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Beech tables made to measure

Discover our table models and plan a completely individual table made of beech wood in just a few steps.


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"Each beech table is made individually for you in our company. Pick a model and choose wood type, dimensions and additional options."


Tim Ehling

Our popular beech table models

Table model: Madrid

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Also available with Swiss edge
£ 1.460,70
Table model: Marseille

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Straight table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 816,30
Table model: Stockholm

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • 4 different table edges
£ 1.167,30
Table model: Lyon

Length up to 220 cm, width and height variable

  • Tapered table legs
  • Attachable top + drawer
£ 900,90

Your beech table made to measure

In 3 steps to your beech table

Select table model

Choose from one of our 29 table models and 19 coffee table models. Each of these table models you can customize according to your own ideas.

Determine table dimensions

You can directly enter the dimensions such as length, width or table height of your beech table and immediately see the resulting price.

Select table edge

Choose your dream beech table edge in our configurator.

These solid wood tables are at our customers place

Tables made of beech, solid, attractive and changeable

Made of the finest solid wood, your beech table is an eye-catcher. Are you looking for a table that combines natural beauty and strength, is easy to clean, strong and durable at the same time? Then we have just the thing for you: a table made of solid beech.
This noble reddish wood impressively combines all the desired properties and is also able to protect itself from the many challenges of an active everyday life. Opt for a noble, custom made solid wood table made of our high-quality and affordable beech and make your family meeting place more beautiful, new and personal than ever.

Beech table, durable and comfortable

In the days of the Roman Empire, our ancestors ate from tables. The word comes from the Latin term "dis" and means something like "disc". We still know disks today. The dining tables of the time were all made of local wood, including the original beech. Even today, the beech dining table is one of the most sophisticated pieces of furniture. You can eat on it without hesitation, iron your laundry or turn it into a table for board games in the evening.
Its light to reddish colour gives the dining or living room a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to its robust surface, the beech table is ideal as a personal dining table and also as a custom made desk for rather rough use. Whether you work on the computer or are creative, your beech worktop is the perfect piece of furniture. But it is not only a writing or dining table that can be made from beech. A lightweight piece of furniture with four legs is also popular as a coffee table. You can put a remote control, a book or a magazine on it, and there will definitely be room for a card or board game.
Tables made of solid beech are very popular and versatile because of their natural beauty and clear structure. Oiled surfaces protect the wood, increase its original resistance and regulate the air in the room. A stylish beech table can be a sophisticated piece of furniture in a large living room or sparkle in a study. Most of our solid wood tables can be used as desks in the office.Made of the finest solid wood, your beech table is an eye-catcher. Are you looking for a table that combines natural beauty and strength, is easy to clean, strong and durable at the same time? Then we have just the thing for you: a table made of solid beech.

Solid wood tables made from beech heartwood

The reddish-yellow tone of the natural wood made from beech heartwood captivates with its simple elegance. The solid wood table with solid legs is a visual eye-catcher thanks to its minimalist design and offers optimal weight distribution on the floor. Many tables can be extended with extension systems or extension leaves. The extendable dining table has the advantage that you are not bound to one length. If guests spontaneously arrive, your dining table can be impressively extended with the pull-out function or the optional extension leaf.
Beech tables also make good kitchen tables, whether small or large. Don't make any lazy compromises, but adapt your new beech table entirely to your requirements and space conditions. For example, use a free corner in your kitchen for a beautiful beech dining set consisting of a kitchen table, bench, stylish matching wooden stools and/or chairs.
Our beech dining tables will be the highlight of your room. This is where the whole family meets to eat and spend time together. The solid beech core dining table is durable and will accompany you wherever you go. The discreet beech wood colour means real understatement. And that is exactly what makes it so versatile! Use our online configurator to design your dining table with beech core absolutely according to your wishes. With our carpentry, we can clearly meet your personal taste. A beech top with bevelled legs, stainless steel rails or an elegantly chiselled base, many things are possible!

Solid beech wood for the dining table

Solid beech tables with a simple structure have a warm and cosy effect and create a pleasant natural ambience. The fine composition of beech fits perfectly into a wide variety of lifestyles. We offer a wide selection of beech tables in antagonistic finishes, made in different lengths, heights and widths and sometimes special sizes.
With a beech dining table, your dining room will become a favourite place in your home. If you prefer a more vibrant structure than a beech dining table, you can take a look at our beech heartwood dining tables. The beech heart comes from the same wood as the beech wood. Our solid beech products use the inside of the log, which has a slightly different colour and a stronger texture.
If you want your table to be made entirely of beech, a solid wood table with sloping runners is interesting. Tables from the edge of the tree are very popular these days. Models with steel frames testify to simple elegance and blend harmoniously into any modern dining room thanks to a sturdy steel centre leg. Beech tables impress with their minimalist lines and wide steel runners, whose fashionable design distributes the weight perfectly and is gentle on the floor. Discover many other models with interesting table frames, which you can get from us in different colours or other chic surfaces and of course always according to your desired dimensions.
Whether as a dining table with simple elegance or as a solid wood table with an extravagant base to emphasise your individual style, you are sure to find your dream table among the numerous models made of beech heartwood or wild beech. Beech has a beautiful, reddish-yellow warm wood colour, especially the heartwood.

What styles do beech tables have?

No matter what style you want your table to be, classic, modern, Scandinavian and much more. You will find it with us, we always offer sophisticated wooden tables.

What goes well with beech tables?

We recommend buffets made of solid beech, which go perfectly with dining tables made of beech. Find all your furniture for dining room, living room, kitchen and more in our other categories.

What variations of beech tables are there?

Different models always offer you a very special design of the table frame, for example made of striped steel, the colour of which you can customise. All models have a special look.

Are solid beech dining tables available to order?

Are you wondering if the beech dining table can be custom made? Of course, why not? Plan your ideal piece of furniture with our Experts. The dining table should match your existing furniture and we are happy to help!

Why buy a beech table?

Beech is one of the most famous solid wood species. Many stories surround this deciduous tree with its light brown trunk and fruit. Due to its diverse properties, beech is a suitable wood species for making furniture.

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