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Custom made oak coffee tables

Discover our oak coffee tables and design your favorite in just a few clicks using our online configurator.


Oak from
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19 Coffee tables
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"Our partner companies will craft your coffee table from high quality oak wood with attention to detail. Pick out your favorite model and customize it to your liking."


Tim Ehling

Popular oak coffee tables

Coffee table: Paris

Length up to 200 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
£ 276,30
Coffee table: Paris with storage

Length up to 200 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Shelf in the middle of the legs
£ 351,00
Coffee table: Rome

Diameter up to 110 cm, height variable

  • 2 different table edges
£ 388,80
Coffee table: New York

Length and width up to 130 cm, height variable

  • Legs in stainless steel, raw steel, black & white
£ 603,00

Your custom made oak coffee table

Customize your coffee table in a few steps

Select oak coffee table

Choose from a selection of 19 coffee table models. You can customize and design each model.

Specify dimensions

Specify the desired dimensions for your living room table. You can specify the length, width and coffee table height individually.

Customize table edge and legs

Customize both the table legs and the table edge of your oak coffee table.

Solid wood coffee tables from our customers

Pickawood UK: custom made oak coffee tables

After a long day, pretty much everyone wants to relax comfortably on the couch, have a drink, read a good book or watch a film. Especially in such moments, a living room table is very practical next to a comfortable couch. But given the huge selection of coffee tables on the market, how are you supposed to find the right model?
With our online configurator, you can design your oak coffee table exactly to fit your interior perfectly. You have the option of designing a table according to your own specifications or using one of our design suggestions and adapting it to your needs. A total of eight different models are available for you to customise.
When it comes to the size of your custom made coffee table, the first thing that matters is the right height. Ideally, the table should be the same height as the surrounding seating, i.e. it should measure around 45 to 50 centimetres. If the couch and sofas are particularly low lounge furniture, the table should also be lower. By flush with the seating surfaces of the other furniture, the coffee table does not look too bulky.
However, it also depends on how it is used: If you also want to use your coffee table as a dining table - to drink coffee at it regularly, for example - a higher table is a good idea. You should therefore configure your new oak coffee table so that it fits in with the style of your living room.
The size of the table top also plays an important role in the configuration of your coffee table. Nothing is worse than a coffee table whose tabletop you constantly bump your shins on. Therefore, you should make sure that there is about 45 centimetres of space between the couch and the table. You should also follow the following rule of thumb: The length of the table should be about half or one third of the length of the couch.
In addition to the height and size of the tabletop, the depth of the table should also be taken into account when planning the custom made coffee table. Particularly small tables come into question, for example, for people who like their home to be tidy and minimalist. Square tables also have a clear and structured effect. If you need more space for decorations, magazines or remote controls, you should choose a rectangular table and plan for more depth.
Of course, the look also plays an important role when planning your coffee table. At Pickawood UK, you have the free choice between different solid woods such as oak, beech, birch and maple. By choosing the type of wood and the colour, you can design your new custom made table yourself.
To achieve an atmospheric overall impression, it makes sense to coordinate the coffee table with the furnishing style and colours of your living room. A table made of oak is not only particularly hard-wearing, but also fits in with almost any style of living. The light oak used at Pickawood UK has a warm effect and goes particularly well with the cosy country house style.
It becomes even more interesting if you design the table top and legs in different colours. For example, the combination of an oak top and white, black or stainless steel table legs looks very modern. Our "New York" coffee table model offers you this mix of different materials. Have your oak coffee table made to the millimetre according to your desired measurements!

What are the advantages of an oak coffee table?

Oak wood is robust and weather-resistant and is therefore considered to be particularly durable. Since it is a domestic wood and Pickawood UK only sources wood from FFC-certified forests, our oak furniture scores with a good environmental balance. External influences have little effect on the wood, which is why untreated oak furniture is also suitable for outdoor use. However, oak wood is usually treated with wood preservatives, stained, glazed, varnished and smoked. In addition, oak wood has an unmistakable look, appears durable, but also modern.

How do I care for an oak coffee table?

The care of an oak coffee table is very simple. Dust and crumbs can be easily removed with a dry cloth. Liquids such as coffee or juices can also be wiped away with a slightly damp cloth. More stubborn stains should be treated with a gentle cleaning agent. Then wipe the table with a dry towel to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. To ensure that your table lasts as long as possible, it is a good idea to place drinks on coasters. This prevents scratches on the table surface.

How do I decorate an oak coffee table?

When decorating your coffee table, remember that you want to emphasise the individual look of your home. With this in mind, you can decorate your coffee table as you please. Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase, for example, look particularly lively, but dried flowers such as pampas grass or phalaris are also trendy. Candles in a chic decorative bowl create a cosy atmosphere.

How big should my oak coffee table be?

How big your coffee table should be depends on the amount of storage you want as well as the space you have available. If you have a small living room, a smaller table is also recommended. If you have a large living room, on the other hand, you have more freedom in choosing the size. However, the table should not be too large, otherwise it will visually reduce the size of the room. To ensure that the table is not lost in the room, it should not be too small either.
The size of the couch also plays a role. While a slightly larger table is fine for a large living room landscape, a smaller version is recommended for a two-seater sofa. Ideally, the table should measure one third to one half of the length of the couch.
The distance between the seating furniture and the coffee table should also be taken into account. The table should be easy to reach when sitting, but you should also be able to walk around it without any problems. A distance of about 45 centimetres is ideal.

Which surface treatment is best for my oak coffee table?

To ensure that you enjoy your oak table for a long time, we treat and seal its surface carefully. In the configurator, you can choose between "natural oiled", "white oiled" and "clear lacquer". The natural oiling has the advantage that the natural wood structure is most likely to be preserved and the surface looks very original.
The treatment with clear varnish also changes the appearance of the oak wood only insignificantly. The varnish only gives the wood a slight sheen, the grain remains visible. With white oiling, the wood is treated with a white pigmented oil. Here, the natural tone comes out less, but the oak wood fibre absorbs the white pigments of the oil and the wood appears lighter.

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