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30 cm deep chests of drawers made to measure

Customize your 30 cm deep chests of drawers in our simple 3D configurator or get inspiration from our pre-made designs.


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chest of drawers


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"Conveniently design your personal 30 cm deep chest of drawers with our simple 3D configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

Our 30 cm deep chests of drawers

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30 cm deep chests of drawers from Pickawood at your home

Design your 30 cm deep chest of drawers made to measure

In 3 steps to your 30 cm deep chest of drawers

Select dimensions

You can freely choose the height and width of your 30 cm deep custom chest of drawers.

Customize feet

Provide your individual chest of drawers with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design 30 cm deep chest of drawers

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns of your 30 cm deep chest of drawers and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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30 cm deep chests of drawers made to measure - narrow solution with great effect

Chests of drawers are fantastic space miracles. Even in narrow versions, they offer plenty of storage space on several levels. Depending on the design, the furniture can be used universally in the study, living room and children's room, in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. With 30 cm deep custom made chests of drawers, you determine the proportions. Choose for yourself how high or long you want your chest of drawers to be.
Whereas standardised furniture has predefined dimensions, with Pickawood you have the choice and can decide exactly according to the room concept, taste and use. With your self configured chest of drawers, you also create a unique piece. These have always been the advantages of custom-made furniture: individual aesthetics, precision fit and optimal functionality. At Pickawood, you can simply access this exclusivity yourself online.
Storage space is always needed. Not all accessories are so attractive that they can be displayed openly. A chest of drawers keeps things tidy. Everything finds its place in its drawers. The attractively designed front blends into the ambience. In addition, 30 cm are available as a shelf or for decorating.
You can design your chest of drawers to be eye-catching or restrained. Let the models at Pickawood inspire you. Do you particularly like one of the chests of drawers? Then simply order it. Are you missing a few centimetres in width? Configure the model according to your wishes. Your design will be implemented with precision craftsmanship and you can enjoy your custom made piece of furniture.

Perfectly organised in the smallest of spaces

The design of rooms is individually dependent on many different aspects. Standardised furniture does not always do justice to this. Large rooms require different furniture than small ones. Workrooms are designed differently from children's rooms and living areas. But a chest of drawers fits everywhere, because there is always something to store. But it's not only the exterior that counts. The interior is also important. The storage of a law office has to be organised differently than the storage of jumpers or toys.
With a custom-made chest of drawers, you achieve optimal use according to your ideas. You can design drawers at the desired height and also combine them with compartments and doors. The result is an all-rounder with a modular layout that will serve you well in the corridor or store everything you need in the office so that you can access it easily and quickly.
With a chest of drawers, you bring calm to the room. Small items that quickly look untidy disappear behind clear fronts. To ensure that everything also fits on the outside, you can choose between different materials at Pickawood. The solid wood chest of drawers has a different look than its MDF sister with a high-gloss front. The 30 cm deep custom made sideboard in oiled beech looks different from the chest of drawers in smoked oak.
The colours and shapes you choose depend on the room, the use and the furniture you already have. If you are designing an office, you will prefer a purist, clear design. With furniture made of multiplex, you can create a high-quality, durable office furnishing at a reasonable price that corresponds exactly to your ideas. Light wood is perfect for a children's room. A 30 cm deep custom made pine sideboard goes wonderfully with a light, friendly design. Over time, the piece of furniture gains character and becomes a cherished, practical companion beyond the children's years.

Which chest of drawers is suitable for me?

With prefabricated chests of drawers, you cannot change the structure or design. At Pickawood, you have the option of designing your own chest of drawers. If 30 cm in depth is a must, you can vary the custom made width and height. Adapt them exactly to your room ideas by making full use of the space in niches or choosing a deliberately narrow version for the hallway.
When it comes to the exterior design, you decide entirely according to your taste. Would you like a coloured version? At Pickawood, you can also order your piece of furniture lacquered.

Why should I choose a custom made chest of drawers?

The advantages of a made-to-measure chest of drawers are:

  • the exact adaptation to the spatial conditions; space is not wasted here
  • exact aesthetic matching; you decide on the material, feet and handles
  • in the internal arrangement according to your needs
  • in the high-quality craftsmanship of custom made furniture
  • in the unique character; your chest of drawers only exists once in the world
  • in the longevity

Which materials are suitable for custom-made chests of drawers?

Classically, chests of drawers are made of solid wood. At Pickawood, you have a choice of different woods from maple to walnut. Pine or oak are suitable for a children's room or rooms that are subject to heavy use. For the addition of an elegant living room, cherry or beech may be suitable. Popular, robust and resistant are MDF and multiplex or also chipboard. Have material samples sent to you and decide for yourself.

For which rooms is a chest of drawers suitable?

Chests of drawers are all-rounders. They find their place everywhere and fulfil different tasks. A narrow chest of drawers in the entrance area holds gloves, scarves and hats. It serves as a shelf for keys and mail and, kept in light colours and combined with a mirror, brings light into the room. In the living room, a chest of drawers elegantly provides storage space and can also be used to display art objects or decorative elements. In the study, a chest of drawers provides decorative order. In the bedroom, the piece of furniture complements the wardrobe. In the children's room, a chest of drawers holds school supplies, toys or clothes.

What are the benefits of a 30 cm deep chest of drawers?

At first glance, a 30 cm deep chest of drawers seems rather narrow. Often there is no more space available or a smaller custom made depth is chosen for aesthetic reasons. But you should not underestimate the storage space! You gain volume through the height and can also add width. A chest of drawers also contributes to the overall design: It ensures order and thus brings calm to the room.

What can a chest of drawers be combined with?

You can place a chest of drawers as a single piece directly against the wall or you can integrate the piece of furniture into a kind of wall of cupboards and shelves. You can also place two chests of drawers with their backs against each other to create an island in the room. It is important that the pieces of furniture match in colour.

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