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Record sideboards

Configure your personal record sideboard using our easy configurator or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


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Materials from
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"Conveniently design your own personal sideboard for your entire record collection with our easy online configurator or get inspired by our design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

Our record sideboards

Record sideboards made to measure

With a staircase or step shelf from Pickawood UK, you can effectively use the space under sloping ceilings and stairs. With our online configurator, you can adjust the height of each individual shelf column to suit your needs. Also take a look at our individual sloping roof shelves or be inspired by our design suggestions. Our interior design consultants will be happy to assist you in planning your tiered shelving.

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Record sideboards from Pickawood UK at your home

Configure your custom made record sideboard 

Record sideboards configure in 3D

Determine external dimensions and material

Determine the dimensions of your record sideboard and choose your dream material from 11 solid wood species and 5 materials.

Select furniture feet

Provide your record sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Record sideboard design

Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments of your record sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

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Record sideboards made to measure - a must-have for collectors

Always beloved and loyal by some, rediscovered by others, a new start for younger people: vinyl is celebrating a renaissance. Record collections are something very personal. Treasures are guarded. Covers are especially protected. Not everything should immediately catch the eye, but records must also be easily accessible.
If you start with just a few records, you will soon realize that the bookshelf is not enough to store them. Standardized record shelves are too large or too small and they often do not please. Custom record sideboards are different. They provide space for the entire collection, allow special systematics and they fit perfectly on the wall or in the middle of the room.
The storage of records determines their condition and sound experience. Vinyl should be stored standing up. For this, the dimensions must be right. With a record sideboard made especially for you, this is no problem. The weight of the records also plays a role. The construction must be stable and must not warp.
At Pickawood UK, the shape, features and size of the individual record rack are right, because you yourself specify the dimensions. You can perfectly accommodate your LP collection, specially protect special specimens and effectively display others. To do this, simply switch between open and closed fronts. A modular design allows you to sort records thematically while facilitating standing storage. Record sideboards made to measure also offer the possibility to accommodate hi-fi equipment or to adapt them to furniture that supports the equipment. Thus, aesthetic harmony of interior design and sound experience meet.

Space for vinyl - elegant, minimalist or complex

While Voyager Golden Records have been orbiting in space since 1977, you need to find solutions for your archive on Earth. If your collection is as colorful as the compilation on the space records, you'll need plenty of space and ideas to accommodate Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, tracks by Louis Armstrong and songs by Chuck Berry.
The backs of standing records can irritate en masse. Cleverly solved, closed and open modules alternate. This gives you the opportunity to separate special specimens dust-proof and to have frequently used quickly at hand. Storage in boxes can be ideal: a number of records stand exactly in such a way that optimal upright storage is given and no leaning at an angle is possible. Boxes are easy to handle and also offer a pleasant aesthetic solution.
Timelessly modern look clear conceptions. Designed as a lowboard, a record shelf can also serve to place a TV, DVD player and sound system. You can also integrate your record storage into a larger shelving system or use it as a room divider. Pickawood UK offers you several options. Opt for a shelf made of solid wood with a warm room tone or choose MDF with an elegant high-gloss finish. You can also use veneered chipboard or opt for variants made of multiplex.
Take a look at the models offered online as well. Customize them to your liking and simply order your custom panel shelf from Pickawood UK. You can also create your own design. Use the online configurator to create the material, the desired dimensions, the number of compartments, the structure with or without doors including handles.

What are the advantages of a record sideboard made to measure?

Prefabricated sideboards for records are standardized. Although they reach the height and depth of an LP of 31.5 × 31.5 centimeters, they have a fixed width of the individual compartments, which does not necessarily match your organization system and the room situation. If you do not want to compromise and make the right choice in the long term, opt for the customization of your record sideboard. With this you get

  • exactly the dimensions you want in height and width of the whole carcass and in the division
  • exactly the layout you imagine. Open and closed fronts can alternate, drawers and boxes can be integrated, as well as sound systems
  • clearly the design that suits you, your lifestyle, your record collection and your ambience
  • exactly the material that guarantees durability and beauty

Which material is best for a record rack?

At Pickawood UK, you can choose from a variety of materials. You can also opt for combinations and, for example, complement a solid wood body with shelf inserts made of veneered MDF. The most important thing in a record sideboard is stability, because LPs bring it as a collection to a great weight.

Solid wood is the classic in furniture construction. The renewable raw material is durable, resistant and has a warm appearance. Different types of wood from maple to walnut are possible. Pine is the cheapest, oak the most robust. Light beech looks friendly, dark walnut elegant.
MDF ensures resistance and high stability with low risk of warping and bending at reasonable prices. Medium-density fiberboard is made from wood scraps. The surface can be designed in different ways. You can have them veneered, painted in all colors or coated.
Multiplex impresses with its high stability. This is based on the system of several veneer layers glued crosswise. Multiplex can also be coated, painted or simply oiled.
Chipboard has long been considered the cheapest option in furniture construction. Wood veneers or varnishes provide a pleasant surface. Warpage is not to be feared. However, construction matters if shelving inserts are to support the weight of your LP collection and last a long time.

Where can a custom sideboard for records be placed?

You can place a custom record sideboard directly against the wall, integrate it into a shelving system, place it in the room, or even use it as a room divider. Sideboards fit in study rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

What to look for in the design of a record sideboard made to measure?

The height and depth of the records to be stored are non-negotiable. Pay attention to play as well. If you store your records upright in boxes, these must be factored in. The biggest challenge is the weight of the LPS. Stability is a must with materials and construction. Space for turntables and sound systems should be planned for. Likewise, expansion of the collection should be considered.

How do I care for a record sideboard?

According to the requirements of the material is maintained: Furniture polish gives veneer and wood a beautiful appearance. Rubbed with a damp cloth, lacquer surfaces shine again.

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