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Design your individual shelf with drawers in our simple online configurator or gather inspiration through our prefabricated designs.


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"Conveniently design your individual drawer unit with our online configurator or gather inspiration with the help of our design suggestions."


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Design your shelving unit with drawers up to 6 metres wide and 3 metres high and choose your dream material from 11 solid wood types and 6 materials.

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Your perfect shelf with custom made drawers is not far away: thanks to Pickawood UK

The search for the perfect piece of furniture that completely matches one's own taste and the requirements of one's own home is not at all easy. After all, the furniture should not only be visually appealing, but also not take up valuable space in terms of its dimensions. Fortunately, there is Pickawood UK. The company provides its customers with a modern online configurator on its website, with the help of which you can configure your desired furniture quickly and easily. Before planning, it is advisable to take the measurements of your own home and determine the space that the furniture will later occupy. Especially in flats that only have a small number of square metres, space is at a premium. Furniture should not clutter up these flats, but create enough storage space to stow away important things. Made to measure drawer units not only provide the coveted storage space, but also have additional drawers that allow dust-free storage of important personal items. Another point in favour of Pickawood UK furniture is its durability. With such furniture, you are not only buying a visual eye-catcher, but also a lifetime of pleasure.

The Pickawood UK online configurator: just a few steps to your desired product

The online configurator is an extremely user-friendly tool that helps you to plan your custom-made shelving unit with drawers according to your own wishes and ideas. It only takes a few steps. The first step deals with the external dimensions of your furniture. As soon as you have determined these, you should read Pickawood UK's instructions on the assembly distance. These are especially important if your drawer unit is to be placed in a niche or ceiling-high. Then it's on to the second step. Here you can select the desired material for your furniture. You can choose between MDF coating and lacquering and premium decors. You can also choose solid wood, multiplex or real wood veneer. After deciding on the perfect material, you need to determine its thickness. You can specify a thickness of 2 centimetres or 3 centimetres, or you can opt for a mixture of the two options. The fourth step is to determine the base. A plinth is particularly advantageous because it ensures stability. If your drawer unit is to be fixed to a wall or you simply do not want a plinth, you can simply click on the option "Shelf without plinth". The fifth step deals with the number of columns, the sixth step with the number of compartments. The bottoms of the compartments can easily be adapted to your wishes by clicking on them with the mouse. Now comes a step that is important for your shelf with drawers. In the seventh step, the drawers are defined. To insert the drawers, you only need to click on the respective compartment. If you wish, you can also add additional doors. After the seventh step comes the last step. In step number 8, you have the option of adding further details to your custom-made shelf with drawers. These include rows of holes, cut-outs for a baseboard and a back panel. If your shelf is to be wall-mounted, you can add an additional wall bracket for a hanging shelf.

Not in the mood for custom configuration? The Pickawood UK shelving range has the right thing for every taste.

Pickawood UK not only provides its customers with the tried and tested online configurator, but also with a comprehensive range of already designed shelves with drawers. Here you can choose a small shelf, a large shelf or even a high-quality drawer shelf made of real wood. If there is not the right one for you and you would like to have a look at the online configurator, you can easily implement your desired material or your desired dimensions there.

Which wood is used for the production of my ordered shelf with drawers made to measure by Pickawood UK?

The team of highly trained carpenters is responsible for the production of the ordered furniture. They only use carefully selected wood of the best quality. As Pickawood UK attaches great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability, certified forestry is taken into account when selecting the wood.

I have questions - can I contact Pickawood UK?

If you have any questions about your furniture planning, you are welcome to contact the competent interior design consultants at Pickawood UK. You can also request an individual consultation. This offer is non-binding and does not involve any costs for you. You can always contact us by telephone, e-mail or in person directly on site. If you are unsure which material is the right one for your dream furniture, you are welcome to request that we send you free wood samples. These will be sent directly to your home and will give you a good insight into the different materials. Frequently asked questions from customers are also answered online on the company's website. You can easily find them under "FAQs".

Can I also add handles to my self-designed customised shelf with drawers at Pickawood UK?

Once you have added drawers or doors to your customised shelf in the online configurator, you have a choice of various high-quality handles to add to your furniture. The handles are of excellent quality and are usually made of aluminium. Handles can also be made from wood at the customer's request. If you don't want any handles at all, you also have the option of selecting a push-to-open function. For particularly important documents, some drawers or doors can be fitted with a lockable lock.

What can I understand by Pickawood UK's 3D measurement?

The 3D measurement helps customers to measure their home precisely. It is particularly suitable for sloping roofs or uneven floors. It is also particularly advantageous when large rooms, such as libraries, are to be measured.

Any questions? Contact us.