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Customised tables made of birch

Gather inspiration through our table models and design a completely individual table made of birch in just a few steps.


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Design with centimeter

"Every single table made of birch is made individually for you by us. Pick a model and choose dimensions and additional options."


Tim Ehling

Discover our birch tables

Table model: Vienna

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Legs in 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12 cm
£ 619,08
Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.070,46
Table model: Marseille

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 688,30
Table model: Prague

Length up to 200 cm, width and height variable

  • Base in black or white
  • 4 different table edges
£ 958,35

Design your individual table from birch

In a few steps to your table in birch

Choose birch table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. Each of these birch wood table models you can customize according to your own ideas.

Determine table dimensions

You can directly enter the length, width and height of your birch table and immediately see the resulting price.

Select table edge and table legs

Choose your dream table edge and table legs for your birch table in our simple online configurator.

Gather inspiration through our solid wood tables

Pickawood: birch tables made to measure

The whole family comes together at the dining table, the desk in the children's room is often used as a base for toy landscapes, a round side table quickly creates space for spontaneous visitors: we find birch tables in almost every room of our home. Yet the birch wood table fulfils a different task in every room - the requirements are therefore different. While the custom-made dining table is the focal point in the dining room, the table for the children's room can be space-saving but particularly robust. At a round bar table like our Rome model, you can sit comfortably together with friends in a small space. Family and friends also like to gather around the individual coffee table.
If you need a tabletop with a special format, you've also come to the right place: we supply boards cut to the centimetre according to your specifications, made of solid wood, multiplex or MDF. Order your birch wood top that fits in exactly to the centimetre where you need work or storage space.
Easy-care, robust, an eye-catcher in the overall design of your home: the birch table meets all these requirements with ease. And gives your home a natural cosiness and warmth. Wood is also a durable natural material that stands for sustainability and high value. With our birch wood tables, you can bring modern furniture into your home that cuts a fine figure in any room. The even shade of wood is just as suitable for Scandinavian interior design as it is for a boho-style living room or an office with an industrial design. Thanks to the different versions, for example with metal legs or with lacquer finishes instead of oiled surfaces, you can adapt the birch wood table to the existing room design.
Order your custom made birch table in exactly the right size and finish for your individual interior design style.

What properties does a birch wood table have?
The natural material birch wood has a long tradition in furniture making. As a table top, birch brings with it a number of positive properties. The cleanly worked top of birch wood forms a perfectly smooth surface. Treatments with stain, impregnation and polish are particularly well absorbed by the wood. Birch wood is quite evenly coloured, it does not have a colour core. That is why the table made of birch wood with its even colouring fits perfectly into uniformly designed living landscapes. The subtle colour shades are quite varied: the colour palette of birch wood ranges from a whitish-yellow tone to a reddish-brown nuance. Depending on the furnishing style and personal taste, the birch wood table can therefore be adapted not only in terms of shape. In any case, the natural material wood brings a warm, friendly light shade into every room of your home.

How do I care for the birch wood table top?
We offer our individual table tops with differently treated surfaces. Whether oiled, with clear varnish or lacquered, that is entirely up to you.
The oiled birch wood tabletop has a particularly natural and warm appearance. To ensure that you enjoy the stain-free surface for a long time, it is best to take precautions when using it: For example, use coasters for plates and glasses on your dining table to protect the top.
If a small accident does occur, clean your birch wood tabletop with warm water and a soft cotton cloth. For heavier soiling, use a wood care oil. This special oil is also good for the birch table as a regular freshening-up treatment. Apply the oil to your birch furniture every six to eight months. Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth and apply the oil sparingly. Gently buff in the liquid and then remove any excess oil with a cloth.

Where does the wood for the custom made birch tables come from?
The wood for our high-quality solid wood furniture grows in European forests. These forests are managed in a sustainable manner. In the production in our German and Polish production facilities, we continue the idea of sustainability. For example, we use leftovers for wood samples and use solvent-free, colourless BIOFA quality oils for many pieces of furniture. This oil not only reliably protects the wood, but also complies with the EN 71, Part 3 standard. Wood treated in this way meets the safety standards that must be met for children's toys.

How do I find the perfect custom made birch table?
In our customer gallery and in the shop, you will find a number of models that we have already realised. Here you will find inspiration for your birch table. Can't find the right table to suit your taste? No problem, because with our custom and special designs we build the perfect table for every home. Our free planning and advisory service will help you with all your questions about the perfect table.

You can ask yourself the following questions to configure the perfect custom made dining table:

  • What tasks should the table fulfil?
  • How many people will use the new birch table?
  • How much space is available for the table? Measure the room in advance.
  • Are there any special requests, for example a special height for a wheelchair-accessible table or worktop?
  • What style matches my existing furniture?

With a little preparation and our expert advice, we will configure the perfect custom made birch wood table together. Whether you are looking for a dining table, a coffee table or something for the children's room.

Can I order ready-made birch tables from Pickawood?
Browse through our shop and the customer gallery. Here you can see examples of the tables we have already built and delivered. Are you enthusiastic about one of these models? Then order this table simply and quickly with a click of the mouse. If you want to change individual details, just ask.
Our shop offers a total of 33 table models, made of ten different types of solid wood and in a wide range of sizes. Use our table configurator, which guides you step by step through the selection. And if you still have a special request: Feel free to contact us, we will find the right solution for your dream custom made table.

Any questions? Contact us.

Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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