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"Plan your custom cherry sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced cabinetmakers."


Tim Ehling

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Your cherry sideboard made to measure

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You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your cherry sideboard.

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Provide your cherry sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design sideboard from cherry

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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Pickawood sideboards made of cherry: great furniture with vivid grain

A sideboard is a must in any living or dining room, because it is without doubt one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. Sideboards come in a variety of designs and dimensions, made of solid wood or part solid wood, with decorative glass, metal elements and other ornaments. The combination of different woods can also be very effective. We at Pickawood will carpenter your dream sideboard according to your personal desired dimensions and in your preferred finish. Let us inspire you with our assortment and tell us your wishes, we will show you what is possible.

What is typical about a sideboard?

In principle, a sideboard is a low cupboard with drawers and compartments that is typically placed in the living or dining room and used to store crockery, table linen, vases and decorative items. Today, the sideboard is used in a variety of ways because modern surfaces and trendy colours make it an all-rounder. You can also use it in the bedroom, office, hallway, youth room and guest room. The sideboard is very similar to the classic chest of drawers, but it is much narrower and no more than 70-100 cm high. Therefore, it also belongs to the category of chests of drawers, but almost always has doors and compartments (open or closed). Low chests of drawers are only called boards if they are at least 120 cm wide. Long boards with widths of 200 to 300 cm are quite common. There are also differences to the TV cabinet and the lowboard, which are considerably lower than the sideboard.

These are the unbeatable advantages of sideboards

The custom made sideboard is a real storage miracle and can be combined in many ways. However, as it is somewhat wider than a chest of drawers, it needs a little more floor space. The sideboard is ideal for furnishing rooms where you cannot place a cupboard. For example, it fits very well under sloping ceilings and helps to make the most of the available space. The low custom made chest of drawers offers additional storage space and can be deliberately used as a decorative element. You can place it individually or combine it with furniture of the same direction, there are few limits to your imagination here.

The jewel of your home: a sideboard made of cherry wood.

The advantages of cherry wood have been appreciated for many centuries. Cherry wood is reddish-brown, even tending towards mahogany, and thus looks very noble. The wood of the cherry tree not only looks great, it is also very durable if cared for properly. Because of its beautiful colour and intensive grain, cherry wood is preferred for interior finishing. Over the years, the colour tone becomes even more intense and the character of a cherry sideboard even more individual. Both the colour tone and the grain of the wood come into their own particularly well when you combine cherry with light-coloured woods. White as well as natural and grey tones have a very elegant effect, combinations with glass and metal go in the direction of an industrial look. In addition to furniture, cherry is also often used for inlays, parquet and veneers. Cherry is also in great demand for furniture and musical instrument making. So it is no coincidence that the worldwide supply of cherry furniture is limited. So it's all the better that you can put together your own individual cherry sideboard with us.

3D furniture configurator: your favourite piece of furniture in no time at all

Sideboards from Pickawood have a lot to offer in terms of material and design, but also visually. With Pickawood you can design your custom made sideboard. Use our practical 3D configurator for this. First, you determine the height, width and depth of your future piece of furniture. Then select the material, i.e. cherry wood, and the material thickness. In the next step, you adjust the sideboard base and the feet, then add doors and drawers and further options if required. The qualified carpenters from Pickawood now build the sideboard exactly according to your wishes and deliver it directly to your home.

Where does the wood for Pickawood cherry furniture come from?

The cherry wood we use comes mainly from the bird cherry or the European sweet cherry. The trunks reach a diameter of up to one metre, and the trees themselves can easily reach a height of 30 metres. Old specimens grow to be 70 years old and older. The older the tree, the more interesting and intense its grain. Thanks to its fine-pored surface, cherry wood is very easy to work with.

Is cherry wood durable?

Cherry wood is very durable and often outlasts several generations. Even though the wood does not tend to swell, proper care is crucial for its durability. A cherry sideboard is virtually a purchase for eternity, because such a noble piece of custom made furniture looks timeless and modern at the same time. You can combine a cherry sideboard with many other pieces of furniture, but it comes into its own best when it does not have to compete with other furniture. Give it some space!

Is cherry weather-resistant?

No, cherry is only slightly weather-resistant and should therefore not be placed outdoors. The wood is also more susceptible to insect and fungal attack, so correct care is particularly important.

What is the right way to care for cherry wood?

Waxes and natural oils such as linseed oil are very suitable for the care of cherry wood. For one thing, they are natural, and for another, you don't need to wear gloves. Oils penetrate deep into the wood and have an impregnating protective effect. They do not contain any harmful additives, protect well and yet do not close the pores of the wood. Remove heavy soiling with clear water and then dry the wood. Then rub it with a natural oil. Sharp cleaning agents or steam cleaners are taboo for the care of cherry wood. The cloth used must not be wet, because water leaves unsightly stains.

Does Pickawood also send wood samples?

To convince yourself of the quality of our woods, you are welcome to order our high-quality solid wood samples. You will receive our wood sample set worth 12.00 euros sent to your home free of charge. It contains up to four samples.

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