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"Easily plan your personal and black sideboard with our online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


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Design your personal black sideboard

In 3 steps to your black sideboard

Outside dimensions and determine

Determine the height, width and depth of your black sideboard in the configurator.

Select feet

Provide your black sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design black sideboard

Customize the number and division of columns and compartments of your black sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Popular black sideboards

Pickawood: black sideboards made to measure

Sideboards are a real classic in almost every household. No wonder, because they not only offer storage space, but also represent a real eye-catcher when stylishly decorated. The colour black is particularly popular because it can be combined with numerous other furnishing styles. With Pickawood, you can now custom make your sideboard to fit your home and interior style even better!

For a timelessly modern ambience

The beauty of black sideboards is that they adapt almost automatically to your style of living. They are timelessly modern and offer many options for living out your individual style within your own four walls. Moreover, they can be decorated and furnished both elegantly and playfully.

Design the sideboard of your dreams

The first step is to enter the external dimensions of your black sideboard into the online configurator. Then determine your desired material and move on to the next step. There you choose how the compartments of your sideboard should be divided. Then you decide on a plinth or feet. In the penultimate step, you can then add certain features such as handles, fronts, doors or drawers. Finally, you check all the data again thoroughly and then place your order for your desired product. Your chest of drawers will then be lovingly handcrafted by our carpenters using only the highest quality wood from sustainable forestry. If you have any questions or problems with the configuration, please do not hesitate to contact our service staff. They will be happy to help and advise you.

What are the advantages of sideboards?

The practical thing about sideboards is that they can be used in so many different ways and, on top of that, they skilfully round off the room concept of any room. What's more, with a custom made black sideboard, no space in the flat or house is left unused. With Pickawood, you can customise your chest of drawers according to your individual needs, so that every storage space is used optimally and the room does not look cluttered with furniture. Furthermore, there are many different possibilities for use and decoration, which means that you enjoy a great deal of freedom when furnishing your home. A custom made sideboard therefore combines above all practical use with a great living ambience. No wonder, then, that nowadays almost every household has at least one - usually even several - sideboards.

Where can I use a black sideboard?

A custom made black sideboard offers many different uses. In the living room, for example, you can use it to create storage space for board games, books, DVDs or even crockery. At the same time, you can place the TV set wonderfully on a black sideboard, as long as the height is suitable. Furthermore, you can also use a black sideboard in the bedroom and store your laundry in it. Furthermore, this type of chest of drawers is also very popular in the children's room! Finally, the practical thing about Pickawood is that you can put together a custom made chest of drawers according to your purpose and place of use. Last but not least, sideboards are also a popular piece of furniture in the study.

How do I design a black sideboard from Pickawood?

Before you configure your black sideboard, think very carefully about where you want to place the sideboard later and how you want to use the storage space inside the sideboard. Measure exactly how much space the sideboard will have and also think about which distribution of columns and compartments makes sense for your sideboard. If you want to be very precise, determine in advance which items you want to store and which type of compartment division is best suited for this. In this way, you will quickly and easily achieve your perfect sideboard and putting things away later will be child's play.

What colours go well with a black sideboard?

Black is a modern and timeless colour that you can combine with various other colours. Since it is a fairly neutral look, it is up to your individual taste whether you prefer to keep the room in bright and lively colours or decorate it in a simple and elegant way. When it comes to the other furniture in your room as well as the design of your walls, you should make sure that the room does not appear too dark. Black furniture makes a room look smaller, which is why it should be used carefully. Of course, it all depends on the size of the room and the atmosphere you want to create. If you want to place the chest of drawers in a small living room, for example, and create as cosy an atmosphere as possible, then a black sideboard can certainly achieve this effect.

How do I decorate a black sideboard?

Just as with the choice of other pieces of furniture, you have every freedom when it comes to decorating the sideboard itself! Here, you should also take into account how the walls of the room are designed. If the wall colour is simple and light, the decoration of your custom-made black sideboard can be a little more ostentatious. With a patterned wallpaper, on the other hand, you should prefer to use discreet decorative items. Elegant vases or a bowl filled with stones or other natural materials as well as candles or framed photos and pictures are particularly beautiful here. Furthermore, you can also set the scene for the surface of your sideboard with many seasonal decorative items. For example, in spring and summer you can place a colourful bouquet of flowers on it, while in autumn it could be a bowl filled with chestnuts and in December the traditional Advent wreath.

Where can I get inspiration?

If you are lacking ideas, you are welcome to visit our website for inspiration. We have already pre-structured and designed some black sideboards so that you only have to adapt them to your individual needs and space possibilities. In addition, we have uploaded many beautiful photos in our customer gallery, which our customers have sent us. There you will find many impressions of how other customers have used and designed black custom made sideboards in their homes. We would be delighted to inspire you there.

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