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Wide lowboards made to measure

Design your personal wide lowboard online with our simple online planner - from home or on the go.


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sustainable forestry


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"Conveniently plan your individual wide lowboard with our 3D configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

Wide lowboards designed for you

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Design your wide lowboard made to measure

In 3 steps to your wide lowboard

Determine dimensions and material

Set the dimensions of your wide lowboard and choose your dream material from 5 materials and 11 solid wood species.

Customize furniture feet

Provide your wide lowboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design wide lowboard

Customize the number and layout of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your furniture.

Pick and match popular wide lowboard designs

Pickawood UK: Width lowboards made to measure

Pickawood UK is your furniture manufacturer for sustainable custom made furniture: we offer you various pieces of furniture in high quality that is durable. This includes our popular custom made wide sideboards that you use for different rooms and storage options.
Wide lowboards belong to the sideboard category and belong in every home. They round off the inventory and provide you with plenty of storage space. In addition, you can choose how you want to arrange the storage space. Many of our customers use it to place the television on. Others lovingly decorate the surface with

  • lamps,
  • decorative accessories,
  • books
  • and much more.

What makes Pickawood UK stand out
At Pickawood UK, you can easily design your custom made wide lowboards, which are manufactured exactly and to the millimetre according to your specifications. Our expert team takes care of the details to ensure that everything is done according to your wishes. To this end, we are happy to provide advice to make the production process even easier for you. Apart from that, the simple 3D configurator is the best option to get to the desired wide lowboard in a short time.
In addition, we offer to give you a regular status on your delivery. This way you are always well informed and you will soon be pleased with your new customised wide lowboard!

Custom made wide lowboards for your home
Are you looking for a certain lowboard, but so far you have been unsuccessful? Then write down the custom made dimensions you want and transfer them to our configurator. The system is child's play and after just a few clicks you will have created your dream wide lowboard.
In addition to the choice of materials for the fronts, doors or drawers, the handles and feet are also important. You can choose from several models made of raw steel or real wood.
All doors and drawers that you order from Pickawood UK are equipped with soft-close: This means that the fronts close quietly. Unnecessary noise is thus prevented and ensures peaceful coexistence.

High quality and long service life
The furniture at Pickawood UK is made from high quality materials, which include for example

or walnut.

We use sustainably produced solid or veneer wood that you can select in the configurator. The animation shows you in 3D what the future wide customised lowboard will look like. If you wish, we can lacquer the lowboard for you in one or more colours.
To get a better idea of the quality and the colour of the wood, we will send you free wood samples to your home.

Contact us
On our website you will find many examples from other customers to get first impressions. In addition, you will find the matching custom made dimensions to make it easier for you to get started. You can change these if you wish, or you can create your own wide lowboard right away. It is important to know the right custom made dimensions, which you can find out by following the instructions below.
In addition, we are always available to advise you: Contact us and tell us about your wishes, questions or criticism. By telephone or video consultation, we will do our best to satisfy you. In our showroom at Hamburg's Rödingermarkt, we are there for you live on site.

What are custom made wide lowboards?

Customised wide lowboards are handmade pieces of furniture tailored to your individual wishes, which you can easily commission from Pickawood UK. We work to the millimetre according to your specifications and create your wide lowboards for you in a short time.

What do I use customised wide lowboards for?

Customised wide lowboards are good for a variety of purposes: many use them as TV holders, for storing magazines or for good crockery. How you use the high-quality wide lowboards is entirely up to you.

In which room are wide lowboards placed?

As a rule, wide lowboards are placed in the living room, dining room or bedroom. However, you can also use them in other rooms, such as the hallway, the children's room or the kitchen.

What are the usual custom made dimensions?

At Pickawood UK, you determine the custom made dimensions: Usually, most wide lowboards have a height of 30 to a maximum of 70 centimetres and a width of at least 80 centimetres. We are happy to take care of customised designs!

What material are the wide lowboards made of?

You decide which materials the wide lowboards are made of. You can choose from various types of wood made of real veneer or solid wood, which are lacquered with BIOFA's quality oils. Medium-density fibreboard, multiplex and raw steel complete the selection list.

What colour are the fronts?

Many of our customers prefer a natural look, so the fronts, drawers or doors are left natural. Otherwise, you can choose from up to 200 GAL colours.

Are there different feet to choose from?

When configuring, you select the desired feet, which have a different design and are made of different materials.

Are Pickawood UK's wide lowboards sustainably made?

At Pickawood UK, we place great emphasis on sustainability: that is why we are a member of B.A.U.M. e. V. and only use wood from sustainable forestry.

How do I make a customised wide lowboard?

The best way is to use our easy-to-understand 3D configurator or contact us to arrange a telephone or video consultation.

Any questions? Contact us.