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Depth lowboards made to measure

Plan your individual deep lowboard with our simple configurator - from home or on the go.


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"Easily plan your custom deep lowboard with our online planner or get inspired by the design suggestions."


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Our deep lowboards

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Depth lowboards from Pickawood UK at home with our customers

Design your deep lowboard made to measure

How it works

Select dimensions and material

Set the dimensions of your deep lowboard and choose your dream material from 11 solid wood species and 5 materials.

Select feet

Provide your deep lowboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design deep lowboard

Customize the layout and number of compartments and columns of your deep lowboard and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Discover our deep lowboards

Depth lowboards made to measure - find individual solutions

The design of a room gains individuality through your personal handwriting. This can only be achieved to a limited extent with industrially standardised furniture. Custom made furniture has therefore always been in demand. They offer optimal solutions by uniformly combining architectural conditions with functionality and aesthetics.
Pickawood UK gives you the opportunity to realise your requirements. Simply compose the design for your sideboard yourself online, from the material to the details and size.
A lowboard is perfect for placing hi-fi and TV sets and for presenting works of art. At the same time, it offers you plenty of storage space. With a low board, you also visually design the room. You create additional lines that give a room more spaciousness or make it visually more manageable.
Lowboards are suitable for every room, from the living room to the bedroom to the study or the large hallway. Depending on the concept, you can create a multi-functional piece of furniture. Because there is not only room for a TV and stereo system, you can also use a lowboard in the entrance area as storage and seating. With a height of around 80 centimetres, it is ideal for this purpose.
You can determine the depth as required. In this way, you can create storage space and at the same time use the available space down to the centimetre. A lowboard does not always have to stand against the wall. Depending on its function, you can also place it in the middle to create a visual room divider or a centre. Decide whether you want a lowboard similar to a low shelf with open compartments or whether you prefer a closed front with doors. Both have their advantages.

What is special about a deep lowboard?

Lowboards are often used to place TV sets. The TV is at an appropriate height so that the action on the screen can be watched comfortably from the armchair and sofa. With a deep lowboard, you also gain storage space. Technical accessories such as receivers or speakers can be conveniently stored openly or hidden away. You have room for DVDs, Blu-rays, games and CDs.
But deep custom made sideboards can do much more. They offer space for decorative items. On a lowboard, you can showcase works of art or simply create additional storage space on the wall, in the middle of the room or even underneath windows.

Which material is best suited for lowboards?

At Pickawood UK you can choose between materials and material combinations. Simply have the samples sent to you and choose what you like best. Orientate yourself on the room, the use and the already existing or intended interior.
Solid wood is the classic material for building furniture. Robust, durable and beautiful, it goes wonderfully with open and closed deep lowboards. You can choose between wood types from maple to cherry. Oak is the most resistant, pine the most affordable. The different shades and finishes offer plenty of design scope.
Real wood veneers are cheaper than solid wood. The veneer is applied to MDF boards, so the furniture looks like it is made of solid wood.
MDF is characterised by high stability, low risk of warping, resistance and favourable prices. The surface can be coated, veneered or lacquered.
Multiplex consists of several crosswise glued veneer layers. High stability, durability and robustness characterise the material, which can be coated, lacquered or simply oiled.
Chipboard is the unbeatably inexpensive option in furniture construction. The surface is designed with foils, wood veneers or lacquers.

What variants of deep lowboards are there?

As a rule, you can get lowboards in lengths between 1 and 2 metres with depths of around 40 centimetres as open or closed-front constructions. At Pickawood UK, you can determine the custom made dimensions yourself and thus gain extra aesthetics and storage space.

In which rooms does a deep customised lowboard fit?

Minimalistically reduced to the essentials, lowboards adapt to every room and every style of furnishing. They can be placed in living rooms, in studies and offices, in the hallway or even in the bedroom. Thanks to customisation and individual design, a lowboard can be adapted exactly to your own needs in terms of form, functionality and appearance.

What should I look out for when designing deep lowboards?

When designing your own lowboard, it is best to start with the custom made dimensions: Where do you want your lowboard to stand? What space do you have available and how big should the piece of furniture be? In doing so, consistently orientate yourself on your requirements and the later use. The colours of the room and the existing or planned furniture play a role in the exterior design. Pay attention to connecting elements so that a harmonious overall impression is created. Choose the material according to budget and intended use.

Closed or open? Your lowboard as a shelf version or with doors

The customisation of a lowboard has many advantages. One of the most important is that you can adapt your piece of furniture exactly to the ambience and the intended use. If you already have other furniture or if you have a certain style in mind, the custom made lowboard will match your ideas exactly.
The clear basic form can be an advantage here. Functionally simple and straightforward in design, it can even be combined with antique style furniture. The simple form appears architecturally as part of the room. Thus, a light sideboard becomes almost invisible in front of a white wall, while a dark lowboard sets clear accents.
Designed as an open shelf, the lowboard offers quick access and visual variety. If you prefer a quiet version, cabinet doors make sense. Less decorative items disappear behind them. You can also equip your lowboard with drawers or create combinations of open surfaces, cupboard doors and drawers. Place your lowboard directly on the floor or work with metal feet to give your design more lightness. Take your time when choosing the handles. Details are especially effective on low sideboards. They should be both functionally easy to handle and aesthetically enhance the overall character. Let yourself be inspired on the pages of Pickawood UK. You will find ready-made products that you can easily order and the possibility to design your own sideboard online.

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