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Custom made 30 cm wide shelves

Design your personal 30 cm wide shelf with our easy 3D planner - from home or on the go.


6 materials and
11 types of solid wood


Solid wood from sustainable

"Discover online our high quality shelves made to measure with a width of 30 cm. We customize each piece of furniture for you and deliver it to your home free of charge."


Tim Ehling

30 cm wide shelves planned for you

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Your custom made shelf 30 cm wide

In a few clicks to your 30 cm wide shelf

Determine dimensions

You can design your custom 30 cm wide shelf up to a height of 3 meters.

Choose material

Choose your desired material for the 30 cm wide shelf from 11 types of solid wood and 6 materials.

Determine fronts

Provide your 30 cm wide shelf with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

Our most popular, 30 cm wide shelves

Shelves 30 cm wide: variants of Pickawood

Pickawook designs for you shelves 30 cm wide. So you can freely express your wishes, but also be inspired by the pre-designed shelves in this width. This is how you proceed to find the right shelf:

  • #1 Choose the shelf that suits you from our suggested dimensions and materials.
  • #2 Use our online configurator. Call up your personal desired product there and then customize it as you wish.

The variety of variants is great at Pickawood. You can choose narrow and high shelves, narrow or high niche shelves, wide bookcases and CD shelves. The configuration is possible in numerous colors and materials. Experienced carpenters select wood types from sustainable forestry for Pickawood. If you decide to configure your shelf yourself, you will be delighted with the simple configurator. You choose the material and the dimensions, then you provide your shelving system with a front and choose various extras in addition. Incidentally, you are welcome to receive free advice from an experienced Pickawood interior consultant, whom you can contact via the contact form, by phone or by e-mail.

Shelves 30 cm wide when space is at a premium.
In this width, custom made shelves turn out to be practical all-rounders, even if the space in the room is tight or you want to put another shelf in a niche. After all, space is a rare commodity in any household, yet you would like to store an infinite number of things neatly. Of course, chests of drawers and spacious cabinets with drawers are very practical, but what do you do in a rather small room with little space for your furniture? This is a question for tenants of small rooms. But even in larger apartments, the question arises how to use wisely the many valuable niches in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, study, and even in the living room, bedroom and children's room. You want not only to put books, vases, accessories, toys, small lamps and souvenirs of your travels, but often also to present them. The solution in this situation are space-saving and compact shelves 30 cm wide. These small, fine and chic pieces of furniture really fit into the smallest corner, but also between the cabinet and the sideboard or TV table. There they provide an overview and order.

Use of the shelves with a width of 30 cm
We know from our buyers that they have almost unlimited uses for these shelves. In the living room, the CD shelves are in great demand as a modern storage place not only for CDs, but also for DVDs and Blu-Rays. You do not want to look for these media for a long time: they belong on a shelf. The 30 cm is the ideal measurement for these formats. You can store more than 100 CDs or DVDs in the 30-centimeter shelf, depending on its height and the arrangement of the shelves, which probably means your entire collection. Store them clearly in one place in the future! Books, of course, also fit perfectly into these shelves. In the children's room, they accommodate the small toys, such as building blocks, crayons, doll clothes and cuddly toys. In the bathroom, this shelf will accommodate your cosmetics, and in the kitchen, the supplies or cleaning and dishwashing detergent. Use every centimeter in the room with this shelf width and henceforth avoid unsightly niches that could become nasty dust catchers over time.

What is the main purpose of shelves 30 cm wide?

The shelves of this width are often "gap fillers" in the best sense of the word. Not only corners and niches, but especially the typical and treacherous 30-40 cm gap between a cabinet, dresser and the next piece of furniture want to be filled. In addition, you need this space to accommodate various small items.

What shelf dimensions Pickawood already provides?

Here is an overview of the main dimensions of this category (dimensions in each case WxHxD):

  • narrow shelf 30 x 129 x 25 cm
  • high shelf 30 x 207 x 32 cm
  • narrow niche shelf 30 x 160 x 22 cm
  • wide bookcase 30 x150 x 25 cm
  • CD shelf 30 x 140 x 25 cm
  • high niche shelf 30 x 207 x 27 cm

What materials can be shelves 30 cm wide?

For living rooms, it is best to choose a type of real wood that matches your other furniture. Pickawood offers only wood from sustainable forests. Wood texture imitations also look very elegant, they can be good for example in the bathroom or in the children's room. For the latter, we definitely recommend a more colorful design. In the kitchen, you should choose easy-care, wipeable materials because of hygiene.

What do Pickawood customers prefer to choose?

Why don't you take a look at our gallery? You will notice that each shelf is unique. Our customers are enthusiastic and send us pictures of their furniture as a thank you. We have permission to show you these pictures, because it gives you a good impression of the preferences of other buyers. Perhaps you will then decide for yourself on one or the other "bestseller".

How to customize shelves 30 cm?

You can customize the body and many details. For example, we will be happy to make the shelf with a row of holes, so you can insert the shelves as you wish. Of course, the greatest possibility of individualization arises from the materials and colors.

What should be taken into account when assembling Pickawood shelves?

Fix the shelves for sufficient stability of the shelf. Skirting board cutouts are available made to measure, we will insert them on the back at your request. You may add beautiful handles to the shelf after assembly, which you can find in our store. If you do without the handles, you can open fronts with push-to-open, for which the assembly must be done exactly.

Does Pickawood offer an assembly service?

Assembly is child's play and fun, instructions are included. But of course you can book a measurement and also an assembly service for the shelves 30 cm wide at Pickawood.

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