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Maple sideboards made to measure

Configure your personal maple sideboard in our simple online planner or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


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Materials from
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"Conveniently configure your custom maple sideboard with our online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

Maple sideboards planned for you

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Your custom made maple sideboard

It works as simple as this

Determine dimensions

You can freely choose the depth, height and width of your maple sideboard.

Customize feet

Provide your maple sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design sideboard

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns of your maple sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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Pickawood UK: sideboards from maple

Books and vases lie and stand around in the way and the seasonal decoration no longer finds a place in the cupboard? A sideboard offers a lot of storage space and is the perfect piece of furniture to create order in almost any room. As a practical helper, it offers open shelves, but also storage areas behind doors and drawers. This combination of open and closed areas makes the sideboard extremely versatile and distinguishes it from its classic predecessor, the chest of drawers.
Depending on its size, the custom made piece of furniture can serve very different purposes. In the living room, for example, it often replaces classic cupboard walls and also offers the option of placing the television on top. In the dining room or kitchen, it serves to store crockery and cutlery or as a sideboard for serving food. In the hallway, on the other hand, a sideboard offers storage space for clothes, accessories and umbrellas or functions as a shelf for keys and other small items.
As variable as the functions a sideboard can fulfil are its possible custom made sizes. At Pickawood UK, you have the option of choosing the custom made dimensions and materials suggested by us or designing your own personal desired product in our online configurator.
So you are free to choose both the external dimensions and the material of your custom made sideboard! Choose between a height (without feet) between 30 and 300 centimetres, a width between 30 and 600 centimetres and a depth between 15 and 60 centimetres. In the configurator, you can also easily determine your desired material as well as the column and compartment layout. Then decide whether your new sideboard should have wooden feet, metal feet or castors. You can also add drawers, (optionally lockable) doors and handles.

What is so special about Pickawood UK sideboards?

At Pickawood UK, we offer our customers the opportunity to design their sideboard according to their own wishes and requirements. Our innovative online configurator is there to help you. In the tool, you can freely design your sideboard according to your ideas in terms of design and functionality. In this way, a unique piece of furniture is created that is guaranteed not to be found in anyone else's home.
At Pickawood UK, you have the free choice between different styles and finishes. Whether classic white or walnut or unusual and colourful - you decide how your finished sideboard should look. Another advantage: Despite the individual configuration, we deliver your sideboard to your home quickly and free of charge.

How can I customise my sideboard in the online configurator?

Our online configurator offers countless possibilities to design an individual sideboard. In eight steps, you choose custom made dimensions, materials and colours as well as the number and placement of columns and compartments, doors and drawers. In addition, various wooden and metal feet as well as castors are available to give your sideboard a unique look. This is how your dream sideboard is gradually created. Finally, you can customise your model with additional options such as special rows of holes, back panel colours and wall brackets (for hanging sideboards). You also have the option of ordering a skirting board recess that allows the sideboard to rest directly against the wall.

What is the advantage of sideboards made of maple wood?

Generally speaking, solid wood furniture looks stunning and creates a cosy atmosphere in your home. Maple has a different appearance depending on the exact origin of the wood. Since the wood used at Pickawood UK comes exclusively from sustainable, European forests, our maple sideboards have a light brown colour. The structure of maple wood is even and stands out due to fine pores.
Maple wood belongs to the medium-hard to hard woods and scores with a high strength and elasticity. While maple is only suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent due to its lack of weather resistance, the wood is very resistant to wear and tear indoors. Maple is therefore ideal for furniture design. We offer our maple sideboards as solid wood as well as oiled real wood veneer.

What is the difference between sideboard, chest of drawers, highboard and lowboard?

With all the different names, it is easy to get confused. In the following, you will find the most important differences between the various types of furniture.
Chests of drawers are compact, offer a lot of storage space in their drawers and have a similar or identical shape to the sideboard. The advantage of the sideboard over the chest of drawers is its convertibility: while the chest of drawers only has drawers, sideboards have open or closed shelves.
The lowboard, in turn, is lower than the chest of drawers and the sideboard. As a rule, its height is between 25 and 50 centimetres. It often has practical cable openings and is therefore used to accommodate TVs and entertainment applications. Lowboards can also serve as storage tables between low chairs, for example.
The highboard is higher than the sideboard and chest of drawers, but very narrow. It has a height of 100 to 130 centimetres and often serves as an alternative to the classic display cabinet. It often has glass windows and is used to display decorative items, for example. It offers more storage space than the sideboard and can therefore be used for many different purposes - for example to store crockery, laundry or household items.

How do I decorate my sideboard?

If you want to really dress up your sideboard, you have numerous options. For example, a sideboard that has been equipped with special back colours can be set off with decorations in similar colours. For example, a vase with dried flowers or flower pots with evergreen plants are suitable.
To give the open part of your sideboard a tidy look, storage boxes, for example, are well suited. You can match the material and colour of these to the style of your other furnishings. Depending on your taste, woven baskets are also conceivable. So that the sideboard does not look restless, not too many and rather discreet colours should be used. If you like it colourful, you can of course set the scene with coloured accents on your sideboard made of light maple wood.

How do I care for my sideboard properly?

Light dirt on your maple sideboard can be removed with a damp cotton cloth. Since wood starts to work when wet, you should wipe it dry afterwards. An oiled sideboard should be re-oiled at regular intervals of about six months. To prevent discolouration of the wood, do not expose your sideboard to direct sunlight.

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