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Sideboards made of oak made to measure

Discover our selected oak sideboards or plan conveniently with our 3D configurator.


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Oak from
sustainable forestry

"Create your own custom oak sideboard or choose one of the models designed by our furniture designers. Each piece of furniture is made for you by experienced carpenters."


Tim Ehling

Our sideboards from oak

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Oak sideboards at your home

Customize your sideboard from oak

Your oak sideboard in 3 steps

Select external dimensions

You can freely determine the height, width and depth of your oak sideboard.

Customize feet

Provide your oak sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design sideboard from oak

Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments of your oak sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your furniture.

Discover our oak sideboards

Sideboards made of oak from Pickawood UK - according to your ideas

Whether a classic chest of drawers, a highboard or a lowboard - at Pickawood UK you will find sideboards that suit your taste and your living space exactly. With a model made of solid oak, you choose a particularly high-quality and robust piece of furniture that will accompany you for a long time. The special thing about an oak sideboard from Pickawood UK: thanks to our 3D configurator, you can design the size, look and features exactly as you want them. Are you looking for ideas or would you rather go for a ready-made model? Then let yourself be inspired by our design suggestions and our large range of ready-made furniture!

Solid all-rounders: How to save space and design your living space with sideboards

Sideboards are truly multi-talented pieces of furniture. First and foremost, they serve as practical storage for a wide variety of things. They are a good choice when it comes to bringing order into the home with simple means: from clothes and bed linen in the bedroom to the toy chaos in the children's room to office items and important documents in the home office. In addition to storage space, they often offer additional storage space. They make an ideal place for the TV or to showcase photos and cherished mementos. With the right custom made dimensions and arrangement, you can divide up a room with a sideboard - creating a whole new atmosphere. Even unused and unsettled-looking corners, e.g. under sloping ceilings or washbasins, can be upgraded with matching sideboards and better integrated into the living space.

Solid oak - robust and durable

If you are looking for a particularly high-quality sideboard, it is worth investing in a model made of solid wood. In the production of solid wood, tree trunks of a single tree species are sawn into slats and glued together to form a wooden board. The length and arrangement of the slats, as well as the grain and colour of the wood, influence the appearance of the finished wooden panel. This creates a unique look. Therefore, each individual piece of furniture made of solid wood is unique and has its own charm. As a renewable raw material and pure natural product, solid wood is also particularly environmentally friendly. Oak wood is robust and durable and is therefore ideal for furniture making. By nature, it has grey and brown tones with yellow undertones. Therefore, natural oak wood has a warm and calming effect on the living space. The surface of the wood is finished in various ways. At Pickawood UK, you can get undyed solid oak with an oiled or lacquered surface. The oiled variant is also available in various noble shades that you can perfectly match to the style of your interior.

Which sideboard for which needs?

The range of sideboards is huge. When choosing the right model, not only the look but also the practical use plays an important role. To decide which individual sideboard best suits you and your home, it is worth taking a look at the various subcategories:

Chests of drawers

Classic chests of drawers are practical storage furniture that are suitable for any room. With the help of our online configurator, you can quickly and conveniently customise your dream chest of drawers. You are also free to choose the type and layout of the storage systems: drawers, doors and shelves can be arranged and combined as you wish. Experiment with different fronts, compartments and extras and consider what works best for your purposes.


Lowboards are low and therefore usually longer chests of drawers. They are well suited as side tables with extra storage space. They are often used for televisions and entertainment systems. Custom made lowboards are also a good choice for the children's room: toddlers can easily put their toys in and out themselves and use the surface for playing or painting. This not only creates order, but also contributes to the children's independence. Lowboards are particularly practical for flats with low sloping ceilings, as they create storage space in places that would otherwise go unused.


In contrast to lowboards, highboards are tall and rather narrow like classic shelves or cupboards. Here, too, you can adjust the height and width in the configurator according to your wishes. High models offer a lot of space on a small footprint. Therefore, they are well suited for flats that are rather small or have very high ceilings. They are also very practical for narrow spaces where many things are stored - for example in the bathroom or in the storage room.

Your dream piece of furniture with just a few clicks

Whether open, closed, long or high, whether plain or with special equipment:
Experiment with our 3D configurator and find your very own dream piece of furniture with just a few clicks. Adapt it to the style of your interior or create an unusual highlight that will catch everyone's eye. Your solid oak sideboard will be with you for a long time.

How and where are the oak sideboards made?

Like all pieces of furniture from Pickawood UK, your self-configured sideboard is handcrafted by experienced carpenters at our production sites in Germany and Poland.

What is the best way to clean and care for my solid oak sideboard?

Do not use any cleaning agents on unvarnished wood and do not use too much moisture, but rather wipe it with a dry dust cloth. Oiled oak wood must be regularly treated with oil. You can carefully sand off stubborn stains beforehand.

How good is the quality of the solid wood used?

We only use high-quality solid woods that come from sustainable forestry. To get an impression of the quality and feel of the woods, you can order free samples.

What extras can I add to my sideboard if I want to use it for my entertainment system?

To build the perfect home cinema system with your sideboard, you can equip it with an automatic TV lift, matching cable cut-outs and lighting.

Where can I get help planning my sideboard?

If you need help with planning or have problems with the configurator, Pickawood UK's planning and advice service will help you free of charge. You can reach them by phone, email or via the contact form.

Any questions? Contact us.