchens, as it fits wonderfully in small corners or niches. The tapered table legs have an extremely elegant visual effect and, like the rest of the table, are made of alder.

What advantages can I expect when I order a custom made alder table from Pickawood UK?

Pickawood UK's custom made tables are made exclusively from high quality wood. As Pickawood UK is very concerned about sustainability and environmental friendliness, the material is carefully selected and sourced from certified forestry. Since the team of carpenters is highly trained and has a wealth of experience, you can be sure that you are buying a technical and qualitative masterpiece with such a table made of alder. The custom made alder tables have a very careful construction. For this reason, there is also sufficient stability. With some models, you also have the option of choosing metal legs instead of wooden ones. The frame can also be made of metal if desired. Both the legs and the metal frame are custom made. The decision whether the metal elements should be made of stainless steel or powder-coated in white or black is entirely up to the respective customer. Do you have a love of detail? That too is no problem with Pickawood UK. At Pickawood UK, you have the option of adding extra options to your custom made alder table that exactly match your personal taste.

What different types of edges can I choose for my custom made alder table from Pickawood UK?

The particular edge contributes a lot to making your custom made alder table truly unique. Basically, you can choose between four different variants at Pickawood UK. These include the normal table edge, the real wood edge, the round table card and the Swiss edge.

What does the normal table edge look like at Pickawood UK?

The most popular table edge at Pickawood UK is the normal table edge. It is angular and has a bevel of about 2 millimetres.

What do I mean by the real wood edge and the round table edge from Pickawood UK?

With the real wood edge, the edge that is created when the bark and the trunk are separated is sanded down. For this reason, the table looks very natural. With the round table edge, as the name already says, the edges are rounded. This gives your custom made alder table visually appealing curves.

Which table edge for my custom made alder table is currently particularly trendy?

At Pickawood UK, one of the table edges offered is currently particularly trendy. This is the Swiss table edge. At first glance, it looks a little delicate. However, if you take another look at it, you will realise that the top is not filigree at all, but brings with it a high custom made strength.

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