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Ash sideboards made to measure

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"Design your custom ash sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

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Design your custom ash sideboard

Your sideboard from ash in 3 steps

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your sideboard made of ash.

Customize feet

Provide your ash sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design sideboard from ash

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Our bestsellers

Configure ash sideboard yourself at Pickawood

At Pickawood you can easily configure your new sideboard made of ash. Simply enter the external dimensions, the compartment layout, doors, drawers, handles (or push-up-open solution) and a plinth or optionally feet or castors in our online configurator. You can order the wood untreated or finished (lacquered). If you don't quite have the ideas for your ash sideboard yet, let yourself be inspired by our pre-constructed models, whose dimensions you can take over on request.

Popular wood: ash for your new sideboard from Pickawood

Our customers love to order free-standing and hanging sideboards or even open lowboards made of ash. There are numerous species of ash in Europe and North America. Like beech, ash is a so-called facultative heartwood producer. Its colour heartwood forms when the tree is around 40 years old, for which exogenous factors are always responsible (for example, a cut in the tree or a break). Among all hardwoods, ash is one of the most important furnishing woods and thus plays a prominent role in furniture making. As a sideboard, it impresses with its light colour and ring-porous structure: both result in an immensely decorative wood appearance. In some cases, the rather rare olive heartwood is added, which gives the wood a particularly decorative appearance. A brown heart can also be found, which has been upgraded in recent times since customers are more frequently opting for vividly coloured woods, such as those represented by red-core beech, among others. On average, however, the heartwood takes on the white to yellowish colour of the very broad sapwood. Very rarely, we see a striped olive-brown colour core in Ash, which is even comparable to olive wood. Multi-rowed, large early wood pores show the growth zone boundaries in ash. On the longitudinal surfaces they form distinctive radial stripes and tangential veins. We practically never see cross-grain or alternating twisted growth in ash. The richly textured wood is highly decorative, hard and very elastic. With such properties, it is predestined for a custom made sideboard from Pickawood.

Ash sideboard - gladly made by our carpenters

Our carpenters love to work with ash and make high-quality sideboards from it because its wood can be cleanly sawn, sliced, peeled, bent, turned, nailed, screwed and glued. With pore filler, we can even lighten the appearance of ash by so-called liming. We are happy to varnish it with UV protective varnish to prevent yellowing. We always dry your wood gently to prevent cracks and warping. According to DIN-EN 350-2, ash wood has a natural durability of class 5, which makes it particularly suitable for light furniture such as sideboards. Decorative veneers, stairs and flooring are also often made of ash. There are other areas where the wood is used, such as the construction of sports equipment, tool handles, musical instruments, ladders and boat oars. Thermal modification can further increase durability and dimensional stability. An individual piece of furniture made of ash is a real eye-catcher, as you can easily see from the photos of individual sideboards that our customers have sent us. You can see them in our customer gallery. There you will also find some inspiration for your ash sideboard, which you can configure yourself.

How can I get help with the configuration of the ash sideboard?

The configuration is actually very easy, but you can always contact our consultants. They will help you free of charge by e-mail, telephone or in the Hamburg showroom. Our FAQs offer further help. Would you like to touch the ash wood and see it up close in the original? Then order our wood samples, which we will send you free of charge in small quantities.

How do I find the right dimensions for the ash sideboard?

You will find a template for the correct measurement of your sideboard made of ash with us - both for the position on the wall and for the one in a niche. But we will also be happy to help you with a 3D measurement of your rooms. By the way, you can also send us a sketch of your sideboard in the room if you have already given it some thought. We will give you numerous tips on how to do this.

What can an ash sideboard stand on?

You can choose to simply place the sideboard on the floor without any base at all, but you can also opt for feet, castors or a plinth. There are several variants for these solutions, including six different feet. You select these in the online configurator. You can order solid wood feet in two different designs of oak or beech, lacquered or unlacquered and in heights of 2.0 and 4.0 cm. Metal feet are available in chrome and stainless steel in three possible designs and in heights of 2.0 or 10.0 cm. Our castors have a height of 6.7 cm and are suitable for sideboards at least 40 cm deep.

How do Pickawood customers rate the ash sideboard?

Pickawood's many customers (over 35,000) often choose an ash sideboard and rate it extremely positively in their testimonials. The customisation and simple configuration alone, but also the first-class wood and the high-quality workmanship are very well received. Last but not least, Pickawood's customers value the measuring service immensely. In this context, it seems important that Pickawood takes its customers very seriously and provides regular information on production and the status of the order in question. Recommendations to buy are given without any restrictions.

Should the ash sideboard have fronts?

It is purely a matter of taste whether you choose your sideboard with or without fronts. Without them, it looks more like a shelf, which is sometimes desirable. But if you choose fronts, you can select doors and drawers in the configurator either with handles or with a push-to-open solution (opens with a tap). Convenient dampers for the drawers and doors are integrated as standard.

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