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Sideboards made of pine made to measure

Design your custom pine sideboard in our easy online configurator or get inspired by our pre-made designs.


Materials from
sustainable forestry


With or without
doors and drawers

"Customize your pine sideboard or get inspired by our pre-made designs. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

Our sideboards from pine

Open pine highboard made to measure
plus more options

Width: 90 cm | Height: 153 cm | Depth: 30 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 1.785,70 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Wide pine sideboard
plus more options

Width: 149 cm | Height: 80 cm | Depth: 20 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 2.418,18 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Hanging sideboard from pine
plus more options

Width: 128 cm | Height: 60 cm | Depth: 30 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 987,62 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Buffet from pine
plus more options

Width: 134 cm | Height: 46 cm | Depth: 30 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 805,06 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Highboard with glass doors in pine
plus more options

Width: 110 cm | Height: 153 cm | Depth: 30 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 2.380,27 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks
Narrow pine highboard
plus more options

Width: 74 cm | Height: 162 cm | Depth: 35 cm
Material: Pine - Natural Oiled

£ 1.264,96 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks

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Your pine sideboard made to measure

In 3 steps to your pine sideboard

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your pine sideboard.

Customize feet

Provide your pine sideboard with a base or furniture feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet.

Design sideboard from pine

Customize the number and division of compartments and columns, and add drawers and various doors to your piece of furniture.

Popular pine sideboards

Sideboards from pine from Pickawood

Sideboards are and will remain the living room classic par excellence. Whether in the living room, bedroom or even in the hallway - sideboards make every room look stylish and also offer a lot of storage space. Pine in particular is a very popular material, as it is versatile and matches many other styles. With Pickawood you can even custom make your own pine sideboard!

The right sideboard for every taste - and every room

Especially when it comes to a sideboard, customisation can be a real blessing. Because a custom made sideboard is a practical addition to almost any room, providing additional storage space and leaving no room unused. However, many common sideboards do not fit perfectly into the room, so that these advantages remain hidden. This is not the case with Pickawood. Here you determine which custom made dimensions your pine sideboard should have. This way, you can match it exactly to the space for which you have intended it. This way, the room neither looks cluttered nor do you have to do without the practical living classic.

Design your custom made sideboard with Pickawood

For the production of the custom made pine sideboard, our well-trained and experienced carpenters use only high-quality woods that come from sustainable forestry. You can easily design your custom made sideboard yourself on our website. If you have any difficulties, you are welcome to ask our team for advice.
In the online configurator, you are only four steps away from your dream pine sideboard. In the first step, you specify the external dimensions and, of course, the desired material. These are the most important data so that your dream chest of drawers or sideboard also fits perfectly into your home. At Pickawood, however, you can not only determine the custom made dimensions yourself, but much more. In the second step, you decide how the columns and compartments of your sideboard should look. Then you decide on a plinth or feet. Then you can add drawers, doors and handles to your sideboard. At the very end, you have the option of choosing various additional options to perfectly round off your dream pine sideboard. You then place the order for the custom made piece of furniture. This is then lovingly handcrafted. If you have any questions, you can always contact our furniture consultants or service staff.

What are the advantages of sideboards?

Sideboards are real all-round talents, which is why they are so popular when designing a room. They offer practical storage space and are also a great eye-catcher in your home. Thanks to the numerous design options with drawers, compartments and shelves inside the chest of drawers, you have a lot of free space to store everyday items. In addition, the surface of your sideboard is wonderfully suitable for decorative accessories.

Where can a pine sideboard be used?

A pine sideboard can be used in numerous places. So you are not only very flexible in the design of your sideboard, but also in its use. Many people like to use sideboards in the living room because they round off the room concept well and the storage space can be put to great use. For example, if you decide to have several shelves in the configuration, you can store board games, books or dishes within easy reach. Depending on the height, you can also use a sideboard in the living room to place a TV set on it.
In addition, sideboards are also wonderfully suitable for the bedroom, as the interiors can also be equipped with several compartments and drawers. This way, you can use the sideboard like a small custom made chest of drawers and store your laundry in it. But a sideboard also offers wonderful storage space in the study, so that you can store your documents there comfortably and safely. Last but not least, a chest of drawers is of course also suitable for the children's room or the hallway. With several shelves, you can even use a sideboard as a shoe cupboard. Other shoe cabinets are often deeper or higher, so that the surface can usually be used less well for decorative accessories. With a pine sideboard, you can combine these two uses.

What goes well with a pine sideboard?

The beauty is that a pine sideboard can be combined in many ways. For this reason, many people choose precisely this material. Ideally, of course, you combine a pine sideboard with other furniture that is also made of pine. Since, as mentioned above, it is a very popular material, you will also quickly find other custom made furniture made of pine.

What should I pay attention to when designing my sideboard from Pickawood?

First and foremost, of course, you should make sure that you measure the space in your flat or house correctly so that you do not make any mistakes when entering the custom made measurements. Our pieces of furniture are all lovingly handcrafted, which is why you should pay sufficient attention to the planning in advance. Furthermore, we recommend that you consider in advance how you would like to use the storage space so that you can also optimise the interior design of your sideboard. For example, if you want to use the chest of drawers for the bedroom and store your laundry in it, various compartments and drawers are very suitable. If, on the other hand, the chest of drawers is to have its place in the living room and you would like to store board games or high-quality crockery in it, for example, then you are better off with a few simple shelves. Therefore, you should go through the items that are to be placed in the chest of drawers beforehand so that you can really make use of all the advantages that Pickawood offers you.

Where can I get inspiration if I don't know how to design my sideboard?

We have already designed and pre-structured some pine sideboards, so you can get some inspiration there. This way, you can first be inspired by our suggested dimensions and materials and then customise your desired product as you wish. If you need more inspiration, take a look at the photos of our customers. We have put together the most beautiful pictures for you in the customer gallery.

Any questions? Contact us.

Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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