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White shelves made to measure

Design your individual white shelf in our simple 3D planner or contact our furnishing advice.


Can be planned from 30 cm up to 600 cm
with centimeter precision


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"Conveniently plan your individual white shelf with our 3D configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

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3D planner for white shelves

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You can design your custom white shelf up to 6 meters wide and 3 meters high.

Design white shelf

Customize the number and division of columns and compartments and provide your White Shelf with different doors and drawers.

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Pickawood white shelves made to measure

Are you looking for white shelves that radiate individuality, charm and warmth? Pickawood is the right place for you! Because we have the right solution for every piece of furniture. We offer white shelves that are made according to your ideas and measurements. For this, our simple 3D configurator is available for you to create. The good thing is that even custom made products are no problem for us: We work exactly according to your specifications and produce white shelves for you in a first-class quality.

White shelves are true all-rounders

White shelving is a true all-rounder: it can be used anytime and anywhere. The versatility is one reason why our customers love the shelves so much. The beautiful shelves offer a lot of storage space and add a special atmosphere to any room. This is very useful to store different items or to decorate the room. The shelves in white are popular in the

  • living-,
  • bedroom,
  • study,
  • children's
  • or reading room

for use. You determine the type of shelf, the dimensions and the materials.
Are you looking for a unique bookcase for your reading room that will store all your favourite books? Or would you rather have a shelf in white that runs like a step? Whether room divider, wall shelf, cubes or boards: We at Pickawood have the right solution for all corners and dimensions.
White shelves are always in demand because they look timeless and are modern at the same time. To place a TV in a wall shelf, you have the option of including a recess. If you have any questions when creating, our furnishing advice service will be happy to help you at any time. This also applies to the planning of

  • glass doors,
  • oversizes
  • or interior lighting.

With these elements, you can easily assemble your distinctive and charming shelf in white.

High quality at Pickawood

After you have placed your order, professional experts will take care of the completion of your individual white shelf. At Pickawood, you will receive genuine craftsmanship with great attention to detail.
Furthermore, the quality of the goods is a special concern for us: By using high-quality materials such as certified solid wood or multiplex, we offer decades of use for the white shelves. Sustainability and environmental protection are particularly close to our hearts, so we only process wood from sustainable forestry. To prolong the high quality of the products, the pieces of furniture are finally sealed with quality oils from BIOFA.

Visit us

Would you like to get even more inspiration? Then you will find various design suggestions on our website that you can use for your shelves in white. Another source of ideas is our free magazine with numerous photos, tips and tricks. The magazine is suitable for all types of furniture we offer. With it, you are sure to discover one or two pieces of furniture that we may customise for you in addition to the white shelves.
Another option is to visit us in our showroom in Hamburg. On site, you will find selected furniture such as various shelves. This makes it even easier to decide on a shelf you have designed yourself or one that has already been designed by Pickawood.
Do you still have questions about our configurator or would you like advice? Then the best thing to do is to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to help you!

What are the advantages of white shelves?

White shelves have the advantage that they match almost all interiors. Thanks to our high-quality materials, you will have years of enjoyment from the shelves, which will still be modern and in good condition even if you move house or after renovation.

What types of shelving are there?

There are many types of shelves that we offer at Pickawood: When creating your piece of furniture, use the 3D configurator, which shows you our different models. Why not choose one of our popular models of white shelves, such as a wall shelf, a custom made tiered shelf or a custom made corner shelf.

What kind of wood are the white shelves made of?

For the processing of the white shelves, we use certified and sustainable wood that has its own character. Real solid and veneer wood are the basis for our beautiful shelves in white. They are particularly high quality, well finished and durable!

Does Pickawood also offer shelves for sloping ceilings?

The good thing about Pickawood is that you specify your own dimensions. This way you will always find the right solution for your shelves in white. This also applies, for example, to special customised designs such as for sloping roofs, corner shelves or for the installation of glass doors.

Are cut-outs possible?

When creating your white shelving, you have the option of planning individual recesses. These are important, for example, for cables, doors or for the TV. In our free magazine or on our website you will find numerous examples of white shelves with recesses.

I need interior lighting: is there a solution for this?

Some shelves in white look better with interior lighting. Specify this when planning your shelf and let the 3D configurator show you how it can look in reality.

Any questions? Contact us.

Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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