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"Plan your multiplex shelving unit step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, our furnishing advice service will be happy to help."


Tim Ehling

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Multiplex shelving from Pickawood UK at your home

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You can design your custom-made multiplex shelf up to a width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres.

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Customise the layout and number of columns and compartments and fit your multiplex shelving unit with different doors and drawers.

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Our most popular multiplex shelves

Multiplex shelving made to measure: Perfect for individual living

No household can do without shelves. Books, accessories and hi-fi systems need to be stored well and clearly. Whether slopes, stairs or simply the desire for an individual interior: we at Pickawood UK specialise in special furnishing solutions.
Our customised multiplex shelves fulfil the desire for sufficient storage space and the longing for a great design. Here, creativity, aesthetic minimalism and high functionality come together. Let us inspire you on our pages. Which is the right shelving solution for your home? If you wish, we will design your own individual multiplex shelving unit with stable shelves in a modern look together with you!

Each shelf is unique
Pickawood UK knows the different possibilities and wishes of its customers. That is why there is no one multiplex shelf, but many variants for a custom-made, perfect shelf form. Innovative shelving systems are our speciality. For us, it doesn't matter whether rooms are straight or have slopes. Because multiplex shelves are adapted: They are effective room-high and as half-height room dividers as well.
Individual shelving systems can be convincing as cubes, for example if you choose shelves with a width of 33 centimetres or if they are made wider so that there is room for more books next to each other. The decisive factors are the dimensions of your room and your wall. Every shelf should have a harmonious overall effect. This in turn also has to do with the width of the shelves.

Step by step to an individual Pickawood UK with many functions
The first thing to consider is what will be stored in a multiplex shelf. Is it paperbacks, magazines, bound books or CDs? Does a shelving system serve as a storage space for noble, hand-blown vases or high-tech? Bottles of different shapes and colours also look good on a Pickawood UK shelf.
The first step in planning is therefore to determine the external dimensions, height, width and depth. Thanks to flexible shelves, books and co. can be rearranged and presented again and again. In addition, fixed shelves ensure the best possible stability.
You then select the material via the online configurator. We can produce anything from MDF coated, lacquered or decorated to multiplex, real wood veneer or solid wood. There are various colours to choose from for MDF.
Should your shelf stand on legs, be wall-mounted or have a base? Depending on the size and requirements, a multiplex shelving unit will have a different look!
Since a shelving system visually designs a room, there are certain features. You can set accents with columns or board widths. The same applies to doors and drawers, which can be easily added via the configurator. Another interesting aspect is that you can give your multiplex shelving unit an individual character with colourful doors.
Pickawood UK shelving units are a delight against a wall, in a bay window and as half-height room dividers. They are available with or without a back panel: then, for example, records can be removed from both sides.
With many books or doors, a multiplex shelf resembles a sturdy cupboard, but has more lightness. A multiplex shelf with an empty compartment is just as convincing as a shelf for pictures. Open compartments serve as frames for plants, paintings or containers.

What does the shape of a multiplex shelf look like?

You are not limited by the shape. We make every shelf to measure. This means that your shelf can be configured room-high, half-high or rising, i.e. as a stair shelf. You determine the width and thickness of the shelves. Shelves can be used flexibly thanks to the holes. For large shelves, however, it is advisable to screw some shelves firmly into place.

What material does Pickawood UK use?

For a wooden shelving system, Pickawood UK uses wood from European countries that is sustainably harvested. Furthermore, all wood is treated with solvent-free oils. On request, we also manufacture shelving systems from MDF with coating, varnish or special decor. You can also order your multiplex made-to-measure shelving with a real wood veneer.

Which colours are possible?

MDF is available in white, grey and black. Wood convinces with its own natural tone and beautiful grain. Of course, different colours can also be combined with each other. White doors and beige shelves look noble and fresh, light shelves and colourful doors make you think of a Mondrian painting.

What does planning via Pickawood UK cost?

Our furnishing consultation is free of charge, it is part of our service. You can discuss your requirements with us by telephone, by e-mail or by using our contact form.

Where is my multiplex shelf manufactured?

All production facilities are located in Germany or Poland: We work exclusively with selected joineries. They have been tested by our engineers and included in our network. This guarantees high quality standards.

How long do I have to wait for my shelf?

Individual customisation usually takes only six to nine weeks. Before we pass your order on to one of our partner companies, we check the entries again for correctness. Then your custom-made shelf is produced step by step in an elaborate handicraft process. Finally, we carry out another quality control before delivery.

How does my online order work?

You can put together your multiplex shelving unit step by step using the configurator. Dimensions, shelf widths, colours, doors and drawers are configured as well as any special requests. Finally, you will receive your payment request and a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided as soon as we have received your order.

Can I draw and submit a sketch myself?

This is possible without any problems. We will turn your individual drawing into an exact shelf configuration, free of charge of course.

Does Pickawood UK also manufacture from a photo?

Yes! If you send us a photo, we will configure a shelf for you and make you an offer.

Does Pickawood UK have discount campaigns and vouchers?

Pickawood UK always has interesting promotions, such as 15 percent discounts at Christmas. If you want to give a friend or relative a high-quality and individual gift, you can use our vouchers. These are available from 20 to 2,000 euros.

Any questions? Contact us.