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In Pickawood bookshelves, your books are always in the right place. No matter what your private library is made up of: a Pickawood custom-made bookcase customizes itself to your individual book stock. Whether thousands of books or a quickly manageable number, whether large-format illustrated books, thick "tomes", mainly paperbacks or a mix of everything - our versatile range and our professional carpenters will help your books find a home that is precisely tailored to them. Do you like to organise your stock by subject, author or colour? With Pickawood shelving units for your books, you can fulfil your dream of a practical and at the same time representative location for your literary treasures. Skilfully showcase a small stock of books in a decorative single shelf. Use bookcases cleverly in large rooms as room dividers. Line several bookshelves along the wall where, in addition to their function as storage places for books, they also act as a wallpaper substitute - and are more entertaining than wallpaper could ever be.

The Pickawood bookshelves, which can be individually assembled, create just the right environment for book collections of all kinds. The shelving units can be customised just as flexibly to suit a wide variety of room conditions. Unusual floor plans, low or sloping ceilings, angles or niches, extremely small rooms as well as already existing furniture are no obstacle for our bookshelves. Just take a look at our varied models, which you can combine as you wish and order directly. Let yourself be inspired by the living situations shown with Pickawood bookcases. Take a look at our suggestions. Also have a look at our customers: some proud owners of Pickawood bookcases have sent us photos of them, which we show online in our customer gallery. You can mentally transfer the examples from us and our customers to your own home. In addition to the popular place in the living room, the hallway is also a good place to store a large number of books. And why not place a smaller shelving unit in the bedroom? A good place for reading material is also the winter garden.

The designs of our bookshelves underline their practical utility. They are businesslike, but by no means boring. "Discreet elegance" aptly describes the style of our shelving units. We offer white, black or anthracite as subtle colours, as well as the different brown tones of the oak and beech wood used. With their restrained character, such colours provide the perfect environment for books. If you like it more colourful, you can choose from over 200 colours for the surface finish of your Pickawood shelving units.

If you still can't find a solution to your requests in the selection, our carpenters will make your dream shelf for you. Or are you a furniture designer with a penchant for special bookshelves? Feel free to discuss your ideas with one of our furnishing consultants. They will give you their ideas, tell you about the space you have available and how many books you have in mind. Make sure you plan enough shelf space for future book purchases. Our carpenters and furnishing advisors are literally at your side with help and advice. After all, your new bookcase should not only look attractive, but also remain reliably stable for years.

What materials are Pickawood bookcases made of?
The bookcases from Pickawood are made of wood and MDF. We attach great importance to excellent quality. Only premium wood in the form of solid wood is used for our wooden shelves. We prefer oak and beech as wood types. We process the woods largely in their natural state, but provide them with a protective oil treatment. Shelving units made of MDF are a wood-based material. "MDF" is an abbreviation for "medium density fibreboard". The MDF boards used in furniture construction are equivalent in strength to chipboard, which is why they are not quite as robust as solid wood. The construction of our MDF bookcases compensates for this slight disadvantage in a stabilising way. Bookcases made of MDF are an inexpensive alternative to solid wood.

Do custom-made Pickawood bookcases also fulfil unusual wishes?
We do not simply offer prefabricated bookcase parts in different dimensions, but also employ skilled carpenters. This enables us to really build your custom-made shelving unit. In addition, you benefit from the expert advice of our carpenters if your shelving space would have weak points in reality. A typical example of this is a large shelf unit with lots of individual flexible shelves: in this case, we recommend at least one fixed intermediate level, otherwise the stability will suffer. Even pre-produced parts can still be customised to meet unique wishes, for example with a skirting board cut-out for seamless connection to the room wall.

Are Pickawood bookcases available with integrated doors or drawers?
Our promise of "bookshelves made to order" also applies to these - from small formats to hinged doors that take up several shelves. Valuable older editions of books, for example, are ideally stored behind a light-protecting door or flap. Equally practical is the privacy screen for favourite books that have been read to pieces, are no longer visually attractive but are still highly prized for their content. Finally, digital reading devices and tablets now also have a permanent place to be stored. Doors or drawers in the bookcase can, by the way, be used very practically for completely different things, for example for a hidden minibar, the chocolate stash or knitting. Depending on the type and colour, doors and drawers loosen up a shelf landscape decoratively.

How helpful is the 3D configurator?
The 3D configurator on our website is self-explanatory and easy to use. It is best to watch the tutorial film that is also provided beforehand. Have your required shelf dimensions ready for the specifications in the configurator. You will find out: Working with the 3D configurator is not only easy, but even fun!

How long does it take for the bookcase to be finished?
You can see the production time directly in the configurator and in the shopping basket. For special requests, 2-4 weeks are added depending on the type and scope. Certain seasons, such as the Christmas season, also lead to longer delivery times. Our customer advisors will also be happy to provide more detailed information.

How much does it cost to ship a bookcase?
The delivery to the UK is for free and all customs are already payed before the delivery. You just have to enjoy your new bookcase.

Which payment options are accepted?
At Pickawood you can choose from various payment methods. Among other things, you can choose between prepayment, Paypal or credit card.

How long is the delivery time?
Each bookcase is individually manufactured for you. Therefore, you should expect a delivery time of about 6 to 13 weeks.

Why should you configure your bookcase with us?
We not only offer you countless variants of bookcases in a high quality. You also have the option of saving your design and editing it again at any time.

What types of wood and colours are available?
With us, you have the choice between different types of wood. These in turn largely determine the price: while shelving units made of solid wood are more expensive, the models made of MDF and chipboard are naturally less expensive. On the other hand, chipboard has the advantage that this material is much lighter than real or solid wood.

How can I contact our customer service?
If you have a question about one of our products, you can reach us by phone or e-mail. You can also use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us.

Do you also deliver outside Germany?
We not only supply customers in Germany, but also in numerous other European countries.