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"Easily configure your personal and deep sideboard with our online configurator or get inspired by the design suggestions."


Tim Ehling

Deep sideboards planned for you

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Depth sideboards at your home

Configure your deep sideboard made to measure

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Determine external dimensions and material

Determine the dimensions of your deep sideboard and choose your dream material from 11 solid wood species and 5 materials.

Customize furniture feet

Provide your deep sideboard with a base or feet. Here you can choose from 9 different feet in our configurator.

Design deep sideboard

Customize the layout and number of compartments and columns of your deep sideboard and add drawers and various doors to your furniture.

Our bestsellers

Pickawood - deep sideboards made to measure for your beautiful home

Is there a special place in your home with unusual dimensions where no normal sideboard from the furniture store has fitted in so far?
Your living room is perfectly furnished, but there is a gap on one of the walls and at the same time you are looking for storage space for crockery, books or the entertainment system. For months you have been wandering through the furniture stores in the area. But none of the deep sideboards on offer matches your existing furnishings. The pieces of furniture in the showrooms are either too big or too small. In other cases, the colour does not match your existing furnishings or the sideboard is not sturdy enough for your planned requirements.
If you want your customised sideboard to fit your home and not the other way around like in a furniture store, then Pickawood is the right place for you. Our carpenters will make customised deep sideboards for you that fit harmoniously into the existing living landscape exactly according to your wishes.

How do you get a first impression of the work of our carpenters?
You already know the dimensions you want your deep sideboard to have. Before you order, you would like to get some ideas, for example in terms of design or the options for compartments and drawers. Our master carpenters have designed deep sideboards and then built them. You can see the result in the suggestion list of our pre-constructed sideboards. There you will also find the dimensions of the deep sideboards designed for you. A selection of pictures of our customers who have already ordered a deep sideboard from us can be found on our site as additional inspiration. The photos give you an overview of the craftsmanship of our carpenters.

What are deep sideboards from Pickawood made of and can I order the products with a clear conscience?
We only use high-quality woods for your custom made furniture. You have the choice between solid woods made of beech, oak or pine. Optionally, we can use MDF wood as the base for your deep sideboard. To ensure that every piece of furniture for your home is stable, the wood thickness is always 3 centimetres. You determine the other dimensions yourself and enter the data in the online configurator.

Environmental protection is a central theme of Pickawood's corporate culture. For this reason, we only use woods from the forests of Europe that have been sustainably cultivated in our work. Before we source our raw materials, we ask to see the relevant certificates. Furthermore, our company is a member of B.A.U.M. e.V., the federal German working group for environmentally conscious management. During our work, we collect wood scraps, for example, which we are happy to send to our customers in advance as samples.

The configurator for deep sideboards - the perfect piece of furniture in just a few steps
To use the configurator comfortably, you do not need any technical or craft knowledge. The entire ordering process is completed in just a few minutes. First, you enter the dimensions for your deep sideboard with height, width and length. Then you specify the number of columns and compartments per column. In step three, you determine what material your unique piece of furniture should be made of. Now it's time to choose the base and the number of doors and drawers. By choosing the decor for the doors, you have already completed the configuration of your deep sideboard. Finally, place your individual order in the shopping basket and, after adding your contact details, you can send off the order.

Can I get help if I am unsure about configuring the deep sideboard?

If you have any questions, for example about the material or the features of your piece of furniture, you are welcome to contact us by email or telephone. In addition, we offer live chat on our site so that you can get the right answer quickly. The service is free of charge and our staff will be happy to help you at any time.

Do I have enough options when choosing the look for my deep sideboard?

We have more than 200 RAL colours for you to choose from in our range. You are sure to find the right design for your custom made deep lowboard among them. If you have chosen MDF wood as the material, you will receive your desired lacquer finish. We treat solid wood furniture with solvent-free and colourless brand oil from BIOFA to protect it.

Can I have a wood sample from Pickawood delivered to me in advance?

We do not simply dispose of the waste wood from the production of our furniture. We are happy to send individual parts as wood samples directly to your home. You will receive the first four wood samples worth 12.00 euros from us free of charge. We will charge you 3.00 euros for each additional sample.

Are there alternatives for the base of my deep sideboard from Pickawood?

Without a base or foot, your sideboard stands directly on the floor. Alternatively, you can place your piece of furniture on wooden or metal feet, which are available in different heights and designs. The castors, which we will be happy to fit on request, are practical. This even makes your sideboard mobile in your home.

Do I have a choice of design and function for the doors on my sideboard?

You can choose between 8 different door handle variants in our configurator. Together with the Soft-Close hinges, opening and closing the doors is easy and convenient. The push-to-open function for the cabinet doors is one of our bestsellers and rounds off the selection for your new sideboard.

Are deep sideboards suitable for integrating a flat screen?

With the TV lift from Pickawood in your sideboard, your flat screen appears at the touch of a button as if moved by magic. A flap opens on your deep sideboard and the screen slowly rises. This effect is particularly effective for living rooms and bedrooms, so that the TV disappears invisibly into the room when it is not in use.

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