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Walnut sideboards made to measure

Create your individual walnut sideboard in our easy configurator or get inspired by our prefabricated designs.


Materials from
sustainable forestry


With or without
doors and drawers

"Plan your custom walnut sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced cabinetmakers."


Tim Ehling

Walnut sideboards designed for you

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Configure your walnut sideboard made to measure

Walnut sideboards configure in 3D

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your walnut sideboard.

Customize furniture feet

Provide your walnut sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design walnut sideboard

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Our most popular walnut sideboards

Pickawood: walnut sideboards made to measure

Sideboards are a true all-rounder: they fit perfectly into different rooms and offer you enough space. A sideboard made of walnut looks very high quality and beautifies your rooms.
You haven't found the right one for you yet? Then a walnut sideboard is just the thing for you! We at Pickawood will be happy to make your dream piece of furniture for you according to your desired dimensions.
What is important and what is special about Pickawood, you will find out in the following.

Beautiful sideboards made of walnut according to your wishes

Finding the right sideboard is not always easy: that's where Pickawood comes in handy to make the ideal sideboard for you according to your custom made measurements. To do this, use our easy 3D configurator or send us a sketch of what you want.
Another option is to look at and select our prefabricated templates to save you time.
There are several materials to choose from for your sideboards that present a walnut decor.

  • Genuine veneer wood,
  • Premium decors
  • or solid wood made from American walnut

are part of the repertoire. In addition, you choose whether you want other materials such as

  • medium-density fibreboard (MDF for short) lacquered
  • or MDF coated

in black or white.

Sideboards made of walnut in real handicraft

At Pickawood, we use sustainable resources that ensure longevity of use. Genuine veneer or solid wood help to ensure that you enjoy your high-quality product for a long time. This is also good for the environment as less resources and energy are used.

We ere committed to low emissions as well as sustainability and are a proud member of B.A.U.M. e. V.

At Pickawood, we do everything we can to ensure that you receive beautiful custom made furniture at fair prices in 1-A quality. A nice side effect is sustainability, which is a top priority for us.

How to contact our team

Do you have any questions about our products or the creation of your individual sideboard? Our team is there for you! Then contact us and arrange a free consultation.
Do you not want to assemble your Pickawood furniture yourself? In this case, you can use our assembly service. The price for the assembly depends on the effort and size of the piece of furniture.

What distinguishes a good walnut sideboard?

A good sideboard is characterised by its perfect custom made dimensions, which you determine yourself at Pickawood. High-quality materials and professional manufacture by expertly trained staff ensure a long useful life.

For which rooms is a walnut sideboard suitable?

A custom made walnut sideboard is suitable for different rooms, so you can decide for yourself where you would like to place it. Many of our customers use this beautiful piece of furniture in their living room, hallway or dining room. Other rooms such as the children's room or bedroom are also conceivable.

What are the characteristics of walnut?

Walnut - or real walnut - is a noble wood that is often cultivated with care. It usually comes from America or from domestic forests, as these are the best conditions for growing. The dark wood is very robust and lends itself well to making beautiful sideboards.

Which materials and textiles go well with walnut?

Since walnut is a rather dark wood, light materials and textiles go well with it. For your Pickawood sideboard, for example, you can have the fronts completely in walnut or alternately mixed with white MDF. Beige or cream cushions, curtains or tablecloths go very well with this look.

What are the custom made dimensions?

You determine the custom made dimensions for your walnut sideboard yourself: This way, you will always have found the right one for you. With our very easy 3D configurator for sideboards, this is child's play and you simply enter your measurements for the sideboard.

What do the fronts look like?

You can design the fronts according to your preferences and needs: You can include individual recesses, fronts made entirely of walnut or alternating with coloured fronts. To get ideas, feel free to take a look at our free magazine with ready-made samples.

Are drawers possible?

The design of your custom made sideboard is entirely according to your ideas: For this, you can choose not only open compartments or lockable doors, but also drawers. The drawers close quietly by means of a built-in mechanism.

How can I track my order?

Would you like to know the status of your order? You can check your delivery online at any time.

How do I find out if walnut matches the rest of my inventory?

Are you unsure whether walnut is the right type of wood for the rest of your furnishings? Then request a free wood sample from us, which we will send to you immediately. Use this sample to check whether you prefer walnut or another high-quality wood from our repertoire.

How do I clean the custom made walnut sideboard?

A slightly damp cloth or a dry duster is suitable for cleaning. As our furniture is sealed with a high-quality organic wax from BIOFA, this type of cleaning is completely sufficient.

Any questions? Contact us.