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"Conveniently design your custom secretary with our easy online configurator or get inspired by our design suggestions."


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Pickawood UK: Secretaries made to measure

Secretaries are pieces of furniture that support us in important tasks in our everyday or professional lives. The more attention we pay to the design and appearance of a work desk, the more pleasure it gives us just looking at it. This pleasure in turn contributes to actually using the secretary.
Aesthetic secretaries not only increase the motivation to get to work. They also enhance the entire room in which they are placed. With the right design, these practical pieces of furniture can form a perfect ensemble together with all the other objects that surround them.
Pickawood UK offers you the opportunity to design your new secretary yourself: On the one hand, according to your own needs and requirements for functionality and, on the other hand, adapted to the spatial conditions. This ensures that existing room structures are used optimally. It is at your own discretion whether and how given space conditions are consciously allocated a use or remain free. The secretaries are produced individually according to the customer's wishes. In addition, it is possible to be inspired by prefabricated pieces and to purchase them immediately in the online shop.
We often do not perceive the importance of dedicated work tables and therefore do not miss them. We think we can do without them. However, the era of home offices has shown how important and helpful dedicated workstations are. They help with the necessary concentration as well as with the separation from other areas of activity and thus also with the achievement of professional or private goals. Secretaries provide valuable services in our daily lives and should therefore receive the appropriate attention.
If a separate workstation is not needed on a daily or regular basis, secretaries can also be used as sideboards. Depending on the design, these pieces of furniture offer space for decorative items on the surface or additional space for storing work materials or other things in drawers and compartments and thus also contribute to more order in your rooms. You decide whether any compartments should be lockable, how high or low the custom made piece of furniture should be, whether it should be more like a table or a sideboard with lots of extra storage space and whether it should stand on legs, on a plinth or directly on the floor. Last but not least, you decide whether your new dream piece of furniture should stand out as an eye-catcher in the room or whether it should blend discreetly into the room. These multi-purpose secretaries or sideboards can be designed as you wish. Depending on personal taste and preferred style, the design can range from purist and straightforward to elegant or modern to timeless or playful.
The made to measure production of the secretaries and sideboards ensures that you do not have to make any compromises. As a customised design and special extra, a pull-out shelf can be fitted. When using an individual sideboard as a secretary, this is simply pulled out and used as a work surface. When the work is done, the surface can be stowed away again in seconds and no longer takes up any extra space.

How can I plan my secretary or sideboard?

You can use the online configurator to plan your new piece of furniture. This tool guides you step by step through the planning process for your dream secretary or sideboard. To do this, simply click on one of the corresponding buttons that can be seen repeatedly on the website. Follow the individual points in the configurator, enter your individual furniture dimensions and select the carcase, front and accessory variant that suits your taste. If you need inspiration for the design of the secretary or sideboard, you have several options: Take a look at the suggestions we have put together for you in advance. If you like one of these already designed pieces, you can order it immediately. In addition, you can get ideas from our magazine, which we will be happy to send you free of charge. On our website you can also find pictures that our customers have sent us of their Pickawood UK furniture. You can also visit us in person in our showroom in Hamburg.

What choices are available to me when planning?

To plan your new secretary or sideboard, you have a wide range of options to choose from: Custom made dimensions (height, width, depth), material (MDF coated, MDF lacquered, solid wood, real wood veneer, multiplex), material thickness, several different types of feet, plinth or no feet or plinth at all, number of vertical compartments, number of horizontal compartments, drawers and different types of doors, additional options such as rows of holes for flexibility in shelf height. All these details can be selected and clicked directly in the configurator.

I have questions about planning. Can I contact someone?

Yes, our furnishing advisors will be happy to help you with their professional experience. Write to us, call us or make a video call to one of our furnishing consultants. We will find a solution for your room situation and your needs. You are also welcome to send us a sketch of your dream piece of furniture as a basis for consultation.

What should I pay attention to when ordering?

For a smooth and correct execution of your order, please fill in all the required information in the planning tool. Please also make sure that you enter your postal address (delivery of furniture) and your e-mail address (contact) correctly.

When will I receive information about the delivery time?

When you enter your details in the furniture configurator, you will receive information about the estimated delivery time. As soon as we have received your order and the order has been checked, you will receive more information about the planned delivery date.

What happens after I have placed my order?

After you submit your order, we will review your order and send you an order confirmation including an estimated delivery date. We then plan the customised creation of your piece of furniture before our experienced carpenters build your secretary or sideboard. The next step is a quality check. After that we plan the shipping so that in the last step your new, individual piece of furniture can move in with you.

Do I have to assemble my new piece of furniture myself?

If you wish, you can book the chargeable extra "assembly". This can be clicked on directly in the configurator tool.

Any questions? Contact us.