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TV shelves made to measure

Design your custom TV shelf from the comfort of your home using our simple online configurator or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


Configure TV shelf with
centimeter precision


Materials from
sustainable forestry

"Design your custom TV shelf from the comfort of your home with our easy online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

TV shelves designed for you

These TV shelves are in use by our customers

Your individual TV shelf

Your TV shelf in 3 steps

Determine dimensions and material

Configure your TV shelf up to a height of 3 meters and a width of 6 meters and choose your desired material among 6 materials and 11 solid wood species.

Design TV shelf

Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments and provide your TV shelf with different doors and drawers.

TV Shelf add to shopping cart

Add your TV shelf to the shopping cart and order your custom furniture safely and easily to your home.

Our most popular TV shelves

Pickawood: TV shelves made to measure

Would you like a TV shelf that is individually adapted to your living situation? With Pickawood you can easily construct it yourself. This way you get a real unique piece of furniture according to your own wishes. You design your shelf so that, for example, the TV fits in perfectly and the shelf adapts optimally to the room.
Take a look at our design proposals in advance. Or let the pictures of our customers inspire you. Simply select one of the shelves on our website and customise it in the online configurator. First you need the dimensions of your new piece of furniture. If you are unsure about the measurements, you can also book our measuring service. In this case, we will take the measurements for you. This way you can be sure that everything fits perfectly. You now have the option of configuring your personal TV shelf with the help of our expert advisors by telephone or video. They will also be happy to help you with any special requests or questions you may have, free of charge. Or simply use our online configurator and design the TV shelf yourself. To do this, enter the dimensions in the first step. Next, you can select the type of material and the colours or types of wood. We will be happy to send you free wood samples to view in advance. Then determine the thickness of the material. Then the feet and the base of the TV shelf are adjusted. If you would like to have feet under your TV shelf, we offer you a very large selection. You can choose between three different metal feet, two different wooden feet, wooden frame, steel frame or castors. Next, you customise the columns and compartments. If the TV is to be integrated in the shelf, you can adjust the corresponding compartment to the size of the TV. Single or multiple compartments can be fitted with drawers or doors. These are equipped with the push-to-open function as standard. However, handles can also be added if desired. In the last step, it is possible to select additional options such as rows of holes, skirting board cut-outs or back panels. Other special requests such as cable outlets, cable ducts, lighting or a TV lift can also be implemented. Simply contact our specialist advisors.
Our custom made TV walls are manufactured by experienced carpenters. They use wood from sustainable forestry from European forests. We deliver the furniture to your home free of shipping costs within Germany. In addition, we give you a two-year guarantee on every piece of furniture. Pickawood provides you with simple step-by-step assembly instructions. If you do not want to or are not able to assemble the furniture yourself, we offer an optional assembly service that can be booked separately.

Is it possible to integrate a TV lift into my TV shelf?

Yes, we would be happy to install a high-quality TV lift in your shelf. Please contact our specialist advisors. Or send us an e-mail with the dimensions of your TV and your wishes. We offer TV lifts that can support televisions up to 55".

How can the cables of the TV and other devices such as the receiver be hidden?

We will be happy to provide your TV shelf with individually positioned cable outlets, recesses or cable channels on request. This way, the cable can be routed directly over the rear wall behind the customised shelf and is no longer visible from the front. For special requests such as cable outlets, simply contact our specialist advisors.

Can I design a colourful TV shelf?

If you choose lacquered MDF as the material, all RAL colours are available.

My TV is very large and heavy. Are the Pickawood TV shelves sturdy enough to support it?

Our shelves are built very sturdy and solid. To get the maximum stability and load capacity, you should choose the materials solid wood or multiplex. It also makes sense to configure a high material thickness. The additional skirting also contributes to the stability.

Can the TV shelf still be changed after assembly?

If you click on the item rows of holes in the last step of the configurator, the shelf will be provided with rows of holes. These holes have a spacing of 32 mm. With this option, you can adjust the individual shelves at any time and adapt them to your needs.

Can my TV shelf be made according to my own drawing?

We will be happy to manufacture a shelf according to your individual sketch. The best way to do this is to use our design template. You can send it to us by e-mail or upload it to our website. Don't forget to note down the dimensions and your special wishes. We will create an online configuration from your drawing. We will send it to you free of charge.

Can I save my online configuration and continue it the next day?

That is no problem. You have the option of pausing the configuration. In this case, we will send you an e-mail with a link. By clicking on the link, you can continue the configuration at any time. So it is also possible to continue working on another unit.

How do I create storage space in my TV shelf?

Single or multiple compartments can be fitted with different doors, flaps or drawers. This allows you to create the storage space you need individually. You can also adapt the size of the compartments and columns exactly to the things that need to be stored.

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