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Customised pharmacist cabinets

Configure your individual pharmacy cabinet online with our simple online configurator - from home or on the go.


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"Plan your apothecary cabinet step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, our interior design consultants will be happy to help."


Tim Ehling

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How it works

Determine dimensions

Pharmacy cabinets are possible up to 3 meters in height and maximum width of 6 meters. Simply determine the appropriate size in the first step.

Choose material

No matter if apothecary cabinets made of oak, MDF or multiplex. We offer 6 different materials and 11 solid woods in the configurator.

Select fronts

Doors and drawers can be selected individually per compartment in the 7th step. Material combinations are also possible.

Choose and customize pharmacist cabinet

Pickawood: custom made apothecary cabinet

When designing the interior of living rooms and kitchens in particular, the question of integrating a suitable and appropriate pharmacy cabinet always arises. Especially a kitchen should always be equipped with a pharmacy cabinet, with its rich content of medical utensils can cover many an emergency. Therefore, when planning a kitchen interior, a suitable and appropriate niche should be selected in any case, in order to integrate a pharmacist's cabinet with the kitchen interior. A pharmacy cabinet is a useful and necessary addition, which should not be missing in any household.
When choosing and designing a pharmacist's cabinet, the focus should always be on adapting it to your wishes and needs. An apothecary cabinet should always meet your requirements and complement and complete them in the necessary way.

We at Pickawood can provide you with numerous suggestions and design options in this regard, which can serve as a decision-making aid. In any case, an apothecary cabinet will help you create order in your respective home environment. Through a sensible and well thought-out room layout, you can always still find a suitable place for an apothecary cabinet as well, which will help you meet your needs. When you plan for the space to incorporate an apothecary cabinet, if you are imaginative, you can save valuable space as well as significantly enhance the overall visual appearance of the room in question if you make the right and appropriate selections.

Decision-making aids and suggestions for the design and execution of an apothecary cabinet.

Due to our many years of experience in the field of pharmacist's cabinets and their sensible integration into any domestic environment, we have a wealth of experience which we would like to make available to you as an interested party and which you are welcome to draw on at any time. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice in this regard at any time.

Professional support for the design of your pharmacy cabinet through our online configurator

We know from experience that everyone who plans a constructional measure of any kind would like to do this first of all at home within their own four walls. So we would like to meet you in this justified need also by our online configurator very much. Our online configurator offers you many possibilities for the individual design of your pharmacy cabinet through numerous functions, which are all very simple and easy to use.

The practicality of a good medicine cabinet, which is equipped with all the essentials, proves to be most useful especially when it is really needed. It is statistically proven that especially in the household many accidents happen. For first aid treatment of wounds, a medicine cabinet, which is clearly arranged in a pharmacy cabinet, is like an oasis in the desert. A pharmacist's cabinet therefore fulfills an extremely important function in every household. Of course, the pharmacist's cabinet can only do this satisfactorily if it is equipped with a minimum of plasters of all kinds, disinfectants and the most important ointments. Of course, this also includes a regular inventory of all contents, including a careful check of any expired expiration dates.
No household should be without an apothecary cabinet, because even a somewhat clumsy handling of a kitchen knife can result in deep and painful wounds.

In which wood types are apothecary cabinets available?

You can order your apothecary cabinet in the following wood species:

  • Alder,
  • pine,
  • beech,
  • beech heartwood,
  • birch,
  • smoked oak,
  • ash,
  • oak,
  • Cherry (European)
  • Walnut (American),
  • Maple (European),
  • knotty oak

What wood treatments are available for apothecary cabinets?

You can choose from the following wood treatments:

  • Natural oiled,
  • clear varnish,
  • White oiled,
  • Coffee oiled,
  • Mahogany oiled,
  • Smoked oak,
  • Wenge oiled

What types of gluing are available for apothecary cabinets?

We can offer you the following types of gluing:

  • Patchwork,
  • Continuous lamellas

What are the warranty terms for pharmacy cabinets?

We provide a two-year warranty on all our custom made shelves.

In which colors are our pharmacist cabinets available?

In terms of available colors, we have a very large selection of over 200 colors to offer for our apothecary cabinets. So there are no limits to your imagination in this respect, so that you can design your apothecary cabinet in the color that suits your wishes and ideas.

What about the sustainability of pharmacist cabinets in terms of production?

As a member of the German Working Group for Environmental Awareness (B.A.U.M.e.V.), sustainability is a top priority for Pickawood.

Can I have wood samples for an apothecary cabinet sent to my home?

We are very accommodating to our customers in questions of decision-making aids and will gladly send you the desired wood samples, which we keep ready for such purposes, to your home.

What are the product details for an apothecary cabinet that I can choose from?

We provide you as a prospective customer or customer with our online configurator, with which you can design both in geometric terms your individual pharmacist's cabinet and the way the shelves are divided.

What options are there for prospective customers to customize a pharmacist's cabinet?

You have the possibility to configure a standard Pickawood pharmacy cabinet online based on the niche dimensions of the intended suspension or installation location by modifying it so that it then fits exactly into your niche.
A second option, which Pickawood offers, is that you configure your individual pharmacist cabinet online using our software. We will then manufacture the apothecary cabinet according to your specifications.

How and in what way is the individual design of a pharmacist's cabinet made?

You choose the number of shelves and their geometric division within the pharmacist's cabinet. Our online configurator gives you numerous functions and instructions for this, which are easy to use and very convenient for you.

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