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Shelving units can not only enhance a living area individually and visually, but also represent a pleasant adaptation and alignment of a room to human needs for comfort. This human promotion of a cosy atmosphere can be achieved both by bookshelves and shelving units with personal utensils or objects that are associated with pleasant and agreeable memories. Shelving units loosen up any living area and, thanks to their individual design options and variations, quickly create a gentle and calming atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and enjoy spending time.

Shelving units made-to-measure offer numerous and very elegant possibilities to transform rooms into real oases of well-being, where people look forward to pleasant stays after their work is done. Our shelving variants from Pickawood UK can be customised to suit almost any room and local conditions and give the homeowner undreamt-of possibilities to give free rein to their creative fantasies. Our special service also includes the possibility of configuring your own individual solutions online, which are tailored exactly to your needs.

Everyone has the need to create at least one place or room in their private environment where they can retreat after work and especially after a stressful day in the evening or at the weekend, where they can switch off inwardly and find peace. Such a room is then an ideal place to process the experiences of the past day, which may not have been so nice and pleasant, to bring them to a close and finally to finally check them off and leave them behind.

Shelving units in general and shelving systems offer unimagined possibilities for the individual design and embellishment of individual rooms and flats. A room designed according to personal taste can be visually enhanced by one or more bookshelves, matching shelving systems. If such bookcases are then equipped with appropriate literature according to all directions of personal taste, nothing stands in the way of a peaceful evening or a relaxing weekend.

What design options are there for sloped roof shelves?
In almost every house, there are living spaces under the roof space that are bordered by sloped roofs on at least one or more sides or where the living space is visibly affected by sloping roofs. Such sloping roofs are ideal for integrating neat and tidy solutions for sloping roof shelving. Our shelving designers at Pickawood UK, who are experienced in designing shelving units of all kinds, can provide you with comprehensive advice and support in this regard.

How flexible are the options for bookshelf design?
Everyone has different ideas about how they want to decorate their living spaces. Among the numerous design possibilities are also bookshelves, which we offer our customers and interested parties online in common standard designs. Our online service offers you extensive design options for individual configuration and realisation of your own ideas.

What possibilities do corner bookcases offer?
Corner edges of rooms offer excellent possibilities to fill them optimally with corner shelves from our standard programme. If you cannot find a suitable corner shelf in our online range, you still have the option of using our online service to configure a corner shelf that is exactly right for your purposes. For your own planning, you are welcome to be inspired by our presented offers of custom-made corner bookcases and modify them online for further design so that they correspond exactly to your ideas.

What is special about solid wood shelving?
Solid wood shelves embody a special kind of quality and can be easily integrated and suitably accommodated in practically every conceivable room. Here, too, you have a wide range of options for your own online design, should you deem this necessary due to your specific circumstances.

What is the most sensible way to plan and use room dividers?
Sometimes rooms are only visually enhanced when they are harmoniously divided by imaginatively designed room dividers. Through our online configuration options, you will certainly find and realise suitable options for your own design of room dividers.

What options are available with shelving systems?
If you love visual variety, you will certainly be interested in our custom-made shelving systems, which can be designed partly as open shelving compartments and partly as lockable cupboard compartments. In this respect, too, all options are open to you through our online design to realise your ideas of shelving systems.

When and where are stair shelving units appropriate and useful?
Strair shelves are useful when, for example, additional, valuable storage space is to be created under stairs or under sloping ceilings.

What are the options for fitting additional shelves?
It happens from time to time that shelving units need to be extended with additional shelves or subdivided differently. In such cases, additional shelves made to measure offer the appropriate options for putting such plans into practice quickly and easily.