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DVD shelves made to measure

Design your own custom DVD shelf using our simple online configurator. A DVD case is 13.6 cm wide and 19 cm high, while a Blue-ray case is 13.6 cm wide and 17 cm high. The depth of your shelf should therefore be at least 15 cm, with a back panel you lose 2 cm in depth.

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Just a few steps for your DVD shelf

Define external dimensions

You can customize your DVD shelf up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide.

Choose material

Choose your desired material for the DVD shelf from eleven types of solid wood and five other materials.

Insert fronts

Design your DVD shelf with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

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Professionals in the manufacture of customised shelves

Pickawood is the perfect contact if you are looking for custom made furniture on the Internet. It is not for nothing that the company bears the name "online carpenter". Here you will find all imaginable furniture in a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs. If you are looking for a visually appealing and at the same time functional DVD shelf, you are guaranteed to find it at Pickawood. With a little luck, you'll find the perfect DVD shelf that exactly matches your personal taste in the company's extensive assortment. This includes a lot of shelves, which are regularly ordered by a large number of customers and satisfy them with complete satisfaction. If you haven't found the right DVD shelf yet, you can simply take some inspiration from the assortment. In this case, you can design the DVD shelf of your dreams yourself in the user-friendly online configurator and incorporate the inspiration from the Pickawood assortment right away.

A selection of designs from our design department
With us you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different designs. A particularly popular DVD shelf is the model "Simple DVD shelf made to measure". This convinces with its high functionality and simple elegance. Thanks to this, the shelf is perfectly suitable for both a bedroom and a living room, and will fit even more fancy apartments. In terms of width, you can choose between the following dimensions: 68 cm, 72 cm and 76 cm. Of course, you can always set other dimensions in the configurator. The small width makes it possible that the DVD shelf can be placed in smaller rooms or niches without any problems. If the shelf is intended for a child's or teenager's room, friendly solid wood types such as pine or beech are suitable when choosing the material. The compartments of the shelf are basically made for storing DVDs. However, if necessary, you can store other things in them without any problems.

Another very popular DVD shelf from Pickawood is the model "Solid wood DVD shelf". Thus, you buy not only a piece of furniture that brings exactly the desired function, but a product of the highest quality. Thanks to this, your shelf will give you pleasure for a long time. Solid wood DVD shelves from Pickawood are made exclusively from wood that has been carefully selected in advance and demonstrably comes from certified forest management. The model "DVD shelf made of solid wood" can optionally be made for you from oak, pine, alder and beech, among others. When planning the width, you can choose between 74 cm, 78 cm or 82 cm. In addition to DVDs, the shelf offers a lot of storage space, which can also be used for CDs, as well as any other suitable items.

Another option for a DVD shelf popular among customers is the model "TV shelf made to measure". This shelf offers enough space for your TV and for your DVDs. With this furniture you are guaranteed to make the right choice. With it you will get a real eye-catcher for your home, which will look wonderful in a living room as well as in a bedroom. According to your wishes, you can choose for your dream furniture, for example, solid wood, lacquered surfaces or multiplex.

Design the DVD shelf of your dreams yourself: Convince yourself of Pickawood's online configurator.
Pickawood provides its customers with an online configurator for independent planning of your dream furniture. Thanks to this configurator, your way to a perfect DVD shelf is also not far. Removing the furniture requires only a few steps. Nevertheless, you can decide every detail yourself - from the external dimensions and the material used to any additional options. Each step gives you multiple choices, thanks to which you are guaranteed to implement your own taste.

How can I plan my custom DVD shelf in Pickawood's online configurator?

As a Pickawood customer, you have the ultimate opportunity to plan the DVD shelf of your dreams in the online configurator. The configurator is extremely user-friendly and will get you to your goal in just a few steps. The first step deals with the outer dimensions of your DVD shelf, the second step with the desired material. The thickness of the material is then determined, before the next step is to adjust the base. Now the number of columns as well as the desired number of compartments have to be added. The compartments can also be equipped with doors and drawers. Additional options such as a wall bracket for a hanging shelf, cutouts for a baseboard as well as a back panel can be specified in the last step. At this point, also add the rows of holes, which are particularly important for shelves.

Can I also send Pickawood sketches of my wishes and ideas regarding my DVD shelf?

At Pickawood you also have the possibility to have any sketches made examined. The review of the sketches is done by the dedicated interior design consultants. As soon as they have a comprehensive picture of your ideas, they will submit you a non-binding offer.

What kind of wood will Pickawood's carpenters use to make my DVD shelf?

Pickawood is well aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental friendliness. For this reason, only woods that are of the best quality and carefully selected are used for the production of the furniture. The wood is sourced from sustainable forestry.

Can Pickawood DVD shelves be used for other items?

Basically, Pickawood DVD shelves combine all aspects of functionality and an attractive design. They are suitable not only for storing DVDs, but also for storing CDs and books. Depending on the model, a TV can also be placed on it. If you have additionally chosen doors or drawers, more delicate items such as documents can be stored in them.

Who can I contact if I have questions about planning my custom DVD shelf?

If you have any questions, you can always contact the Pickawood team. This can be done either by phone, in writing by mail or even in person on site.

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