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Shelves from heartwood beech made to measure

Browse through our selected heartwood beech shelves or design comfortably with our 3D configurator.


Can be planned
from 30 cm up to 600 cm


Beech heartwood from
sustainable forestry

"With the help of our simple online configurator, you can design your individual heartwood beech shelf from the comfort of your own home. In addition, you have the option of being inspired by prefabricated designs."


Tim Ehling

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Design your shelf from heartwood beech made to measure

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Design your shelf from heartwood beech up to a height of 3 meters and a width of 6 meters.

Design shelf from heartwood beech

Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments and provide your core beech shelf with different doors and drawers.

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Add your beech heartwood shelf to the shopping cart and order your custom furniture home.

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Pickawood: Shelves from heartwood beech made to measure

Are you looking for a specific shelf in core beech that has to meet certain dimensions? It is not always easy to find the right shelf. At Pickawood, you have the choice of how to design your shelf. We offer a simple 3D configurator that makes your decision easy. In addition to beech heartwood, there are other high-quality wood types that are made of real veneer wood or solid wood.

The following section will show you how to proceed and how we can best help you.

Pickawood: why we are the best choice

At Pickawood, we offer you unique quality handcrafted in Germany. We focus on sustainability, which is something we deal with every day.

  • Sustainable production,
  • environmentally friendly and durable materials of the best quality,
  • short shipping routes
  • monthly cards for our employees
  • and our commitment as a member of B.A.U.M. e. V.
  • are already the first steps that we have successfully implemented.

Our heartfelt project also benefits you: you profit from genuine handicraft and from a quality that will convince you for decades. This in turn protects our environment, because less energy and water as well as resources are consumed.

See for yourself and take a look at the many examples of other customers on our website!

Handmade shelves from heartwood beech made to measure

Have you decided to have a core beech shelf made to measure at Pickawood? With our 3D configurator, you are only a few clicks away from the final product. With the simple system, you decide how your custom made shelf should look. You have already selected the type of material by choosing the heartwood beech wood. Now it's a matter of

  • which type of shelf,
  • which dimensions,
  • which colours
  • and which handles, feet and fronts
  • it may be.

Made-to-measure shelves made of beech heartwood by experts

Once the order has been created using the configurator, our expert team will deal with it swiftly. Our employees are all experts in their field and are very familiar with speedy production and delivery. At Pickawood, you receive high quality that is 100 percent made in Germany.

We look forward to hearing from you

Have you already recorded the dimensions for your heartwood beech shelf?

If you need help creating it, the best thing to do is contact us. In a free consultation by phone or video call, we will give you even more tips.

Would you like to get a concrete picture of our quality?

Just visit our showroom in Hamburg and talk to our competent team! In front of you, you will find some examples that will make your decision easier.

What are the characteristics of beech heartwood?

Heartwood beech is also known as wild beech and is a very robust material. The light to reddish-brown wood is not actually a beech species in its own right, but belongs to the copper beech and is characterised by its typical grain.

For which rooms is a shelf made of beech heartwood suitable?

Our custom-made shelves made of beech heartwood are suitable for almost all rooms. Many of our customers use the high-quality shelves to set them up in the living room, dining room or TV room. We will be happy to advise you on the design.

What are the dimensions for core beech shelves?

You alone determine the dimensions for your shelves made of beech heartwood. With our 3D configurator, you can easily determine the type, dimensions and other features yourself. If you have any questions about the creation, we will be happy to help you.

Are there cut-outs for other equipment?

If you would like to include a recess in your shelf, that's no problem. You can use this, for example, for lamps or for the television. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Are custom-made products possible?

We are specialised in custom-made products and therefore we are happy to offer you this service. Our team processes each order individually and exactly according to the desired specifications.

How do I find out if heartwood beech shelving matches my inventory?

Heartwood beech is a fairly light wood that matches many other types of wood and materials. To be on the safe side, why not order free wood samples from us?

What types of shelving are possible?

We at Pickawood offer various shelves in heartwood beech: For example, how about a shelving system, a bookcase, a tiered shelf or a wall shelf made of beech heartwood? Take a look at our suggestions on the website.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you quickly. We are also available for a telephone or video consultation. Otherwise, why not pay us a visit in our Hamburg showroom.

What other furniture can I have made?

Would you like to order several pieces of custom-made furniture at once? We can offer you complete interior furnishings consisting of individual tablesmade to measure wardrobescustomised sideboards and much more. Take a look at the many suggestions on our website or the prefabricated samples in the configurator!

How do I clean the made-to-measure core beech shelves?

Our furniture is made of high-quality materials impregnated with the qualitative oils of BIOFA. Therefore, cleaning with a wet or dry cloth without chemicals is recommended! Slight scratches make the wood distinctive and unique.

Any questions? Contact us.