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White customised sideboards

Configure your custom white sideboard with our easy 3D planner - from home or on the go.


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"Easily design your personal and white sideboard with our online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


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White sideboards from Pickawood at your home

Create your white sideboard

In 3 steps to your white sideboard

Determine external dimensions

Determine the height, width and depth of your white sideboard in the configurator.

Customize furniture feet

Provide your white sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design white sideboard

Customize the layout and number of compartments and columns of your white sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your furniture.

Choose and customize white sideboard

Pickawood: white sideboards made to measure

White sideboards for a timeless ambience

White sideboards are very popular because they make rooms appear brighter and larger. Moreover, white is a very noble colour that is also timeless. This means that you have a lot of freedom when decorating and further designing the room. You can enjoy even more freedom with a white sideboard from Pickawood, as you can even determine the custom made dimensions yourself!

Great freedom of design thanks to white sideboards from Pickawood

With us, you can plan your white sideboard step by step and have it custom made. For many, this sounds more complicated than it is, because with us you are guided through the programme quite comfortably. This way, you can design your sideboard entirely according to your wishes and ensure that it fits perfectly into the room for which you have intended it.

Configure your desired product

The beauty of white sideboards and chests of drawers is that they almost adapt to your home by themselves. At Pickawood, we only use high quality woods from sustainable forestry in our manufacturing process. To make the path to your perfect custom made piece of furniture as easy as possible, we have already pre-structured and designed some white chests of drawers. We suggest some custom made sizes and materials for you to choose from. If you need help designing your dream white chest of drawers, just give us a call. Our staff:inside will be happy to answer all your questions about Pickawood.

How do I design a white chest of drawers from Pickawood?

Especially with custom made sideboards and chests of drawers, you have numerous options at Pickawood. Just as with all other pieces of furniture, you first determine the external dimensions of your product. To do this, you first measure the intended space of your chest of drawers exactly and enter the custom made dimensions accordingly. Then you choose your desired material. Then you can decide how the columns and compartments of your chest of drawers should be arranged. Think in advance about the purposes for which you want to use the storage space in your sideboard so that you can design the compartments accordingly. Then choose a base or feet. Then you can add other elements to your chest of drawers, such as certain fronts, doors, handles and drawers. Of course, you can also leave a certain side open if you want to use it for decoration or as an open bookcase. You are also free to choose door handles and other small elements as well as additional options, so that in the end the chest of drawers corresponds exactly to your own and individual wishes and of course fits perfectly into your home.

How can I use a white sideboard?

The use of a white sideboard is almost unlimited, as it is a very timeless and at the same time versatile piece of furniture. For example, it provides a great accent for your living room and makes it look brighter. Depending on your needs, you can place a TV set or other utensils on it. In addition, sideboards are a great storage option for decorating the room. White sideboards are also popular in the bedroom, as they offer plenty of storage space for clothes and other textiles. But white chests of drawers are also used in the study, as there is also a great need for storage space here and a custom-made sideboard skilfully rounds off almost any room concept.

Which colours go well with a white sideboard?

A white sideboard makes your living room or bedroom look particularly clean and bright. However, too much white in a room can also look a little sterile, which is why a change in colour tones is highly recommended. You are welcome to add strong colour accents and, for example, place a few colourful candles, vases or bowls on your custom made white chest of drawers. Feel free to use warm colours such as red, orange or yellow to create a lively atmosphere. Grey or black decorative elements, on the other hand, are a little less playful but still round off the look. However, provided your wall colour is not white but colourful or patterned, you no longer need to worry about the varied colour scheme of your room. In this case, the white is already well put into perspective by the design of the walls.

How can I furnish my living room or bedroom elegantly with a white chest of drawers?

If you deliberately want to keep it classy and therefore do not want to resort to colourful accents as described above, we recommend combining different shades of white. Instead of colourful decorative elements, you can also use shades such as pearl white, cream white, ivory white or nude. It doesn't matter whether you use decorative elements for this or paint the wall behind your white sideboard in such a shade - the room will always look classy and inviting at the same time with this colour combination.

What else should I consider with a white sideboard?

In the best case, make sure that your furniture pieces harmonise well with each other. This applies to white sideboards just as much as to all the other colours that Pickawood has to offer. If you can't decide whether you prefer to furnish your home in an elegant white or with rustic-looking wooden furniture, then separate the rooms from each other. For example, furnish your living room with rustic-looking furniture made of oak or pine, while you put together elegant white furniture for your bedroom. By the way, the floor does not necessarily have to be in a neutral tone, but may also consist of brown parquet. Together with a white chest of drawers or other white furniture, this looks timelessly elegant and at the same time warm and cosy. In addition, you achieve an exciting contrast of light and dark. You can also create an equally effective contrast by getting a large carpet in your desired colour that takes up a large part of the room. Last but not least, you can of course also place the chest of drawers itself on a carpet.

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