Cabinets made to order for your home

Design your cabinet in a simple and uncomplicated way

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Make order!
A cabinet made to order adapts to your home - not the other way around. Save valuable space with a custom-made product.
Lifetime joy!
Our experienced carpenters use only the highest quality woods from sustainable forestry for your cabinet.
Wishlessly happy!
We advise you free of charge and make every wish possible. If you wish, we can also build your cabinet for you.

In the shortest time to your cabinet

Are you looking for a highlight in your living room, bedroom or other room where all your treasures can be stored? Then get to know our custom-made cabinets! In four simple steps you configure an individual cabinet, which is manufactured only for you in affectionate manual work. With our various service options, you can contact us with any questions you may have. Our furnishing consultants will be happy to advise you free of charge on your planned custom-made piece of furniture.


1. external dimensions
Enter your measurements and select the material you require.

2. compartments
Determine the column and compartment layout and select a pedestal or feet.

3. fronts
Add doors, drawers and handles. 

4. extras
Select additional options and order your furniture. 

Discover the individual cabinets of our customers

With a little pride we look at numerous photos of enthusiastic customers who send us pictures of their furniture. We have compiled the most beautiful customer photos for you in our customer gallery. Who knows, maybe you will find inspiration for your own configuration.

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Cabinet templates

In case you don't want to configure your cabinet from the ground up, we have designed some noble sideboards for you. You can either order the templates directly with one click, or customize them even finer. Our team will be happy to support you.

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 230 cm | Height: 48 cm | Depth: 48 cm

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 272 cm | Height: 48 cm | Depth: 40 cm




Configure cabinets 

Try our convenient
configurator and create
your first cabinet!  


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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 90 cm | Height: 92 cm | Depth: 50 cm

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 195 cm | Height: 60 cm | Depth: 45 cm



special requests

Please feel free to contact us
we will find a solution for your wishes.

A small selection of special requests:

acoustic fabric
cable outlet
TV lift 


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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 182 cm | Height: 80 cm | Depth: 40 cm

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 132 cm | Height: 94 cm | Depth: 60 cm

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 80 cm | Height: 94 cm | Depth: 45 cm

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Customizable according to your wishes
Width: 284cm | Height: 56cm | Depth: 40cm


Range of services

Here you can continue to the consultation and the free wood samples.

Advise content

Please feel free to make use of our free and non-binding offer and let us advise you individually.



Samples content

What does your favourite wood look like in your home? Find out and order our wood samples.


wood sample

Questions content

Get more information about our products here!

More information

With feet or without - just as you like it

You can place your cabinet made of solid wood directly on the floor, but you can also configure noble metal or solid wood feet. You can choose one of over 10 foot types with just one click.

Handles and lockable doors

During the ordering process you have the possibility to plan your doors and drawers either with handles or a push-to-open solution. For the extra level of security, you can select lockable doors in the configurator.

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The sketch is the origin of your cabinet

If you have already thought about where your cabinet should be and how big it will be, you are welcome to send us a sketch of it. We advise you in detail and personally and give helpful tips. On request, we will also prepare a technical construction drawing for your planning. Just contact us!

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Your ideas on paper

  • Simply draw in dimensions
  • We use your drawing for the configuration of your piece of furniture

Send drawing free of charge

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Construction sketch

  • Exact technical design sketch
  • With the visualization you can imagine the later piece of furniture better

information about the sketches

Read what our customers say about Pickawood

Our customers are very satisfied with their made-to-measure furniture. So satisfied even that many customers order a second or third piece of furniture. Here you can see a small excerpt of our reviews on the partner platform Trusted Shops.

To the customer reviews

Proven quality

You are welcome to convince yourself of our quality by ordering wood samples of our high-quality solid woods. We give you a wood sample set worth 12 EUR, which contains up to four wood samples. 

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A cabinet without fronts is more like a shelf than a sideboard. That's why you have the option of planning in high-quality doors and drawers. These are equipped with comfortable door dampers as standard.

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Quality is our most important commodity, which is why we pay attention to the best possible quality both in the selection of materials and in processing. You will feel and see the difference.

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All colours

Bring a little colour into your home by individually colouring painted surfaces in the configurator. You can choose from more than 200 colours, just contact us.

A cabinet from pickawood...

... is the ideal place for an integrated TV lift. The lift whisper-quietly lifts your TV from the highboard and is only visible when needed. Before the lift is installed, it is tested 50,000 times. Due to the test and the 3-year guarantee, the lift is a long-term investment. We will be happy to check on request whether a TV lift can be integrated into your planning. Our furnishing consultants will also be happy to design a highboard exclusively for you.

Learn more now

Add special requests to your cabinet

As a specialist in the online furniture market, we can implement numerous special requests for your cabinet. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or give us a call.

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  • corner bookcases
  • interior lighting
  • different material thickness
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  • TV lift
  • glass doors
  • outsizes
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  • individual skirting board
  • cable outlet
  • TV cutouts

Do you have any questions about your cabinet? Please feel free to contact us.

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