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Customised showcases

Showcases for every occasion. Design the perfect piece of furniture for you online with Pickawood.


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"For over 10 years now, the name Pickawood has stood for high-quality custom made furniture. Experience it for yourself and order your custom made showcase."


Tim Ehling

Popular showcase designs

In just a few minutes

Plan your showcase

Define size

How big do you want your future custom-made display case to be? You determine the dimensions and the material of the display case in the first steps.

Divide compartments & add fronts

Of course, you can plan the compartments of the furniture according to your wishes, or you can select rows of holes in the last step and remain flexible in this respect. You can also configure glass doors.

Add additional options

If you want to place the display cabinet directly against the wall, you can plan a cut-out for the wall to the nearest centimetre. You can also plan a rear wall at this point.

Prefabricated showcase from our designers

Simple made-to-measure display cabinet
plus more options

Width: 100 cm | Height: 120 cm | Depth: 25 cm
Material: MDF black with a plywood edge

£ 1.224,86
Made for you in 9-12 weeks
Narrow made-to-measure display cabinet
plus more options

Width: 51 cm | Height: 153 cm | Depth: 25 cm
Material: MDF White Matte

£ 834,17
Made for you in 9-12 weeks
Narrow made-to-made display cabinet
plus more options

Width: 60 cm | Height: 184 cm | Depth: 36 cm
Material: MDF Grey Matte

£ 1.014,80
Made for you in 9-12 weeks
Made-to-measure showcase display cabinet
plus more options

Width: 106 cm | Height: 107 cm | Depth: 23 cm
Material: Oak - Natural Oiled

£ 1.386,76
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Made-to-measure floor standing display cabinet
plus more options

Width: 88 cm | Height: 150 cm | Depth: 25 cm
Material: MDF White Matte

£ 1.053,36
Made for you in 9-12 weeks
Custom-made collector's display case with wall bracket
plus more options

Width: 125 cm | Height: 117 cm | Depth: 25 cm
Material: Beech - Natural Oiled

£ 963,05
Made for you in 12-16 weeks

Customised furniture already ordered

Configure showcases online

Every room is different and people's tastes also differ fundamentally. That is why made-to-measure furniture is the most optimal solution. Individual requirements mainly concern the layout and dimensions of the display cabinet, because in every household there are different items that find their place in it. Pickawood offers the chance to configure a display cabinet so that it suits its user in every respect. The customer not only chooses the width, length and height, but also determines the number and placement of the compartments. The material and colour also depend on the personal wishes. This may even result in a unique piece that does not exist in this design a second time in the world.

What the customised showcase is made of
The most rustic and traditional is a display cabinet made of solid real wood. A look at the online configurator shows that there are considerable differences here too, because wood is by no means all the same. Every tree trunk has a unique pattern and the types of wood are characterised by certain features. The absolute classic is oak. Oak is a very high-quality material and the queen of furniture woods, so to speak. Walnut is also a fine wood. If a light-coloured cabinet best suits the ambience, maple is probably one of the favourites. However, pine is also a light-coloured alternative. If you particularly like vividly grained wood, then plan a display cabinet in beech heartwood. Alder wood, on the other hand, has a discreet, even structure. Or you love the extravagant and enrich your living space with a display cabinet in reddish cherry wood. But no matter which wood the showcase is made of, Pickawood only uses raw materials from sustainable forestry. The wood comes from Europe and is treated with a solvent-free BIOFA quality oil. The colourless oil emphasises the natural charm of the wood and protects it from environmental influences.

Attractive alternatives to real wood
There are other materials for the made-to-measure showcase. Veneered showcases, for example, are particularly popular. Here, the surface has an attractive decor. This consists of a thin layer of real wood. The main load is borne by a medium-density fibreboard. Showcases made of MDF are also generally favoured. The medium-density fibreboard is very stable and available with different lacquered surfaces. A total of 200 beautiful RAL colours are available. This makes it possible to choose a shade that perfectly matches the living room design. Multiplex is one of the modern materials. This consists of several layers of wood glued together, for example birch, spruce, beech or maple. The cheapest variant is a showcase made of chipboard. Chipboard display cases are relatively light. Pickawood only uses panels that have been tested for harmful substances and comply with DIN EN 16516.

A showcase as individual as your home
With the help of our configurator, customers can put together a display case that fits perfectly into their home. It is just as possible to configure a free-standing display case as it is to design a wall-mounted model. There are showcases that extend completely across the entire width of the wall and those that are so narrow that they only fill the corner of the room. You decide how many compartments and drawers are in which position. Open fronts are just as possible as closed compartments. On request, we can equip the made-to-measure showcase with glass doors. If you are unable to plan your desired showcase, our team from the furnishing advice department will support you free of charge. Even showcases for mounting under the sloping roof are easy to realise. Clever details include interior lighting as well as TV recesses and cable outlets. Pickawood also provides you with a large selection of handles. The rows of holes offer extra flexibility. This makes it possible to adjust the height of the shelves to the respective needs. Of course, we take the individual living situation into account and supply the floor-standing display cabinet with a cut-out for the skirting board or baseboard.

Frequently asked questions from our customers:

Who makes the showcases?
The custom made showcases come from workshops in Germany and Poland. Carpenters work there on behalf of Pickawood. They produce the furniture using traditional craftsmanship and modern machinery.

How does the construction of the showcase work?
You will receive your custom-made showcase with detailed assembly instructions. Customers who are skilled craftsmen and women can set up the display case themselves or attach it to the wall. All others book our assembly service in the shopping basket. Professional craftsmen will then take care of the assembly.

Are material combinations possible?
There are material combinations that are easy to implement and those that are unfortunately not feasible. For example, it is possible to equip a real wood shelf with MDF doors. The configurator will show you what can be realised. Of course, we will also be happy to check a material combination that is not possible in the configurator on request.

How does the mounting of a hanging display case work?
If you selected the hanging shelf unit option in the last step of the configurator, a special wall mounting is let into each vertical cheek. This makes the assembly invisible from the outside (except for furniture made of decor). One suspension can bear a load of about 60 kilograms. The more gaps, the higher the load-bearing capacity.

Is the showcase wood sustainable?
Pickawood only uses wood from sustainable, European forestry for the production of the display cases. We are also members of the Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management (B.A.U.M. e.V.).

How long is the guarantee?
Pickawood's made-to-measure display cases come with a two-year guarantee.

What does shipping cost?
Customers who take delivery of their display case within Germany and Austria receive the delivery free of charge. Delivery to Switzerland is free from an order value of 500 SFr.

How can I pay for the display case?
You can pay for the custom-made showcase either with all standard payment methods such as prepayment, Paypal or by credit card. We have provided more information on the options for you on the "Payment" page.

How long does it take for the showcase to arrive at home?
That varies. During busy periods, for example before Christmas, it usually takes a little longer. The amount of work, the material and the delivery address also influence the production and shipping time. The configurator provides information about the expected waiting time. Detailed information can also be found in the order confirmation. Or contact us if you have any questions about shipping and delivery times.

What does the consultation cost?
The planning and advisory service is free of charge. Our dedicated team will take care of your request by phone or e-mail. An enquiry via the contact form is also possible. We are also happy to receive your wishes, suggestions and sketches. We will be happy to check whether your ideas can be implemented. We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Any questions? Contact us.

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