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Made-to-measure stair shelves are ideal for using the space in niches under slopes, e.g. roof or stair slopes, economically and attractively at the same time. They also offer the possibility of furnishing a room with a special shelving unit in a relaxed design that can be decorated in a variety of ways and used in many different ways. Sometimes, stair shelving is also used as a room divider that allows eye contact and appears less austere overall than symmetrical, compact pieces of furniture. Depending on the design and surroundings, a stair shelving unit can be inconspicuously integrated into an interior, but it can also be used as an eye-catcher with useful storage space. Either way - with the Pickawood configurator you have the possibility to put together a stair shelving unit according to your wishes and exactly matching your rooms and needs. On the one hand, this concerns the choice of material and finish - whereby real wood with its many possible variations plays an important role as a natural basis. On the other hand, you can easily add special details and extras to your stair shelving online: for example, a plinth, doors and drawers or even a skirting board recess. Last but not least, you also have numerous configuration options for the relevant compartment division and design of the rear wall and side panels. Combining several stair shelving units together offers further options for attractive furnishing solutions.

What is the maximum size of the stair shelving via configurator?
The maximum length is 6m and the maximum height 3m. Depending on the material, a division must be made.

What material versions are available in total for a stair shelving unit from Pickawood?
To ensure that a new stair shelving unit fits harmoniously into an existing or planned interior, we offer our customers a diverse selection of material finishes. The main categories are MDF coated, MDF lacquered, real wood veneer, solid wood, multiplex and premium decors. Within these categories, there are again various choices for the design or wood appearance. In this way, we fulfil the many different wishes of our customers. We currently offer more than 200 different material designs via the configurator.

Can the stair shelving also have an unusual or striking furniture colour?
Yes. Within the MDF lacquered category, the RAL colours with their many, many nuances are available for the design. This means that you can not only choose between several basic colours, but also decide on a special colour shade within a basic colour. The RAL colour system is internationally standardised.

What is MDF?
To make medium-density fibreboard (MDF), wood, often bark-free softwood, is first processed into fibres, then dried, mixed, glued, pre-shaped, hot-pressed, trimmed, topped and finally sanded. MDF is well suited for coating or varnishing and has a proven stability. Since wood fibres can be produced from wood residues, MDF panels are characterised by a favourable price. And due to the respective finishing, furniture made of MDF also presents itself in a valuable material design.

What is multiplex?
Multiplex is, in a sense, plywood with special quality characteristics. A multiplex board contains at least five veneer layers of the same thickness, the number of layers can also be considerably higher. The wood layers are laid with alternately aligned grain, which increases the stability of the multiplex board. Via our online configurator, we offer customised shelving units with high load-bearing capacity made of multiplex boards with melamine coating in white. The components carcase and side panels (side panels) can have a thickness of 2 or 3 cm separately, as you wish.

What is a premium decor?
In the case of a stair shelving unit from Pickawood with Premium Décor, furniture boards, i.e. chipboard in a tested, safe quality according to DIN EN 16516, are provided with a high-quality, easy-care and scratch-resistant décor. Other pieces of furniture apart from stair shelves that we make from it are, for example, other shelving units, sideboards and wardrobes. In other words, pieces that, depending on the room design, should be placed as inconspicuously as possible in front of a white-toned wall or that match existing pieces of furniture or other elements. The premium decors for chipboard stair shelving available in the configurator include cream white, white matt, alpine white matt, cream, white grey, sand beige, grey, anthracite, black, burgundy, oak, beech, birch and walnut. The largest choice of colours is nevertheless available for stair shelving made of MDF panels with the RAL colours mentioned in 3).

What is real wood veneer?
The term "real wood veneer" can easily be misunderstood, as the word "real wood" in itself - unlike "solid wood" and "solid timber" - simply means that it is any kind of wood material, i.e. possibly also a wood material made of crushed and mixed wood. A veneer, however, means per se a top sheet of valuable, naturally grown wood or pieces of wood and not of a wood-based material. In the case of our stair shelving units with real wood veneer, the inner part of the board is made of MDF, while real, naturally grown wood with its always unique, noble look forms the outer layer. With comparable individual furniture made of solid wood, the latter is altogether more cost-intensive, which is why real wood veneer furniture is also a popular alternative to solid wood furniture from a price point of view. Our stair shelving is offered in the following real wood veneer types: Maple Oiled, Oak Country White, Oak Oiled, Walnut American Oiled, Cherry American Oiled, Teak Oiled, Mahogany Oiled.

What is solid wood furniture?
Only furniture in which all parts, with the exception of the drawer bottoms and back panel if applicable, are made of solid wood, i.e. are not veneered, may bear the designation "solid wood furniture". This is regulated by DIN 68871. Just as every tree is unique, every piece of furniture made of solid wood that shows the grain has a unique, unmistakable character. After all, solid wood comes from living nature, which has its own individual history. Accordingly, the manufacture of solid wood furniture is always associated with great responsibility towards nature and the environment. We only use wood from sustainable forestry for our furniture. Our stair shelving can currently be ordered in twelve different types of solid wood with the finishes natural oiled or clear lacquer or (depending on the choice of wood) with the finish white oiled, coffee oiled, mahogany oiled or wenge oiled.