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Custom made 35 cm wide shelves

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6 materials and
11 types of solid wood


Solid wood from sustainable

"Discover at Pickawood our high quality shelves made to measure with a width of 35 cm. We customize each piece of furniture for you and deliver it to you free of charge."


Tim Ehling

Shelves planned for you, 35 cm wide

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Determine external dimensions and material

Configure your 35 cm wide shelf up to a height of 3 meters and choose your dream material from 6 materials and 11 solid wood species.

Design 35 cm wide shelf

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns and provide your 35 cm wide shelf with different doors and drawers.

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Pickawood: 35 cm wide shelves made to measure

If you are looking for the perfect custom made 35 cm wide shelf, you have found the ultimate contact with Pickawood. Pickawood is the furniture address when it comes to high quality furniture that fits your home exactly. In addition, the company makes an important contribution to the environment with its products. For the production of the furniture only woods from certified forestry are used.

Take a look at the assortment of already designed 35 cm wide shelves
Pickawood offers its customers a wide range of pre-designed 35 cm wide shelves. These can be ordered by you in exactly the same way. If you particularly like certain dimensions or materials and would otherwise like to plan your shelf completely independently, you can also simply implement the ideas in the online configurator.

Use the online configurator and create the perfect 35 cm wide custom shelf for your home.
The online configurator is the popular and extremely user-friendly tool that Pickawood provides to its customers for planning your dream furniture. In doing so, you have an incredibly wide range of options at your disposal. Whether you prefer solid wood, real wood veneer or multiplex: Pickawood is guaranteed to have the right thing for your taste. Basically, the planning is quick and uncomplicated. You will get to your desired shelf in just a few steps. The 1st step determines the outer dimensions. Then you select the desired material and the material thickness. In the next step, the base is already adjusted. The base is recommended to customers for stability reasons. This way, you can always be sure that your shelf is stable and securely in place. Next, we move on to the columns and compartments. The penultimate step is to set the doors as well as the drawers. The last step gives you the opportunity to add any extra options. These include rows of holes, wall brackets, and baseboard cutouts. Room dividers and back panels are also possible.

Get your perfect 35 cm shelf made to measure and benefit from free delivery.
Once you have finished planning your dream shelf, you can complete the order. This will be immediately transmitted to the Pickawood staff and made of high quality materials. For its customers from Germany, the company has an additional surprise. Deliveries within the country are completely free of charge.

Get some inspiration for your 35 cm wide custom shelf in Pickawood's customer gallery.
A little inspiration has helped a lot of customers to find out exactly what they want for their home. In addition to the wide range of already designed furniture, Pickawood also provides its customers with a comprehensive picture gallery. This contains a series of product photos showing Pickawood furniture in everyday situations. The pictures were sent to Pickawood by various satisfied customers. The best of them are available in the gallery for everyone to see.

Get the perfect handles for your 35 cm wide made-to-measure shelves
As with all other products, Pickawood relies on the best quality for its handles. In the online configurator, all you have to do is click on the respective drawer and add one of the eight different handles.

What are the rows of holes for my 35 cm wide custom-made shelf?

The rows of holes on your shelf make the furniture that much more flexible. They allow you to adjust the shelves of your shelf directly to your needs. When setting the holes, a distance of 32 millimeters is maintained in each case. Metal pins are then placed in them. On these, in turn, the shelf is placed. In order to ensure the best possible stability and safety, some of the shelves need to be fixed.

What do the baseboard recesses provide on my 35 cm wide custom shelf?

The baseboard cutouts are made on the back of your shelf. You can easily select the dimensions provided for this in the online configurator.

What is the purpose of a base for my 35 cm wide custom-made shelf?

A base has many advantages. It is visually a real eye-catcher and is also of great relevance. This is especially true for larger shelves, because it gives the piece of furniture additional stability. The base is made of the same material as the shelf itself and has a height of seven centimeters. When planning in the online configurator, it should be noted that the height of the plinth is integrated into the specified overall height of the shelf.

What does the Pickawood design package consist of?

Pickawood has a large number of satisfied customers. There is a good reason for this. The company does not only emphasize the fulfillment of customers' wishes, but also their comprehensive consultation. In order to provide its customers with the best possible service, Pickawood has developed a planning package. This covers among other things the consultation by the competent Einrichtungsberater:innen, which stands for the customers with advice and act to the side. They give you helpful tips for the correct measurement of your dwelling and convey additionally a practical collecting main to you. This is especially helpful in the case of difficulties such as uneven floors, etc. Pickawood's measuring service will do the measuring entirely for you. If you need help with the assembly of your new furniture, Pickawood will also provide you with this.

Which handles for my 35 cm wide custom shelf can I choose between at Pickawood?

Pickawood has the perfect handle ready for every made-to-measure shelf. Basically, you have the option to choose between eight different high-quality designs. To add the handle, you just need to select the designated door or drawer in the online configurator. The handles are made of wear-resistant aluminum. Wooden handles are also available upon request. Here, too, Pickawood has a selection ready for its customers. If you prefer a shelf without handles, you can also easily open the fronts with a little pressure. To ensure the best possible security, Pickawood also gives you the option of adding a lock to your shelf. This is especially recommended for personal items.

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