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3 metre high and 6 metre wide book walls are easily possible. In terms of materials, you can choose from 11 types of solid wood and 6 other materials.

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Book wall made to measure by Pickawood - Solid, durable and individual

Admittedly, every furniture shop offers bookshelves. But the ready-made bookcases do not always correspond to the conditions that exist in a flat: High walls in old buildings, sloping ceilings in flats under the roof or storage spaces between other furniture push the standard shelves to their limits. Storage space remains unused, or some book lovers don't even know where to put their beautiful specimens.
In these cases, a custom-made book wall is a solid and good-looking solution. We make such library shelves to measure for our customers. No matter how high, deep or wide a large bookcase is to be, whether it needs the same size or different compartments, or whether extras such as glass doors, integrated lamps or height-adjustable feet are desired - almost anything is possible with us.

The appearance and dimensions

Book walls are not always rectangular and high. Sometimes customers want the recess of a door, someone else is animated to certain ideas by the conditions in the flat. A large book wall can take into account bay windows, stairs, sloping roofs, corners of rooms or projecting walls. It can be a room divider or use wall cubes or sideboards to break up the look of a room. Basically, almost anything is possible when designing a bookcase. All we need from you is the length, width and height as well as the special features.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to determine the division of the shelves: Do you want continuous compartments from one end of the shelf to the other, or do you want to divide into many compartments? Should the compartments be the same size or have different sizes, for example to accommodate large and small books or records and DVDs? Special compartments for the television or a music system can also be planned. Since we make the customised bookcase systems for you personally, you are welcome to tell us exactly what you would like.

The wood types

Once you have decided on the outer form, we now move on to planning the details. Since we only use European woods from local, sustainable forestry for our book walls, you can choose between a shelf made of oak, beech or cherry, for example. Several types of wood can also be used.

The details

Once you have decided on the dimensions and the type(s) of wood, you can now plan details for your library. We offer to protect your books from getting dusty by fitting folding or sliding doors made of wood or glass or as mirror doors. We can also provide customised interior lighting for the shelves using built-in spotlights. If you want to accommodate not only books but also technical equipment such as a record player or a radio in your book wall, a recess for cable runs is a good idea. And you also have a few options to choose from when it comes to shelf feet: We will be happy to make your large bookcase with height-adjustable feet or castors on request. To make cleaning easier, it is also possible to attach skirting boards.

The order, delivery and assembly

Once you have measured the space for your book wall and determined all the details, our online order form will guide you step by step to your desired shelf. You are also welcome to contact us by phone and tell us exactly how you would like your book wall to look. We will deliver your library ready for assembly. All small parts and pre-drilled holes are included, as well as detailed assembly instructions that are understandable for non-experts. You are also welcome to book our assembly service for the assembly of your book wall.

Where does the wood for the book walls come from?

We only use wood from sustainable forestry in Europe. That is why you will only find European wood in our range. Through our commitment to "Plant fort he Planet" and "B.A.U.M. e.V.", we also ensure that future generations do not have to suffer from our wood consumption.

What types of wood are used?

Since we attach great importance to sustainability and its control, we only use wood from trees that grow in Europe. The most popular with our customers is the indestructible oak wood. Other tree species we use are also known for their robustness and good processing conditions: Beech, pine, walnut, ash, cherry, alder, maple and beech heartwood are all part of our wood range.

Are all shelves made of solid wood?

Solid wood is durable and extremely stable, which is why most customers opt for an individual wall unit made of solid wood. However, as this is also noticeable in the costs, we also offer book walls made of fibreboard covered with a real wood veneer as a cheaper alternative. This preserves the natural look, but the material costs and therefore the final sums for our customers are less high. We also offer MDF boards with a lacquer finish for customers who want their shelves in a certain colour.

Where are the Pickawood book walls produced?

In order to build stable and durable furniture, we believe that relevant expertise is needed. That's why our shelves are built by hand by expert carpenters in Germany and Poland.

How do I order custom made furniture from Pickawood?

You can use our online form to send us all the details of your order and we will take care of your new bookcase immediately. You are also welcome to send us a sketch of how you would like your book wall to look, then we will have a more accurate picture of what you have in mind. If it is a question of special designs, we recommend that you contact us by telephone on 040 / 524 77 770. Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes, we look forward to receiving your order!

Will my book wall be delivered ready for assembly?

Yes, you don't have to buy any screws or anything else and you don't have to drill any holes yourself. All you need is a good screwdriver or cordless screwdriver and possibly a spirit level. For a large bookcase or library, we recommend that two people assemble it.

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