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80 cm wide shelves made to measure

Configure your individual 80 cm wide shelf in our simple 3D configurator or gather inspiration through our prefabricated designs.


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"Discover at Pickawood UK our high quality, 80 cm wide shelves made to measure. We custom produce each piece of furniture for you and deliver it to you free of charge."


Tim Ehling

Our 80 cm wide shelves

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80 cm wide shelves from Pickawood UK at your home

Design your 80 cm wide shelf made to measure

3D configurator for 80 cm wide shelves

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You can customize your 80 cm wide shelf up to a height of 3 meters.

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Choose your dream material for the 80 cm wide shelf among 6 materials and 11 types of solid wood.

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Design your 80 cm wide shelf with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

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80 cm wide shelves according to your taste

Whether it's a bookshelf or a storage rack, the possible uses of your new shelving are as varied as the options. Niches or sloping ceilings, which previously prevented you from furnishing your four walls perfectly, are no longer an obstacle. There are also countless options when it comes to visual design. Classic beech wood decor or modern high-gloss white? Try out different decors for your 80 cm wide desired shelf. To ensure that you can enjoy your 80 cm wide shelf for a long time, we use only the best materials in the production process. Pickawood UK manufactures all furniture in its own production facility in Germany.
We hide many things in the house behind cabinet doors to hide them from guests and keep order. Sometimes, however, just the opposite is needed: a display area that cleverly showcases your favorite treasures. This is where shelving comes into play. With plenty of variety, you have enormous design freedom. Whether it's a sturdy bookcase, stylish hanging shelf or compact floor-standing model, our versatile furniture is visually convincing in every respect and adds the finishing touch to any room.

Shelves are most useful pieces of furniture in a home

It is impossible to imagine everyday life without shelves. You can find them in almost all areas of today's homes. Whether it is a spice rack, a kitchen shelf or a bookcase, all shelves serve certain purposes. Custom shelves are used not only for additional storage space, but also as pure decoration.
Today it is impossible to trace the history of the origin of the shelf. Probably, from the very beginning people wanted to have small parts and the most necessary things over the floor and always at hand. Shelves create order, space and individually designed living spaces. Thus, in its meaning, shelves close flush with the tables and chairs. Numerous designers have always found new or innovative shelf designs. Statics have always been taken into account to create not only a visually appealing, but also a stable new shelf model.
A shelf is more than just storage furniture, it is a piece of furniture on which the atmosphere in the room depends. Whether it's a practical shelf for stylish decorations, a bookcase or a partition, the shelving trend is clearly moving towards versatility. Large, bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space is a thing of the past with living room shelves. Here you can find shelves in different sizes and colors that leave nothing to be desired in terms of versatility and furniture design.
Wall shelves are the cheap shelves and are mounted on the wall. Unlike floor standing shelves, they have no contact with the floor. Inexpensive, custom shelves add beautiful furniture accents to blank, dull walls. Especially convenient: since they are mounted on the wall, they take up very little space, making them ideal for small apartments, kitchens and bedrooms.
The floor standing shelves are very flexible in their placement. From high shelves to ceiling, low shelves to corner shelves, you have a free choice. Our shelves are modular and most of them are available in different widths and depths, which means you can customize the shelves exactly as you need them for storage.

Open 80 cm wide shelves for presentation and storage.

With shelves you will always have a full overview and easy access. Typical for the shelves is the open shape, which distinguishes them from other storage options such as cabinets or chests of drawers. This allows you to keep track of everything and access it without having to search for a long time. In addition to decorative accessories such as pretty vases, party items or framed photographs, you can also perfectly showcase your colorful collection of books or favorite movies in large and small storage spaces. In the kitchen, the most important spices are always at hand and in the hallway you can keep order with a matching shoe rack.
In addition, the shelves are very flexible and do not even require floor space when hung up. They are especially practical in small spaces, as they effectively use a small room and even create more space for free use.
Floor standing shelves have several large compartments where you can openly present your jewelry and other accessories. The sturdy base and durable design make it easy to store heavy items like full binders. The lightest items should be in the upper compartments and the heavier ones in the lower shelves. Some upright shelves are also available as expandable shelving systems. They consist of different parts that can be easily stacked on top of each other or extended sideways. With a shelf that grows with you, you remain flexible and can adapt the storage space to your room.

What are the applications for shelves?

Shelves can be used in a variety of areas of houses and apartments. Whether in the office, living room, kitchen or bathroom, shelves designed for each room. We also have shelves that can be used almost anywhere. Whether individual hanging shelves, wall-mounted shelves or shelves that can also act as partitions, the choice is almost limitless.

What are the most popular shelf materials?

Our custom bookcases are impressive not only for their modern design, but equally for the high quality of solid pine wood and very good workmanship. The ecological varnish skillfully emphasizes the structure of the wood. A bookcase with drawers or and compartments provides plenty of storage space.

For what purposes can I use an 80 cm wide shelf?

The 80 cm wide shelf is versatile and provides maximum functionality. This furniture is not only an excellent display surface for decorations, flowers and candles in the hallway, living room, bedroom or kitchen, but can also be used to store, for example, clothes, supplies, books, wines or records. You can even use your shelf as a sideboard or dresser and store items in your home invisibly. Shelves also make great room dividers. Room dividers are especially practical because they not only provide storage space, but also visually separate living spaces.

What should be considered for floor standing shelves?

Just in case, you should attach a floor standing shelf to the wall. Suitable hooks and brackets are usually included in the delivery.

How does the customization of the shelves proceed?

After we receive your order, your shelf will be inspected by our experienced master carpenters. As soon as they give the green light, production begins. The enclosed assembly instructions facilitate self-assembly. 

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