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Alder sideboards made to measure

Design your own custom alder sideboard in our easy configurator or gather inspiration through our pre-made designs.


Materials from
sustainable forestry


With or without
doors and drawers

"Create your own custom alder sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

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Configure your alder sideboard made to measure

Online configurator for alder sideboards

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your alder sideboard.

Customize feet

Provide your alder sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Alder sideboard design

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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Configure online your alder sideboard!

At Pickawood, you can configure alder sideboards online according to your desired custom made dimensions. With the sideboard, you can create order at home, adapting it to your ideas and exact room dimensions. Only Pickawood's made-to-measure work can achieve this, saving valuable space in the room.

Expertise and quality craftsmanship in alder sideboards

You can rely on decades, if not a lifetime of pleasure with your alder sideboard from Pickawood. Our experienced carpenters use high-quality alder wood from sustainable forestry, which has proven itself in furniture making. There are over 30 different species of alder in Europe, Asia and North America, which like to grow by lakes, streams and in bogs. Alder is a so-called pioneer wood, like the Scots pine and the downy birch. It is the first wood to grow on a windthrow or burned area. The soil improves with alder growth, followed by more demanding wood species. The alder trunks grow straight, which predestines their boards for a longer custom made sideboard. The knot-free shafts, which can grow up to eight metres long, are particularly valuable. Although no real heartwood develops in them, the colour of the wood becomes more intense towards the middle of the trunk. Freshly cut it can even be orange-red, after drying it then appears slightly orange to reddish brown or pale yellow. Alder wood has very fine pores and characteristic pseudo-marrow rays, which are formed by wood rays that stand close together locally. The appearance of an alder sideboard is very uniform.

Alder sideboard with good technical properties

Alder wood has good staying power, as we carpenters say. It is stable with a perceived eternal durability (like oak wood), for which, however, it has to be watered before processing. Since alder has less dense wood than oak or beech, the boards are much softer, but this is enough for a normally loaded sideboard. They are also comparatively light, but similarly tough and elastic as beech wood. Our carpenters receive alder boards in cut lengths ranging from plenty of two to over four metres. They are cheaper than oak, ash or beech boards. For the sideboards, we use solid alder wood, which is excellent for smaller custom made furniture. By the way, it is also popular for decorative objects, toys and model making. We also use it as peeled or sliced veneer for panels and panelling. Doors and floors look just as beautiful with this wood as a sideboard. If you have any questions about alder, we will be happy to advise you free of charge. Our fitters will also assemble your sideboards at your request. In the living room and bedroom, wide sideboards are very suitable, in the hallway they should usually be somewhat narrower. You yourself determine the custom made dimensions, which you enter online in our configurator. In our gallery you can already see custom made sideboards that we have designed in stock or that our previous customers have bought from us, assembled and then enthusiastically photographed.

How can I configure an alder sideboard at Pickawood?

You only need four simple steps in our online configurator. This will give you an individual sideboard, which our carpenters will lovingly make by hand. Our various service options will also help you. You are welcome to contact our furnishing consultants, who will advise you free of charge at any time. These are the four steps of configuration:

#1: Choose the outside dimensions.
#2: Decide on a column and compartment layout and on feet or a plinth.
#3: Add doors with handles for the fronts.
#4: Choose extras and additional options before ordering the piece of furniture.

Are there clear examples of alder sideboards?

There are. We have already pre-constructed some alder sideboards. From these you can choose the suggested custom made dimensions. In the photo gallery, you can also see sideboards that our customers have configured for themselves. Perhaps you will like one or the other example.

Can I order the alder wood type as a sample?

That is possible. You can order our wood samples, which we will conveniently deliver to your home. You will receive a small selection free of charge. This allows you to see the characteristics of the alder and also to convince yourself of the quality of the wood.

What are the feet of the alder sideboard like?

You can order feet, castors, a base or a version without feet, castors or a base. If you choose feet, you have the choice between wooden feet made of oak or beech as well as metal feet made of chrome and stainless steel. All feet are available in different heights. In addition, you can also equip your alder sideboard with castors for flexible positioning. These are 6.7 cm high and can be ordered for sideboards from a depth of 40 cm.

What options are there for the doors and drawers?

If you wish, you can opt for lockable doors and drawers, which in turn you can choose to have fitted with handles or to have them opened by a push-to-open solution. All you have to do is touch the door or drawer and it opens. All high-quality doors and drawers of the sideboard have convenient dampers as standard.

Why is the alder wood type particularly suitable for a sideboard?

Alder is a light but stable and durable wood. It is suitable where no excessive loads have to be carried, but where a chic design and a certain robustness are important. It very rarely cracks when drying, and warping hardly ever occurs. Of course, we only use first-class alder wood for your alder sideboard. This shows a very harmonious appearance when it comes from only one tree. The alder boards can be excellently nailed, screwed and glued. All these are the best prerequisites for use in the sideboard.

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