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Custom made 90 cm wide shelves

Discover our selected shelves with a width of 90 cm or conveniently design your dream shelf using our online configurator.


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"Entdecken Sie bei Pickawood unsere maßgefertigten Regale mit einer Breite von 90 cm. Wir produzieren jedes Möbel ganz individuell für Sie an und liefern es kostenlos zu Ihnen."


Tim Ehling

90 cm wide shelves planned for you

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Configure your individual 90 cm wide shelf unit

Configure your individual 90 cm wide shelf unit

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You can customise your 90 cm wide shelf up to a height of 3 metres.

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Choose your dream material for the 90 cm wide shelf from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

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Equip your 90 cm wide shelf with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

Popular 90 cm wide shelves

Pickawood: 90 cm wide shelves

We offer you a very large selection of 90 cm wide shelves. Because with our online configurator, you can easily design your shelf yourself. Thanks to the many selection options, you can individually adapt your shelf to the spatial conditions within your own four walls. You have complete freedom of design and do not have to make any compromises. This is particularly helpful in difficult room situations such as niches or slopes. It doesn't matter whether your desired piece of furniture is a very deep or high shelf with a width of 90 cm or whether you prefer doors and drawers in your shelf. Our shelf configurator is the tool to fulfil your furniture wishes, so that you always get a unique piece. Therefore, we are also happy to implement customised designs for you. For this, it is best to contact our furniture consultants, to whom you can also send a sketch and further information. In addition, our range of services also includes the dispatch of wood samples as well as a measuring service and an assembly service.

Customised shelves with a width of 90 cm

Depending on their depth, shelves offer a lot of storage space and are particularly practical. But shelves should not only be practical, but also beautiful. Because the type and design of a 90 cm wide shelf also determines the character of a room. With our online configurator, you have all the options for designing your individual shelf in your own hands. Your 90 cm wide shelf can have a height between 30 cm and 300 cm. In addition, you can choose a shelf depth between 15 cm and 60 cm. With this centimetre-precise flexibility, you can configure every conceivable type of shelf. Your shelf can be very high and reach up to the ceiling. Or you can configure a small shelf as a bedside table shelf or couch shelf.
With a shelf width of 90 cm, you can select up to three columns for your shelf. The width of the columns can also differ. You just have to bear in mind that there is a certain minimum width for the installation of doors and drawers. In addition, you can also reduce the height of a column so that, for example, a stair shelf is created. You have a choice of different materials for the carcase. There are shelves made of solid wood, of coated or lacquered MDF boards, of MDF boards with real wood veneers, of chipboard with premium decors or of multiplex. So you are extremely flexible with regard to the material.
The other options concern the material thickness and the skirting board. We offer our shelving units with and without skirting. A skirting board gives your 90 cm wide shelf a lot of stability and looks particularly elegant. The skirting height can be between 7 cm and 15 cm. It is not added to the previously set shelf height, but is already included in it. To ensure that your shelf with plinth can stand close to the wall even with a skirting board, we are happy to make a skirting board cut-out.
Afterwards, you can also determine the number of compartments per column with our online configurator. You can configure a different number of compartments in each column, the height of which can also vary. Experiment a little and design your shelf as a unique piece. After you have configured the compartments, you can add drawers and doors to individual compartments. This makes your shelf unmistakable. For the fronts, you can again choose from different materials, colours, types of wood and oil finishes. You only have to bear in mind that certain minimum depths and minimum widths are required for doors and drawers. You can also choose between different handle types and a push-to-open function. Finally, you can book various additional options, for example a wall bracket, a row of holes or a back panel.

What kind of wood is used for the production of the shelves?

We only use wood materials from sustainable forestry for our custom-made shelves. The other materials, oils and fittings are equally convincing with their high quality. Environmental protection is very important to us. Among other things, we are a member of the German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management.

Can the 90 cm wide shelves also be hung on the wall?

In order to be able to use your 90 cm wide shelf as a hanging shelf, the vertical side panels must have wall brackets. You specify whether you need wall brackets in the online configurator. However, you must make sure that hanging shelves do not have back panels and skirting boards. Furthermore, only solid walls are suitable for hanging shelves.

Which types of solid wood are available for a 90 cm wide shelf?

If you want to configure a 90 cm wide solid wood shelf, then you have a wide range of wood types to choose from. These include alder, pine, beech, beech heartwood, birch, oak (smoked), alder, oak, cherry (European), walnut (American) or maple (European). You are welcome to order wood samples of the individual wood species from us, which we will then send to you.

Can the shelves be customised?

The shelf configurator allows you to customise the shelves of your 90 cm wide shelf. You can specify both the number of compartments and the respective height of the compartments. On top of that, you have the option of having your shelves produced with rows of holes. You can then adjust the shelves at a later date.

Can special requests also be implemented?

To ensure that you get a unique 90 cm wide shelf that meets your needs 100%, we are happy to implement your special requests. Such special designs include, for example, TV/media recesses, height-adjustable feet, plinths closed on both sides or interior lighting. Furthermore, it is also possible to combine different materials. For your special requests, you are welcome to make a sketch and send it to us.

How are shelves with a width of 90 cm assembled?

Of course, you will receive precise assembly instructions for your shelving unit, which will help you to assemble it step by step. The assembly is particularly successful if you sort the individual shelf parts beforehand. If you have any problems during assembly, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can book an assembly service during the order process. Qualified fitters will then take over the assembly of your shelving unit. However, you should bear in mind that delivery and assembly are independent of each other in terms of time.

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