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Sometimes it is not so easy to decide on the perfect household cupboard. Especially the planning can be quite difficult if you are not a professional. Fortunately, there is help in the form of Pickawood UK. Pickawood UK is a company that offers comprehensive advice on choosing custom-made cupboards. And best of all: the custom-made furniture is delivered directly to your home free of charge.

Create your dream cupboard in four steps with the Pickawood UK online configurator
It is hard to imagine our everyday life without household cupboards. They not only provide storage space, but are also largely responsible for keeping our homes tidy. Cupboards that are customised exactly to the individual circumstances of a room are particularly advantageous. With the help of Pickawood UK's online configurator, you can create high-quality cupboards entirely according to your wishes. The first step is to plan the exterior of the wardrobe. In addition to the external dimensions, the desired material is selected from a variety of decors and real wood veneers. Step number two is all about planning the compartments. It doesn't matter whether you want a simple compartment layout or have individual ideas: Everything is possible with the online configurator. The third step is the interior design. Here you can add details such as clothes rails or interior drawers. Then comes the fourth and final step. You can choose between an open wardrobe or closed fronts as you wish. If you have any special wishes or questions, Pickawood UK's furnishing advisors are at your disposal. The team has many years of experience and regularly consults with the timber construction engineers.

Design the perfect interior of your household cupboard
The interior of a household cupboard is often underestimated. Yet it is precisely the interior that plays an important role when it comes to storage space in your home. Pickawood UK's special customisation options allow you to create even more space. Basically, a vertical compartment division is recommended. This gives the wardrobe stability, structure and a higher load limit.

When planning the cupboard, the aspect of safety must not be neglected. Pickawood UK recommends that you be especially careful when storing cleaning and washing products. Extra large drawers should be planned for these to keep them safe from small children and pets. If you want to be on the safe side, you can order special custom-made products as well as lockable drawers or cupboard walls from Pickawood UK.

Modern technology also plays a not insignificant role when planning a wardrobe. The charging station of a robot vacuum cleaner, for example, can be stored inside the cupboard. For uneven floors, you can order height adjusters from Pickawood UK for a firm and stable stand. The margin here is seven to ten centimetres. The Pickawood UK online shop not only offers you household cupboards of excellent quality, but also a large selection of matching handles. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from a wide range of modern and high-quality handles. At Pickawood UK, however, you can not only configure individual wardrobes yourself, but also browse through a wide range of pre-designed wardrobes. You can also simply get some inspiration here and let the impressions flow into your work with the online configurator.

Which household wardrobes can be bought at Pickawood UK?
At Pickawood UK, you can choose between a wide range of products in the online shop and specially made-to-measure wardrobes. The household cabinets from the shop can be ordered straight away or simply used as an inspiring design template. With the help of the online configurator, you can put together your dream cupboard exactly as you want it. It will be made to measure by Pickawood UK and delivered to your home free of charge within Great Britain.

How does the Pickawood UK online configurator work?
The Pickawood UK online configurator helps you to plan your dream wardrobe in four steps. The first step involves planning the external dimensions and the desired material, the second step takes care of the compartments and the third step deals with the interior fittings. In the fourth step, the decision is made for an open wardrobe or closed fronts and puts the finishing touches to the planning. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pickawood UK's competent furnishing consultants.

How do Pickawood UK customers rate the household cupboards they have received?
Pickawood UK can look back on a large number of enthusiastic and satisfied customers. Many of them send the company photos and reviews of the products. These can be viewed online on the Pickawood UK website. The most beautiful photos have been clearly arranged in a separate gallery.

What needs to be considered when planning the interior of a household cupboard?
When planning a household cupboard, the interior should play an important role. If there are small children or pets in the household, special attention should be paid to safety. Cleaning and washing products in particular should be stored safely and out of reach. Pickawood UK offers its customers a variety of solutions for this. Technology enthusiasts should also plan enough space for technologies such as the charging station of a hoover robot.

Why is a vertical division of the compartments recommended?
Vertical partitioning gives the customized cupboard more stability as well as structure. It also provides a larger amount of storage space. Shoes, bags or other items can be stored clearly and orderly in this way.

Can sketches with special ideas also be submitted to Pickawood UK?
If you already have precise ideas of what your dream wardrobe should look like and have made a sketch of it, you are welcome to send it to Pickawood UK. Your personal furnishing consultant will look at the drawing and use it to create a configuration. You will then receive a non-binding offer.