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Cherry tables made to measure

Get inspired by our table models or design your own personal cherry table with the help of our simple online configurator.


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"Our carpenters craft each piece of furniture with love. Easily choose a cherry table model and customize it according to your individual needs."


Tim Ehling

Discover our tables in cherry

Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.629,59
Table model: Lyon

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Tapered table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 1.215,70
Table model: Marseille

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 1.050,49
Table model: Stockholm

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • 4 different table edges
£ 1.322,31

Design your personal cherry table

Select and customize cherry table

Select cherry table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. You can customize each of these table models according to your own preferences.

Specify table dimensions

You can directly enter the dimensions such as length, width or table height of your cherry table and immediately see the resulting price.

Determine table edge

Choose your dream cherry table edge in our configurator.

Impressions of our solid wood tables

Pickawood: cherry tables made to measure

Cherry wood is a popular building material for all kinds of furniture. This is mainly due to its flexibility of use: it is a soft wood that can be worked excellently. Due to its unique structure, particularly beautiful surfaces can be brought to light through processing - of course, you benefit from these to a very special degree with a dining table. In addition, you can tastefully combine the table with other furnishings thanks to its pleasant colour.
Cherry wood is distinguished by its high quality, which is why we particularly like to use it in our furniture. The advantage at Pickawood: We manufacture each dining table individually according to your wishes. However, if you need suggestions for the creation or for inspiration, you will find them on this page. Here we present a selection of tasteful designs to help you with your creation. You may like some of these suggestions so much that you want to bring them directly to your home. You are welcome to do so, as you can order any of these designs directly from our site.
Of course, with us you can be sure that we take every order with the necessary care and individuality. Each of our individual dining tables is absolutely unique - no two models are alike. This factor also characterises the high quality of our manufacturing.

Your cherry wood dining table - more than just a table to eat at

The term "dining table" is often misleading, because in many homes this area encompasses much more than just taking meals. This is where the family comes together, romantic hours are spent with the partner, laughter is shared with friends - or sometimes important documents are "temporarily stored". But no matter what you want to use the dining table for: Our high-quality models made of cherry wood are your faithful companion in all these situations. The dark red colouring of the wood exerts a captivating fascination all of its own.
Even if things get a little wild: the custom made table made of solid wood will forgive you for small mishaps without any problems. The material is easy to care for and does not require much cleaning. So you don't have to take great care of your table, and yet it will still look fantastic in many years to come!

With the right custom made

In accordance with our philosophy at Pickawood, you can design each table individually using our online configurator. This applies not only to the shape of the table, but also to its custom made dimensions. When planning, pay particular attention to the intended use. Ideally, allow between 60 and 75 centimetres of space per person and at least 40 centimetres of space to the centre of the table. If you want to serve a large table and therefore need sufficient space in the middle of the table, we recommend between 90 and 100 centimetres.

Sitting elegantly

Of course, you can not only design your individual cherry wood dining table with us. After all, a dining table also needs matching chairs. You can also order these from us. It is up to you whether you would also like to design them in cherry wood or in a different, matching design. One thing is clear, however: you will sit comfortably on all our chairs and enjoy your time at the dining table as much as possible!

What advantages does a cherry wood dining table offer me?
Cherry wood offers many valuable properties as a material. For example, it can be worked excellently and shaped into the perfect form for a dining table. The surface is characterised by a dark red, noble grain, which immediately attracts attention. In addition, you can combine the individual table excellently with other furnishings - it blends harmoniously into the overall picture.

Why should I order directly from Pickawood?
With us, you not only get high-quality materials in professional workmanship, but also a high degree of custom made. You can design and create each table according to your own wishes - from the shape to the dimensions to special functions, you have a wide range of adjustment options. Of course, you can also take our design suggestions instead and order them directly. We guarantee that every dining table only leaves our production after an extensive quality control.

What do I have to bear in mind when caring for the table?
Cherry wood does not require any special cleaning or care. You should wipe it regularly with a damp cloth to remove light dirt and dust. Otherwise, with a cherry wood dining table, you have a truly durable product that will continue to give you a fresh look for many years to come. If you wish, you can of course also purchase suitable care products (such as coordinated oils) in our shop to keep your table shining for much longer.

Can I also extend the cherry dining table?
Sometimes things turn out differently than you think - and unexpected visitors arrive. With the right extensions, this is no problem. You can extend your dining table in a few easy steps so that all guests have enough space. Afterwards, you can stow the tops away again so that the table does not take up any unnecessary space. It's that easy with Pickawood!

What other products can I combine with the dining table?
At Pickawood you get a whole selection of different furniture for your personal taste. In addition to the dining table, this also includes matching chairs. You can also design these with us - either in cherry wood or in another matching material. But you will also find the right cupboards, shelves and other pieces of furniture for your feel-good ambience. These can be perfectly integrated into your current room concept - or you can start a new one together with us. Just as you like!

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