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Customised sideboards from heartwood beech

Configure your personal core beech sideboard online with our simple online configurator - at home or on the go.


Beech heartwood from
sustainable forestry


Design with centimeter

"Design your custom heartwood beech sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

Our sideboards from heartwood beech

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Configure your heartwood beech sideboard made to measure

Your beech heartwood sideboard in 3 steps

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your beech heartwood sideboard.

Customize furniture feet

Provide your beech heartwood sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design sideboard from heartwood beech

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Discover our beech heartwood sideboards

Configure beech heartwood sideboard online at Pickawood UK

Order custom made sideboards made of beech heartwood from Pickawood UK. The configuration is very easy on our website. If you wish, our interior design consultants can support you. Many of our customers appreciate being able to design their own individual sideboards from the high-quality solid beech wood.

Sideboards made of beech heartwood for more order in the house

With sideboards you can create order in your home, especially if they fit into your rooms to the millimetre. This is guaranteed by Pickawood UK's made-to-measure production. The sideboards made of beech heartwood adapt to your rooms - not the other way round. With Pickawood UK's made-to-measure work, you save valuable space. The modern sideboard follows the traditional chest of drawers, which originally served as a medium-sized and box-shaped piece of furniture with its drawers for storing all kinds of odds and ends. Various accessories were also placed on it in historical times. The modern sideboard follows this model to a certain extent, but has evolved into a mini cupboard: it is equipped with doors, compartments, drawers and often also glass elements. Today's sideboards are also wider than their historical predecessors, but usually somewhat lower. This corresponds to our contemporary ideas of living. Rooms should appear more open and brighter, which is why furniture tends to be more compact. Pickawood UK's made-to-measure products are a perfect match. In addition to the sideboards, Pickawood UK also offers you highboards and lowboards that are correspondingly higher or lower than the sideboards. Made to measure solid wood is important for your living comfort. Heartwood beech is ideal for this purpose.

Heartwood beech as a beautiful solid wood for sideboards

Heartwood beech is the red heart of Fagus sylvatica (beech) wood, which is robust, dark and therefore visually very attractive. Our carpenters and the entire furniture industry often call this wood wild beech. Heartwood is strikingly and vividly grained, which clearly distinguishes it from the other wood of the copper beech. This very pretty pattern, which can even appear wild and rampant, is what makes sideboards made of heartwood beech so popular. They are a real eye-catcher in the home and appear extraordinarily decorative. At the same time, heartwood is strong and tough, but also elastic and therefore flexible. Our carpenters love to work with it. It is a rarer wood, because only the inner trunk of older beech trees can be heartwood. When you order a sideboard made of beech heartwood from Pickawood UK, you are purchasing a valuable piece of furniture that is also so durable that you will probably keep it for decades and possibly pass it on. Why beech heartwood has its peculiar, unmistakable colouring and pattern is currently (2022) still the subject of scientific research. There are even very different theories on this. The arborist Hans Heinrich Bosshard believes that physiological changes (including oxidation) inside the trunk trigger this colour and pattern, which are triggered by very specific external circumstances. This is why Bosshard calls the heartwood of beech "facultative heartwood" (can develop, but does not have to). His colleague Alex L. Shigo, on the other hand, believes that damage to the tree bark triggers organic processes inside the trunk that trigger this colour and the pattern of the heartwood. Whoever of the experts is right: You can be sure that you will enjoy a sideboard made of beech heartwood from Pickawood UK for a very long time.

Can I rely on the sustainability of Pickawood UK's beech heartwood sideboards?

Absolutely. Our Pickawood UK-certified joineries use only the highest quality woods for all furniture, including the sideboard made of beech heartwood, which demonstrably come from sustainable forestry. With our furniture, we want to make a contribution to the preservation of our natural environment. Join us and order a sideboard made from sustainably sourced beech heartwood!

Can you help me assemble the beech heartwood sideboard?

This is part of our service. We will be happy to advise you free of charge by phone, email or in our Hamburg showroom, measure your room, create a 3D measurement for your beech heartwood sideboard and also assemble it if you wish. The assembly is not difficult in itself, instructions are of course included. But sometimes you don't want to go through the trouble. Then our fitters will be on site for you at a low cost.

How should I configure my core beech sideboard?

Our online configurator will help you, you will find it very easy. Of course, you can also contact our advisors and send us sketches, from which we will then create exact custom made measurements. First of all, think about where you want the sideboard made of beech heartwood to stand, measure the space exactly in this part of the room and then decide on a compartment division for your individual sideboard from Pickawood UK. This in turn depends on what you want to store in this chic piece of furniture.

Where can I look at a sideboard made of beech heartwood at Pickawood UK?

We have already constructed several sideboards. Our customers also keep sending us pictures that we are allowed to display on our website. Take a look at them for your inspiration and feel free to choose one of our pre-constructed sideboards made of beech heartwood, the custom made dimensions of which you can of course adapt. To do so, simply transfer the chosen model into the online configurator. For even more clarity, we will be happy to send you wood samples. Touch the beech heartwood and feel its overwhelming feel!

How does the core beech sideboard stand?

You can choose castors, a base or feet in wood or metal. There are different options for each of these, including six different variants for our feet. Some people also place a sideboard directly on the floor. You can choose the base as well as the doors, drawers, compartments and handles yourself in the online configurator.

What do customers say about Pickawood UK's beech heartwood sideboards?

Our customers particularly appreciate the fact that the sideboards fit into any room thanks to the customised production of the Pickawood UK-certified joineries - even in niches, corners and under sloping ceilings. Furthermore, we are pleased that our materials and the quality of workmanship are consistently applauded by our valued customers.

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